What kind of dog is the smartest, cutest and best to keep

       Professionally speaking, there are two types of Welsh Corgi: cardigan and Pembroke. Pembroke Corgi is shorter in shape, straighter and lighter in leg bones, and the texture of Welsh Corgi’s back hair is better. However, in terms of temperament, Pembroke Corgi appears restless and easy to be excited. Now most of our families generally keep Pembroke Corgi because of its mild personality, friendly nature, brave and bold Loyalty, loveliness and honesty are his highlights, which are also suitable for most families. My friend bought this kind of dog house in Beijing last year. He is very smart, quiet and obedient. I really like his friend’s saying that Beijing Jinli kennel has a great reputation and good management. If you search Beijing Jinli Kennel online, you can find a lot of information about his family

       There are five reasons why it is difficult to raise

       1¡¢ Obesity and genetic diseases:

       Because they are not picky about food, they are addicted to eating like life, they are prone to obesity and endanger their health, and have hereditary hip dysplasia and eye diseases, which cost a lot of spirit and money.

       2¡¢ Loud barking noisy neighbors: cockey dogs are naturally active and lively, and their barking is very loud. If they are always locked indoors, they may affect the dog’s mood and bark, and may disturb children and neighbors.

       3¡¢ Neurotic and stubborn temperament:


       4¡¢ Too warm to stay at home: the Corgi is as warm to people as to strangers. If you don’t distinguish between friends and enemies, you will lose the function of looking after your home.

       5¡¢ Too clever to look down on the owner: the cockey dog is gifted and intelligent. If the pup is not taught well, the obedience is poor. Go out to ignore the existence of the host, no matter how you call it, just ignore you.


       German Pomeranian, also known as Pomeranian, is one of the world’s famous pet dogs because it looks like a squirrel.

       The Pomeranian is outgoing, intelligent and lively, which is very suitable for raising in the city. In addition to being used as companion dogs, their high intelligence and extraordinary alertness also enable them to take on other important tasks. Well trained Pomeranians can be used as hearing aid dogs, and can also be trained as search and rescue dogs. The diminutive Pomeranians are of great use in earthquake stricken areas. They can also be trained as therapeutic dogs to comfort the elderly or patients in hospitals.

       The poodle is warm, loyal and gentle. Like to please the owner is the most beloved characteristics of the poodle, it is loyal to the master. When you go out and step into the door, it will always wag its tail and jump around in front of you, and you are very intimate. Although the poodle looks petite and even arrogant, he is gentle, friendly to children and gets along well with other pets. And the poodle is extremely smart, intelligence quotient in all kinds of dogs after the border collie and ranked second! And in all family pet dogs, its IQ is the first!

       Please read the following materials patiently and carefully!! It’s all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experiences!! I hope it will help you a little bit!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£ 10 of the world’s most adorable famous small dogs:

       ¢Ù Chihua Hua Hua: remember the classic advertisement of Olympus? Chihuahua is probably the smallest dog in the world. There are many names for this cute little guy. I like “qihuahua” which is closer to transliteration. The origin of “exotic flowers” has been debated for countless years like a mystery. Now the default view is: Mexico. The baby is small and small, not timid to other dogs. She is brave and intelligent. She often does nothing and runs around the house happily. If you are going to pursue a girl, or if your girlfriend is tired of your flowers, then on one anniversary night ~ ~ you accidentally take out this little guy from your pocket and give it to her. I think she may faint with excitement ~ ~ ha ha ha ~ ~ it is worth noting that this little thing is very afraid of the cold and has a strong monopoly on the host. Oh, by the way, dolls are divided into long hair and short hair, so you must consider carefully when purchasing.

       ¢Ú Basset hound: hehe, it seems a little far fetched to put bagido here ~ ~ it may be that he can’t rely on the impression of short legs in my impression. Bagido, originally from France, is a very excellent trace tracking dog, which can work in very complex terrain conditions. This is a short legged dog with plenty of bone (heavy bones) and, compared with other breeds, body shape is crucial. His movements are calm but not clumsy. He was gentle and obedient, slow but intelligent. Has the stamina to work long hours in the wilderness and is very engaged.

