What kind of pet do you have

       It depends on your technique, your level and your mood

       Cats and dogs are easy to raise

       If you usually don’t have time to accompany it, keep a cat. The cat doesn’t need your company. People play by themselves. If they are tired of playing, they find a place to sleep

       When you have time, you can keep a dog if you like to stick to people. The dog’s EQ is relatively high, and the emotion is more delicate with the owner’s going, so….

       If you don’t like cats and dogs, you should raise fish, but the fish depends on the technology. If you don’t do well, you will die.

       Tortoise can also, tortoise eat fish and shrimp, other do not feed, nutrition can not keep up with death, to sun

       I’m a senior player of hexagons. I’m so tired. I’m tired every day. Waste water and electricity are not worth it

       Giant salamander (giant salamander) don’t even think about it. It can be 2 meters long. It can eat more meat than I eat in a month. If you don’t feed me, you still cry

       Snakes, frogs, spiders and so on have to be heated in winter, and the food is hypocritical

       Then you can raise foxes. It’s too expensive. Your character looks like a cat and looks like a dog

       Monkey, ah, it seems that there are not many people who keep this thing. When you grow up, you will probably be mad to demolish the house. It’s too smart and expensive. Raising it is no different from raising children

       It depends on your needs, time and tolerance.

       1. Demand: dogs can be selected for companions, reptiles such as lizards and tropical fish for ornamental animals


       3. Tolerance: for example, smell, plush, mammals must have body odor, and the smell of excreta is also very bad. If it is not domesticated well, it will bring you a lot of trouble. Another example is the sound, cats and dogs can bark Oh, will disturb you and your family’s rest, will disturb the neighbors, these all need to be in your consideration.

       In short, I hope you can consider the above problems before you have a pet, and then decide whether to keep it or not and what to keep. Pets need your good beginning and ending ~ ~ of course, the most important thing is that your family should be very supportive^


       What kind of pet to keep depends on your personality and preparation time.

       If you have patience and love, you can raise a dog that loves its owner and sticks to people;

       If you are not so hot, you can raise a cat with light character;

       If you don’t like close contact, it can be fish or birds,

       If you don’t even like it, you can keep a turtle.

       1. Chinchilla, it is said, is due to herbivores, so it has no taste. The hair is dense and free of parasites. So it’s clean, too. But chinchilla is very timid, can not take out, or can not often take out. Because it is scared, may not stop gnawing hair. It can’t be cured. The independence of chinchillas is also very strong. Some of them are not allowed to be held after several months. It is true to recognize the owner, but the so-called “a master in one’s life” is just an exaggeration of the seller. In this way, does chinchilla not recognize its new owner? No, on the contrary, it has a better relationship with her than the previous owner. Because if you are good to chinchilla, you can also feel it. So, this is not necessarily. It is said that chinchilla can’t be physically punished. It will hold grudges and hate you. It takes about 3 months to buy a chinchilla. It’s not easy to raise when it’s small. If it’s too big, some bad habits will be formed. It can’t be changed. It’s not easy to recognize people.

       2. Xiang pig don’t have to think about it. It’s very interactive and stinky.

       3. The rabbit is also OK, very cute, but the excreta is very smelly, need to feed deodorant water, and the rabbit is not particularly easy to raise, interaction is not strong.

       4. Mink. For example, they like to hang out on the street and take their pets out to play. Mink’s interaction is very strong, recognize the Lord, love to be clean! I’ll lick my hair. I’ll go to the bathroom. Better than cat, better than dog! It doesn’t have to spend a lot of time with it, and the mink sleeps more than 16 hours a day. They don’t make a lot of noise. As long as they have food, they can spend the weekend by themselves. So there’s no need to worry. However, the mink has taste, which requires the use of biological deodorizing water and deodorizing spray. Generally speaking, when buying, you should choose the mink that was 6 months ago.

