What kind of King lizard looks good

       First of all, you should pay attention to the ventilation of the feeding box. Then, you should cover the square glass and the glass on the left and right sides with a layer of background paper, leaving the front glass so that you can always see their living conditions. This is to prevent the king lizard from excessively crawling on the glass, and hitting the glass with its face when running. Or use wood, logs, etc. along the edge of the climbing tank. The bottom should be about 6cm. There are also some rocks. Make a cave. Eat a variety of 15, such as lettuce, pumpkin, lentils, corn, peas, you’d better cut into small pieces. In addition, they like nuts very much. Kernel, seed. When you eat nuts, you need to make them into small pieces.

       You can feed it twice a day. I haven’t asked about it, but I think it’s not a big problem if you feed it. If you take it out, you’d better not take it out. Just bask in the sun on the balcony. Pay attention to give enough water ha. If you think the food is full of water, you don’t have to soak them, but if they show signs of peeling and dehydration, you need to soak them in warm water. Note, my is only a mother, I raise a good, you slowly ponder, understand his habits will be good. I hope you can succeed

       Climbing friends do have this saying, so the king is also very popular in recent years.

       The king is really gentle. He is not so afraid of people. It is OK to start, feed and run with people. However, the intelligence quotient of lizards is limited. Emotion almost doesn’t exist. The king does interact with human beings to a certain extent, which is just the result of conditioned reflex. It is basically for the purpose of asking for food, so don’t expect too much.

       Well, cats are different from other kinds except that they look a little different. In fact, they are the same in size, sound, and fur [although there are some that are not hairy] it’s not suitable for them. It’s suggested that many stray cats can’t eat and have no home. There are also some dystocia of kittens born in winter. If you take good care of them, take them home and wash them It’s also a beautiful cat. You go to “Cat Bar” to see a post called “my cat son may ninth”. How did an aunt throw a full moon winter out on the road without a whole skin all over her body? Now she is a big fat cat loved by people

       This one is almost cured. You can see that a large bald spot on the head, nose and claw is tinea felis, and the ear mite is in the ear

       This one is almost ready

       Photos from small to large

       Different people have different opinions… The individual has the personal vision, the landlord you see everybody’s answer to know, the wood has one is the same.. For example, Persian cats, some people think Persian cats are very noble and beautiful, but some people don’t like the flat face of Persian cats and think it’s ugly = = in fact, all cats are suitable for girls. The key is to see what type you like.. What kind of cat do you like??

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