What kind of pet does 3-year-old baby keep

       Started kindergarten at the age of three?

       Shouldn’t sleep and play be the most important things for children of this age group

       Try not to let such small children have pets, because it is difficult for them to take care of them personally. Moreover, if we keep some common pets such as cats and dogs, it is difficult for us to achieve complete scientific epidemic prevention, which may bring health risks to our children

       The idea of letting children contact animals is good. You can raise turtles, fish and other animals. I feel that the kind of stupid pet is very suitable for children of this age

       It seems that I started kindergarten when I was three years old. I feel so small, so poor. I began to receive education when I was three years old. Ha ha ha ha

       Keep a small breed of dogs, dogs will not hurt people. If the cat, even if you are the owner, you offend her, will catch you

       So the dog bar, and children like it very much, can be willing to cultivate children how to take care of others, teach him to take a walk with the dog, to love the dog, to feed the dog, can cultivate children how to be humble and take care of others

       If you like rabbits, there are many people who buy pet rabbits, and the most popular one is the drooping ear rabbit! Second, there are Dutch rabbit, lion rabbit, Angora rabbit! Dogs can also buy pet dogs, relatively small! For example, there are many people who buy tea cups and dogs now! The regular teacup dog is less than 18 cm. It is not easy to buy a teacup dog, and the price is relatively high. I heard a friend say that the price of a proper teacup dog is about 10000! Now there are many people who buy Teddy toys. Teddy toys are also very small, just bigger than teacup dogs!

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