What kind of pet is good for you? – what kind of pet

       Cat.. I’m the cat this year..

       Cats don’t have to slide. They love to be clean. I will take care of myself and lick myself clean every day.

       The stench will be buried after pulling, so you just need to have the litter ready. Take the BB he pulled.

       Cats like their owners very much. They will watch TV with you. Also won’t pester you all the time, like sleeping, won’t be very noisy.

       Now I have all the sea, land and air However, as for your request, it is really not suitable for the time being This love clean ah, general cats and dogs, as well as small rabbits, love feeling, will lick their hair ~ but if you really want to clean, you must be more patient to clean them up, otherwise nothing will be clean There are no germs. This is true. There are no germs. There should be no germs. There are all kinds of germs in human beings, not to mention animals Don’t be too small, or cats, dogs, rabbits, Dutch pigs, chinchillas, minks, parrots ~ do not stink. As long as you are diligent in cleaning, they will not stink. For my pets, I clean cages and VATS very often, and those who can take a bath are often bathed. Therefore, although my family has a lot of food, it is not smelly even in hot summer. To tell the truth Ah, there are a lot of pets that don’t exceed 100, but all pets can’t just buy them, such as the place they live in, the things they need, and many pets have special food. All these are money If you don’t damage the furniture, you won’t damage the furniture as long as you don’t let it go What I said seems to be nonsense Finally, guinea pigs, which I just mentioned, don’t stink as long as they are diligent in taking care of them. Dutch pigs eat more and more. I clean their cages once a day, bathe more frequently in summer, and less in winter. I have raised them for two years, but they have no taste at all. But Dutch pigs need special food. They eat timothy grass, special Dutch pig food, and some fruits and vegetables It’s also necessary to match, as well as cool boiled water. Maybe many people say that they can live by feeding vegetables, but it won’t be healthy for a long time. The life span of Dutch pigs is not short, even if they can live for one year by feeding vegetables. The life span of Dutch pigs is far more than that ~ all my pets are kept in the bedroom, which is really tasteless, and the room is very clean, so as long as you are diligent, There will be no dirty, smelly problems~

       This requirement can only raise hamsters and rabbits, but hamsters are a little small, but it’s not troublesome to raise them. But they all have to buy cages to buy feed and bedding materials. For example, in addition to the first time that hamsters buy a cage with more than 50 yuan, plus feed 15 to 20 yuan, bedding 10 yuan and hamster money, it will be 100 yuan, but it will not be so expensive since then. I will buy feed and bedding once half a year It’s only less than 30 yuan, and it’s only 60 yuan a year. It’s the least cost. It’s just that there are advantages and disadvantages in raising anything. Hamsters and rabbits are nocturnal animals. Biting cages at night can affect sleep. Of course, 50 yuan can buy a local dog, but barking is troublesome. Even a cage with a parrot can also be annoying. So it’s still hamsters

       You can have a dog and choose a hairless one like Schnauzer or teddy to clean up and avoid allergies.

       But they are all beauty dogs and need to be cleaned up regularly.

       If you do not worry about hair loss, small dogs, Bomei, Chai dog is good, is love barking. Large dogs, golden fur, husky, etc.

       Cats are not recommended for new owners because of their personality and need great patience. They are easy to be caught and bitten by mistake… The same is true of breed cats, which are more or less caught

       If you think about keeping a pet, what kind of pet is good?

       Dogs are the friendliest friends of human beings, because dogs can guard their homes and play with their masters. They are the best guardians of human beings. My family has a dog, the breed is not expensive, and even some simple and honest, that is, the native dog in people’s mouth, but in the heart of Xiaobian, it is very cute and naughty, and my family like it very much. If your family is considering a pet, then it is the most appropriate.

       If you want to keep a dog, first of all, you need to know what kind of food the dog likes to eat and its living habits. Dogs like a lot of food, but its favorite food is meat food, and some dog food, these foods are very nutritious and beneficial to dogs. Dogs like to eat meat, which is a common fault of all dogs. Dogs at home love to eat meat. Here, I suggest that we try not to let dogs eat some fat pork, because dogs will have a very strange smell after eating this very greasy meat.

       If your dog is more delicate, you can go to the animal store to buy some dog’s favorite snacks. Dog snacks are not only used for eating, but also have other special uses, such as molars. For the younger dogs, you can prepare snacks for them to grind their teeth, or prepare some hard bones that can’t be broken. Another use of dog snacks is to remove some body odor from dogs. Of course, it’s up to the dog to decide what snacks to eat. You can buy a trial pack and let him try it.

       Some dogs also prefer to eat fish, but you should pay attention, if your dog prefers to eat fish fish food, try to pick out the fish spines to avoid hurting the dog, or you boil the fish that the dog likes to eat into fish soup, which will be more delicious. Last but not least, because the dog likes to eat which kind of food, must pay attention to the nutrition match. Note that there are several kinds of food dogs are absolutely not allowed to eat, raisins, chocolate, onions, coffee.