       ¢Û Pomeranian: I’m sure you are familiar with Bomei. However, many parts of China like to call this fluffy little thing affectionately: Squirrel dog. How to say This is a very noble small animal, with a proud character, gorgeous appearance. Born in Germany and the Western Polish moral education area of Pomerania, Bomei is very cheerful and active. Its facial expression always looks like a smile. Although it belongs to a small breed of dog, it will show a brave and fierce side in case of emergency. Bomei has a lot of fur color varieties, among which golden yellow is the most precious. At present, there are many people in mainland China who are keen on Bai Bomei~

       ¢Ü Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkshire, also known as Yorkshire, Josephine. Of Yorkshire, northeastern England. The head of the Yorkshire Terrier is often decorated with ribbons and has the mischievous character of the terrier. It has the charm of “Lady of the upper class”. Its body is petite, the fur is soft and smooth like silk, like a girl’s hair, from the head and neck, trunk pouring down, shining. He is lively, intelligent, docile and kind-hearted, with quick and light movements,

       In the Victorian age, the dog’s status as a lover of the old and the young was consolidated in the age of the queen. It is also one of the most popular varieties in the world. A small terrier (which should be next to the dog’s character, but can’t be written in Pinyin) contains the blood of the marzis, the black brown Terrier, the Manchester Terrier, and the short foot long hair terrier. Although Yorkshire is small, she still retains the nature of a terrier. She likes walking and running in her apartment yard. As long as you put some toys to it, it can also make its mind active and happy. He thinks he is a big dog and is determined to protect his own territory.

       ¢Ý Bichon frise: a bear that is ten thousand times more cute than a toy must be a girl. Originated in the 15th century, it is mainly used for royal dog. Frise means curly hair in French and Bichon means cute in French. The whole meaning is “lovely curly dog”. The name means the cute and charming image of the Beagle. It is the most popular breed of dog in the Renaissance of Europe. It has a friendly and positive personality. It is more robust, lively and playful than other pet dogs. The Beagle is considered to be a French breed, but its true origin is unknown because it is similar to the Maltese, indicating that the two species share the same ancestry.

       ¢Þ Schnauzers: the first breeding of the Schnauzer was in the late 19th century, when the breed was originally bred as a small companion dog and to capture voles. After years of rearing, there are several recognized characteristics that can be used to distinguish other varieties. In addition to the distinctive features of her small size, she has brown eyes, elongated eyebrows, stiff back hair, and soft leg hair. The beard extends from the lower part of the eye to the nose. Most Schnauzers have their tails cut, usually at birth. They get their ears clipped, and some of them are naturally drooping. In some countries, ear cutting is not allowed by law (and in some countries, it also involves legal issues), and the issue of ear clipping in the United States is increasingly controversial. He is energetic in nature and kind in character. In Taiwan, he is called “Lao Fu Zi” because he looks like a little old man~

       ¢ß French Bulldog: the French Bulldog is a small guard dog, which is one of the most robust and agile Bulldog breeds. It was once famous in the European bullfight competition for a time. Later, after the legal prohibition of bullfighting, it became a popular and fashionable companion dog, especially loved by women. The appearance of French cattle is very cute, intelligent, agile and cheerful, kind and faithful, but not often barking and quiet. In addition to affecting its normal growth and development, it will also affect its breathing due to the hypertrophic abdomen compressing the diaphragm. French Bulldog is an excellent companion dog which is very suitable for urban families.

       ¢à Chinese Crested Dog: although it is called Chinese Crested dog, it is said that its origin is not China. Some people say that it is from Mexico, and some say that it is from Africa. The dog was named after the man who named it thought that the hair crown on the dog’s head was similar to the hat of an official of the Qing Dynasty in China. The dog is a rare breed of dogs. Its appearance is very peculiar. Except for a little soft decorative hair on the head, tail and toe, the rest of the dog is hairless, with dark skin color and plaque. Chinese Crested dog is lively and faithful, docile, smart and lofty. It doesn’t like fighting. It is clean but afraid of cold. It is rare and precious. Chinese Crested dogs are not only strange in appearance, but also strange in behavior. For example, it can even grab things with its front paws. Its posture is very similar to that of human beings grasping things with their hands. The action is very amusing. At present, this variety is very rare in China and its price is very expensive.

       ¢á Maltese: Maltese is the oldest dog breed in Europe. It is named after the island of Maltese, a British dependency in the Mediterranean Sea. The Maltese dog has a history of nearly 3000 years. In ancient times, it was favored by ladies because of its dignified and elegant posture. In the artworks and art works along the Mediterranean coast, we can often see the vivid artistic image of the Maltese dog. With rich expression, lively skin, elegant posture, calm and calm, the Maltese is a companion breed for children and women.

       ¢â Shapi dog: the skin of a Shapi dog looks loose and funny on the surface. In fact, it has a bright future. Otherwise, the title of “China’s first fighting dog” will not fall on its head. Its skin is absolutely thick enough to cover the whole body like “armor”. It is not easy to be injured when fighting. That is half the success. Shapi looks clumsy, but he is very lively, brave and aggressive, and loyal to his master. It is said that once introduced into the United States, the terrier from China immediately became a popular breed. The sad expression of Shapi is actually quite optimistic and cheerful. He is not only independent, but also quite fun like a naughty boy. It’s very suitable for keeping pets as playmates…………………….. Siberian Husky Dog.

