What kind of kittens do blue and white and key colors give birth to

       Who said you can sun it out to see the ignorant brain damaged goods. First of all, I’m not kind to say that. Please clarify the breed knowledge first, and then consider the birth of British short haired cat, Suran highland fold ear cat (that is, long hair folded ear cat) and foreign short hair cat. These are three varieties. You need to understand the breed knowledge first. It is clearly stipulated that you can only follow the folded ear cat Breeding with British and american shorthair cats, and the so-called atavistic fold ear in your family, because the domestic market is too chaotic, please first find out your cat’s pedigree (many of the so-called highlands strung out by jinjila) because the responsibility of giving birth to kittens is heavy, which is not equal to 1 + 1. Mother cats may have problems during pregnancy and childbirth, which may make you unprepared and even more inhumane Secondly, we must be careful about the birth of purebred cats, because there are many problems left over by purebred cats, such as the hereditary disease of broken ears. It is not the proper breeding of cats. If you don’t know, it is a litter of disability to give birth to kittens. Please go to fold ear cats and learn about the hereditary disease of lower ears. Finally, we will talk about the brain disability matched with Garfield. First of all, the structure of these two kinds of cats is thousands of miles apart, a flat face and a normal face Other disadvantages let’s not say that the kittens born do not bite well (buckteeth). This is necessary, and those who are mismatched are inhumane. To sum up, please think twice about the breeding of purebred cats of unknown pedigree. We still recommend sterilization

       The key color is short?! Half of the children must have a black face. I suggest that you don’t match them. The British short is mainly Blue English short, silver gradual layer English short, double color English short, there is no key color to say. The key color has no breeding value. Key color represents impure, string. Of course, if you want a kitten, you can match it. You can find any color. You don’t have to pay attention to raising and playing. If you want to find a good way out, it will be difficult for you to sell kittens.

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