What kind of pet do you think it’s good to keep a lonely pet? Is it really useful to keep a pet?

       Cats are easier than dogs. Cats are not disobedient, some cats are very obedient, but compared with dogs are not so sticky.

       If you have a cat

       A bag of 10kg ordinary cat litter is about 20

       A big bag of cat food, the cheapest is more than 20, my family can eat about a month, wet food a month to feed two or three times, also within 20 yuan.

       You can also choose

       Cats and cats can find someone to adopt. Impure kittens can cost at most tens of dollars,

       If you want purebred cats, there will be thousands of them

       A little advice, hope to adopt

       Suggest him to care for others, then his heart is warm, not lonely, better than keeping pets. He needs to expand his circle of friends. He can sign up for various talent classes, learn musical instruments, photography, cooking, baking, etc. He will find that there are many masters who can make friends with all kinds of people and learn various skills. He practices at home every day, which is very substantial, progressive and meaningful.

       Pets are the best healers. When we feel lonely inside, keeping a pet can really accompany us and cure our loneliness. Every pet is a little angel sent by God, they will always accompany us, let us feel that life is not lonely.

       1. Pets can accompany us and relieve our boredom

       There was a time when I felt very lonely and had a headache. The child is facing the college entrance examination, and the lover is not at home. Even at home, there is a lack of communication between us. So I’m filled with a lot of uncertainty about the future, and I feel very scared. Later, there was a cat in my family, and the cat was always with me to relieve my boredom. He was like another child in my life. I’ll call him a baby boy. He’s like a follower of mine. He’ll follow me wherever I go.

       2. Pets can understand us and do something warm for us

       Sometimes, I find it strange that our pets understand us very well. The hairy boy of our family will disappear in front of me when I dislike it. It hides under the sofa or in the corner, so I can’t see it. Because it has realized that I am in a bad mood at this time, so it temporarily hides from me and does not let me see it. After a period of time, it felt that I should vent the boredom in my heart, and secretly ran to my side.

       I have a cat called Garfield. Garfield is very clingy. It likes its owner to accompany it, but more often than not, I think it is it who accompanies me. In the only two of us, I see it as a part of my life. This is a kind of feeling of meeting a friend in need. After just four months of getting along with him, I felt that I had known him for four years. This kind of feeling, which is both familiar and reluctant to give up, has been haunting me. Until now, it has been a year since it left, but I still think of it

       It depends on your technique, your level and your mood

       Cats and dogs are easy to raise

       If you usually don’t have time to accompany it, keep a cat. The cat doesn’t need your company. People play by themselves. If they are tired of playing, they find a place to sleep

       When you have time, you can keep a dog if you like to stick to people. The dog’s EQ is relatively high, and the emotion is more delicate with the owner’s going, so….

       If you don’t like cats and dogs, you should raise fish, but the fish depends on the technology. If you don’t do well, you will die.

       Tortoise can also, tortoise eat fish and shrimp, other do not feed, nutrition can not keep up with death, to sun

       Don’t raise hexagons. I’m a senior player of hexagons. I’m so tired. I’m tired every day. Waste water and electricity are not worth it

       Giant salamander (giant salamander) don’t even think about it. It can be 2 meters long. It can eat more meat than I eat in a month. If you don’t feed me, you still cry

       Snakes, frogs, spiders and so on have to be heated in winter, and the food is hypocritical

       Then you can raise foxes. It’s too expensive. Your character looks like a cat and looks like a dog

       Monkey, ah, it seems that there are not many people who keep this thing. When you grow up, you will probably be mad to demolish the house. It’s too smart and expensive. Raising it is no different from raising children

       Sometimes when we live alone, it is quite lonely. At that time, we can raise some pets to alleviate the loneliness, such as a dog or a cat. In fact, there are more people who own dogs than cats, because most people think that dogs are more psychic and can protect their owners at critical times. Of course, cats are smaller in size, and cats are more docile. Therefore, most girls may prefer to keep a cat. What kind of pet to keep depends on your personal preference.

       In fact, I used to be lonely when I worked alone outside. At that time, I would choose to keep a pet dog when I was out of town. If it’s a pet dog, I personally think we can consider raising an erha. Erha should be regarded as one of the best dogs. Sometimes when we are particularly depressed at work, or when we are particularly aggrieved, we will feel very happy when we go home to see erha. And the dog this kind of pet is really more spiritual, I know that when the owner is not particularly happy, some dogs even take the initiative to amuse the owner.

       As a girl, it may be difficult to keep a dog. At that time, we can consider raising a cat. Now there are many kinds of pet cats. We can choose according to our preferences. If a girl has a cat, then she must beat your cat well and do a good job in the sanitation of the cat. In this way, she can even sleep in the same bed with us every day. I believe that for most girls, they can relieve their lonely heart.

       Of course, no matter what kind of pet you keep, you must do a good job in sanitation. No matter it is a cat or a dog, after all, it is just a pet rather than a person. If the hygiene work is not in place, then these pets will certainly carry all kinds of bacteria or parasites. And since we have decided to keep pets, we must keep these pets in accordance with the regulations. For example, when we go out to walk the dog, we must have a traction rope.

       You want to explain what kind of big or small, long life or short life and so on. There are many pets that can be kept now. I recommend it to chinchilla (more afraid of warm intestines and weak stomach, others can love to be clean) hamster (small very cute, omnivorous urine is smelly) sugar glider (omnivorous night animal) gerbil is also called macaroni (Xingxin PET) Supply exceeds demand by about 200-300, but it is said to be smelly) African Mini hedgehog (cute) tropical fish (relatively easy to keep, and pay attention to the water temperature on a regular basis) tortoise (the best pet in it, but the interaction is not high), chameleon (not clear, just give more choices) dog, cat and rabbit (all common pets need to be taken care of for a long time) However, the interaction between cat and rabbit is not high, which is purely ornamental dog’s relatives) snake (corn snake is recommended for novice), salamander (not clear) squirrel (can only shed hair in captivity, which is highly ornamental, I prefer snow squirrels) mink (even if the odor gland is removed, it is still smelly, but it can be used as a bib in winter).

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