       If the dog needs to drink water, water is also very important for the dog, but you can not feed the dog too much water, which will make his stomach very uncomfortable. In addition, do not let the dog drink tap water. As we all know, there are many bacteria or unclean substances in the tap water, so it is recommended to feed the dog pure water, not to feed tap water, let alone feed Drinks, drinks contain a lot of additives, in the summer, because the weather is dry, so dogs need more water than usual.

       If you have been with your dog for a long time and are familiar with it, you can touch it anywhere, and even it will ask you to touch it. But you should avoid touching the forbidden area on the dog. Of course, if you have been together for a long time, I believe you should know where he likes to be touched and where he doesn’t like to be touched. Your touch may be a reward for your dog. If you have a dog at home, then you should know that the most favorite place for a dog to be touched by its owner is his chin, because it can make the dog clearly see your face, so that it will not be afraid, will not retreat, so that you and the dog to establish a better relationship.

       The above is the summary of the experience after the dog, I want to tell you, what pet to keep, it is better to keep a dog.

       1. Want interactive: cats, dogs.

       If you have time and energy, choose a dog.

       If you don’t have time and energy, choose a cat.

       No time, no energy. Don’t raise anything. Raise yourself first.

       2. It doesn’t need much interaction: rats, rabbits, minks, turtles, fish, etc.

       There are many kinds of mice

       There are many varieties of hamsters. I will not elaborate on them one by one. However, some species are more gentle (such as milk tea) and some are more fierce (such as old father-in-law). Generally speaking, it is small, lovely, delicate and easy to take care of. If you raise a pair, you can breed.

       Dutch pigs, also known as guinea pigs, are divided into ante and reverse hairs (no difference, completely according to personal preference, reverse hair is expensive). I have raised 7 of them, none of them bite. However, for the sake of oestrus, the two males had a fight and split the cage. It can be eaten, and its appearance is lovely and mellow. The disadvantage is to eat more, pull more, take care of more trouble than hamsters.

       I haven’t raised rabbits and minks, but I’ve seen people raise them. They taste quite strong. They can pass on a bit of human nature when they are raised, but they are far worse than cats and dogs.

       Turtle, fish, I have raised, tortoise for 15 years, and later got white eye and died. At that time, I didn’t understand it. It was actually a very easy disease to treat. I regret not taking him to the hospital. Turtles are relatively easy to raise, and the conditions are suitable. Fish have also been raised, but basically adhere to the good tradition of feeding every 3 days, changing water every 5 days and changing fish every 7 days.. So I don’t want to express my opinion, but I still say that aquarium is also a big pit, and you can’t jump in and climb out.

       3. There is no interaction at all: snakes, creepers, spiders, etc.

       I don’t know much about this kind of things. My friends have snakes and lizards, so the environmental requirements are relatively high.

       I had raised spiders and red roses myself. At that time, I was just trying to be fresh, and there was no interaction at all. One of the more successful is to withdraw the shell once, but later he died after a period of time… Don’t express your opinion. It depends on your own situation.

       The above is the pet I can think of, for reference.

       If you really want to raise a new born dog well, it will cost about 10000 yuan a year, regardless of the size of the dog, the most basic preventive needle, heartworm, jujube removal, health check-up, tooth washing and insect repellent,

       If it’s a small dog, it’s OK to eat less. A pack of feed a month or two, and a better bag of about 3401. If it’s a large dog, it’s hard to avoid the cost of 1000 or 2000 yuan of feed a month. In addition, like a collar, it’s also a necessity

       It depends on what pets you like personally and how much time you spend with them. Every pet has its own good. Family conditions if you have flowers

       Garden or roof, it is very suitable for dogs, birds and so on.

       If your home is in the middle level, it is suitable for cats, rabbits and goldfish. If the home is relatively small, suitable for raising small turtles, small hamsters and so on.

       If you are lazy, you can raise turtles, toads and other special things to serve, but also hibernate, saving your time.

       Dog, the advantage is known as “the most loyal friend of mankind”. Having a dog at home can improve people’s life interest, which is not to say that life without dogs

       No fun, dogs can sometimes bring unexpected feelings. For example, a cute dog action may make us laugh

       For a long time. You can say to the dog your heart’s trouble, the dog at this time will tilt on your knee, quietly listen, you will feel no matter whether you become

       Whether or not, you always have this loyal partner with you

       The disadvantage is that dogs need to walk at least twice a day to urinate. Some dogs lose their hair very seriously. Of course, this is inevitable, especially

       Hair changing period.

       Cat, the advantage is that most cats are higher and colder, they are sleepy and sleep when they have nothing to do. Cats will have fun by themselves when you don’t have time to accompany them

       The cat will play on its own side and prepare the litter so that the cat doesn’t have to go out. The disadvantage is that some cats are higher and colder. Not as enthusiastic as a dog.

       Don’t raise Su Mu without experience. Compared with other breeds, this product is still a little aggressive. As long as it is not scattered, it can be used as a watchdog, so be careful to cause trouble. Its advantages are incomparable, that is, very smart, loyal, and obedience is very good.