       Don’t keep hamsters. Even if you keep them, don’t breed them. If cats are clean, they need to take care of them and ask their owners to have enough time to accompany them, otherwise they will easily become wild catfish. It’s good to feed them regularly and change their water for a week less. If they want to be clean and don’t need too much time to take care of them, snakes are the best choice. I keep two of them, check them once every three days, and change the newspaper if they are dirty It takes half a month to wash the ornaments with tap water. A mouse can be fed with a live frozen food. The frozen food must be thawed completely for a year. It’s almost no problem to go out and travel. It doesn’t matter if you go to travel. It’s cool and comfortable to wrap it around your neck in summer. You can hold it with your hand and gently swing the snake around your finger. It’s very handsome to hold your face to the snake If you think the swimming snake is small and the hand is not good, the boa constrictor is a good choice

       I’ll talk nonsense without pictures?

       Cat and pike

       Pet benefits

       1. Move

       Walking the dog and participating in outdoor sports can activate the body’s cells and release the inner unhappiness. It can not only strengthen the body, but also make people happy. And sunlight provides vitamin D, which helps fight against physical and mental illnesses, such as loss, cancer, obesity, heart disease, and so on. The study found that people with pets had a lower risk of high blood pressure and lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. People with pets have better blood circulation and a lower risk of heart disease.

       2. Pets reduce allergies

       This may sound unreasonable, but it turns out that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies. Studies have found that babies with two or more puppies and kittens are less likely to have allergies to grass, dust, and asthma.

       3. Caressing your pet will reduce stress

       Touching or bathing your pet rhythmically can not only make your pet feel comfortable, but also make you feel good. Feeling their soft fur with heart, feeling the temperature on their bodies and the sound of their deep breathing can relieve our stress. When we are with pets, we also release a hormone that can reduce stress and anxiety, which can help us lower blood pressure and cortisol levels.

       4. Playing with pets makes people more attentive

       Playing with pets can keep you away from trouble. When you focus on something, you don’t have much energy to worry about the past or the future. When you play with your pet, you usually feel like this. It’s just pets right now. All the annoyance, when I picked up the camera to take pictures of all kinds of funny actions of pets, seemed to disappear.

       5. Reduce loneliness

       Pets are the best family companion, driving away loneliness. Pet intuition is very sensitive, when feeling low, the pet will “comfort”, not let alone sad. However, pets should never be called and waved. Whether it is a kitten or a dog, pets are very loyal, no matter happy or lost, will bring more love, so also to the pet.

       6. A good listener

       Friends of pets can talk about work, wishes and even ideals. You can practice a speech with a pet as an audience, find a cure when you are sad, or share a secret you don’t want to share. Kittens and puppies are absolutely loyal listeners, keeping secrets and releasing inner pressure.

       7. Replenish energy instantly

       Before we got close to our house, we could see the pets running towards us happily wagging their tails. Lovely appearance, let a person in a good mood. Whether it’s just dealt with a lot of difficult work, or just struggling in the sea of topics, to see the pet innocently run over, the worry instantly disappeared.

       8. Expand the circle of communication

       Walking the dog provides more social opportunities. It’s easier to make new friends with a dog, and a new friend can quickly open up a topic.

       9. Get out of the depression

       Taking care of pets can lead a more purposeful life, especially when the mood is low and unable to extricate themselves. Taking care of pets can shift attention from themselves and their life to other things. Good deeds and the positive reactions of pets will give positive energy and courage to get out of the emotional trough.

       10. Bring smile and peace

       When the dog rolls on the ground or puts his cute little paws on his arm, he will be very happy and let the bad mood go. This sense of happiness increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, which are neurotransmitters that calm and bring pleasure.

       Don’t listen to them. I’m very experienced. I have raised both kinds of animals. It’s not easy to raise them. So if you want to raise hamsters, it’s better to keep hamsters. You just need to buy a cage for hamsters. I have kept two hamsters for two years. No illness. Buy a better cage, go to the pet store and tell the waiter to put feed and water in the cage. She’ll help you get high. Then you don’t have to worry about it. The cost is also very cost-effective. Hamsters are fun.

       Rabbits can’t drink water. Once they drink water, no matter how much they drink, it’s over. So it’s not easy to raise, because the vegetables it eats also contains some water, so it’s sooner or later to die

       It’s more troublesome to raise a turtle, because the frequency of turtle excretion flying is very high. If you raise a turtle, you have to clean the jar several times a day. If you don’t have time, the tortoise can’t do it.

       If you have a Dutch rat, I’d suggest it. ha-ha