What kind of hybrid does Siamese cat have with English short string? Can I buy it?

       If the male cat is abnormal short, it may cause Siamese dystocia. It is suggested to entrust the production to the hospital.

       Why are you so careless? It’s hard to imagine the offspring of two cats. At least one thing is certain. It’s still short hair.

       Should you be in between? The others are all unknowns, waiting for you to put on the picture.

       Mr. Siamese cat is white all over the body and will change color when he grows up

       Siamese cat is Oriental body, the face is pointed, a bit like a fox

       What’s more, Siamese cat hybrids are ugly, and the color won’t be all white

       In fact, there are many varieties of Siam, my family is seal color, born is all white

       Hope to help you!

       It’s up to you. In fact, the most important thing to buy a pet is to look at the edge of the eye.

       If you like purebred cats, you don’t have to think about different kinds of cats;

       But if you like this cat very much, it shows that you have good eye contact with it. It’s OK to take it home to raise it. It’s just that the pedigree is not pure, but like it! I think purebred cats look much better.