What kind of cow cat is it? Are cows and cats easy to keep?

       What kind of cow cat is it? Are cows and cats easy to keep? Cow cat is a two-color cat with black or white background. There are many kinds of coat colors in cats, which are generally determined by chromosomes. Some people think that only a cat with black coat and white chest and limbs can be regarded as a cow cat, but in fact, any black and white cat is called a cow cat. Many cat breeds have cow color, such as curly haired cat, Maine cat, Norwegian Forest cat, folded ear cat, Eastern short cat, Persian cat, etc. we can see the figure of cow color in these cat breeds.

       What kind of cow cat is it? The male and female of cow and cat are similar

       Although many cow cats look manly, the number of male and female cow cats is similar. Unlike orange cats, most of them are male cats, while Sanhua and hawksbill are basically female cats. Cow cat’s eyes are generally green, if you observe carefully, cow cat’s eye color is generally green or golden green, and black and white fur match is particularly good-looking.

       Cow cat personality characteristics: cow cat personality is active, famous, especially can play games, raising at home can definitely bring a lot of fun. Cow cat intelligence is high, more sticky, and is a tuberculosis, if afraid of noise, it is better not to consider raising cow cat. They are called “husky” in the meow world. They are very neurotic. Active and lively, demolition is also a good hand. Do you want to have a bonsai in your home with cows and cats? It doesn’t exist. Furniture and other things will also be scratched. It is suggested that parents buy paper grabs for the cat, or daub the furniture with the smell that cats don’t like, such as toilet water or some stimulating things.

       What kind of cow cat is it? It’s an ordinary Chinese pastoral black and white cat. The black and white sheriff is based on the cow cat.

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