       Huskies are typically friendly, gentle, alert and friendly. It doesn’t show the dog’s strong possessiveness of territory, does not have too much doubt about strangers, and does not attack other dogs. Samoye.

       I don’t know why so many people have Xiao SA. I don’t think SA is suitable for family. He’s a Labrador pup who likes to be free.

       Loyal, calm, smart, and children together to make people feel at ease, always self-sufficient and happy, wary of intruders, suitable for suburban life.

       I used to be a porter, but now I’m very popular. Labrador dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They were used in World War II to search for drugs. Now they are used to sniff out illegal drugs. Great Pyrenees.

       Gentle and smart, very strange is, although he is a big dog, but he is even more coquettish than a small dog!!! The character is a little divine… Pine lion

       Don’t think the cuddly bear fur will be easy to cuddle. They usually disappoint you because they don’t like the border collie that’s funny.

       This is the world’s number one intelligent dog, the IQ equivalent to an 8-year-old child. It’s a smart dog that can be learned by doing five instructions. The Border Collie is very friendly to friends, but obviously reserved to strangers and friendly with children. He was also an excellent shepherd, and he was happy to learn and satisfied with it. And thrive in human friendship. It is suitable for living outdoors and needs a lot of sports. The Border Collie is not only the best pet dog and companion dog in life, but also a good home guard dog in the family. Bomeili.

       The Pomeranian has a gorgeous coat, which needs not only regular pruning but also daily grooming, which is not suitable for busy people. But as a small dog, Bomei is still a good family companion.

       ***Silver fox is very strange, very kind to children, but full of vigilance to adults, and more unfriendly to other animals. This kind of dog looks very much like Bomi, which is similar to Fox’s face. It is a German crossbred (really complicated) Shapi Chinese dog produced in the Republic of China. At present, it is a rare variety. It used to be a fighting dog. So Shapi’s character is very active. I didn’t expect him to have the temperament of king, ha ha.

       Butterfly dog puppies.

       The butterfly dog is very approachable, intelligent, happy, alert and friendly. Physical strength is stronger than appearance, like outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to his master and envious of the third party. Su mu.

       Su Mu is very intelligent, good personality, approachable, intelligent and sensitive, and has a good response to gentle obedience training. He is friendly and willing to please the master. He is suitable for careful children. Cheerful and lively personality, strong feeling. If you don’t have the right social experience, you can be shy or nervous. American Cocker Spaniel.

       He is very active, so he should be given time to exercise regularly. Moreover, the cat on the ear is easy to knot like a hot roll, so it should be taken care of frequently.

       The Miniature Schnauzer.

       It’s German again. The typical mini Schnauzer should be smart, lively, obedient, alert, brave and obedient. It’s friendly, smart, happy to please the director, strong, energetic, loyal and trustworthy. Shih Tzu.

       The sitz is similar to the Maltese, but the fur in the middle of the forehead is white and the top of the tail is white. Xishi dogs like to communicate with people, strong attachment and tolerance, self-confidence, smart, love children and animals, life is very long, can live about 15 years. Ancient animal husbandry.

       Gu Mu is gentle and intelligent, bold, alert, easy-going and friendly. He doesn’t like to run and jump when he grows up, but he is naughty when he is young. Be loyal and friendly to people. Excellent qualifications to lead sheep. Ji Wawa. It’s too common to say much…. Hehe German shepherd.

       German shepherd, black shell is it. He is often called wolf dog. In fact, the range of wolf dog is very large, and herding is German animal husbandry. Tibetan Mastiff.

       Tibetan mastiff, everyone knows very fierce, is very fierce. But he can protect, or even protect. Unlike shepherd dogs, they might eat. But the smell of this big dog is very heavy. (not recommended as a PET) spotted dog.

       Spotted dog, also known as barley Town. It’s cute when you’re small, and huge when you grow up. It’s a kind of lively dog. Take him out for a walk every day because he is a gregarious dog. Golden retriever.

       Golden retriever from Russia. Originally used in the circus (it’s really smart).

       The 10 smartest dogs are:

       1. Border collie

       2. Poodle (poodle)

       3. German Shepherd (also known as German black back)

       4. Golden retriever

       5. Doberman Pinscher

       6. Shetland Sheepdog

       7. Labrador Retriever (also known as Labrador Retriever)

       8. Papillon

       9. Rottweiler

       10, Australian cattle dog the cutest dog 1. Chihuahua

       2. Husky


       4. Labrador Retriever

       5. Spotted dog 6. Yorkshire

       7. Cocker 8. Mini dachshund

       9. Young Tibetan Mastiff

       10. Maltese

       11. Welsh Corgi

       12. Butterfly dog

       13. King Charles Beagle

       14. Beagle

       15. Mini Schnauzer

       16. Chai dog 17. Toy poodle 18. Teddy

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