       It is also not recommended to keep husky and Alaska. These two kinds of dogs are almost the same. They take two of the three stupid sleds. First of all, they were demolition teams in their last life. When they were alone at home, they would tear down your home. Secondly, these two kinds of dogs are very heartless. They never know what their owners are. Besides, alaskar is as big as a donkey. Once the dog’s rope is taken off, it will soon run away. What should I do if I get hungry after losing it? If you want someone, you’ll elope. The people of the river and lake say: let go. Obedience is No. The advantages are: no hostility, low aggressiveness (not equal to no offensive power), and is: beautiful, more communication with people.

       The only drawback of Bomei is hair loss. There is hair on the bed and on the floor.

       Su Mu is smart, sharp, and good at eating chickens and ducks. Although Su Mu has a high IQ, he is generally average in the ranks of shepherd dogs. If he has a special love for this breed of dogs, he is generally a good dog. If you want a better shepherd dog like this, you can consider border herding and Australian animal husbandry. 2. Husky, which has been following the trend in recent years, is usually suitable for people who like to follow the trend. Husky has great vitality, average IQ, many genetic diseases and poor genetic stability. Therefore, it is not recommended for novices to raise husky. 3. Alaska is also one of the three fools in the snow. It has a lower IQ than husky, but it is not as active as Husky. It is huge in size, huge in food and dirty in long hair. It is not recommended to raise it. 4. Bomi is one of the few dogs that can’t shed their hair seasonally. Bomi is one of the few dogs that can’t shed their hair seasonally. Bomi’s intelligence quotient is higher in small breeds, but it’s not as good as Teddy. Compared with Teddy, Bomei is more quiet and lovely, and its modeling is more rich. If you don’t exclude small dogs, Bomei is your best choice ¡£ After the above identification: you can choose Sumu for medium-sized dogs and Bomi for small dogs. If you like Su Mu’s smart and smart, but also like Bomi’s small and lovely, you can consider the reduced version of Sumu xiletti shepherd. If you like Su Mu’s body shape and Beau’s white and beautiful shape, then you can consider the snow three silly samoyer dog. If you like the simple and powerful Alaskan, and you like the white Bomi and the shepherd dog, then you can consider the great white bear. Pure hand fight, pure personal experience, Wang CAI

       Scottish shepherd dog originated from the Scottish border. It is one of the Collie Collies. It is intelligent in nature, good at observing, able to accurately understand the owner’s instructions. It can drive the sheep to move or rotate by looking at the eyes. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years and ranks first in the intelligence quotient of dog breeds in the world. It is characterized by intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good communication with human beings, gentleness, loyalty and good obedience. Its loyalty degree can be described as follows. Because of its gentle and loyal personality, it has once become the favorite of the urban population.

       The market price is about 1000-3000

       Advantages: high IQ, smart, smart, good obedience

       Disadvantages: too docile, too friendly

       Husky, also known as Siberian huskiy, is native to Siberia. AKC classification belongs to working dog group. Siberian sled dog is a kind of dog bred by inut jokchi nationality, which is a nomadic in East Siberia. Guide reindeer and guards. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was brought to the United States by fur merchants. For many years, it has become the world-famous champion dog of sled race. At present, Siberian sled dogs are mostly used as companion dogs. Family dog.

       Xiaoha is a little neurotic. He always does things that you break down for no reason. For example, when you walk on the road, you suddenly eat the grass and start to run. You run around the house and then start to spin around. You have to be fully prepared to think that it is normal in the hair nerve.

       The market price is about 800-2500

       Advantages: cool and gentle appearance

       Disadvantages: gastrointestinal sensitivity, neuroticism, demolition

       The Alaskan dog, also known as the Alaskan sled dog, is one of the oldest polar sled dogs. Its name comes from the malamut tribe of the Inuit tribe of Eskimos. This tribe lives on the coast of Kotzebue in western Alaska. Adult Alaskan dogs have a quiet, elegant temperament and are very loyal to their owners.

       The market price is around 1500-3000

       Advantages: the shape and husky are not up and down, gentle personality, not easy to dismantle the home, huge size, a sense of security

       Disadvantages: due to the size is too large, food is also large, too gentle, who can eat can be pulled away, there is a huge amount of hair, adults are hair loss

       (PS: husky Samoye ariasga is known as the sleigh three fools, all of which belong to the “let go” series)

       4 Bomei Bomei is a compact, short back, active game dog, is a German fox dog, native to Germany. It has a soft, thick undercoat and a thick, hard coat. The base of the tail is very high, and the tail with thick fur curls on the back. It has an alert character, intelligent expression, light manner and curious nature. Small and lovely, suitable for companion dogs, white and black are the majority.

       The market price is about 500-2000

       Advantages: lively, intelligent, highly trained, beautiful appearance, less food

       Shortcomings sticky, like to call, temperament easily become excited, easy to have tears.

       Recommend novice breeding Bomei

       First of all, the first three dogs from the name to listen to shepherd dog, sled dog, they need more exercise. The amount of food we eat is also positive. The training needs more energy than ordinary small dogs. Shepherd dogs and Alaska lose hair very much. Second, because purebred dogs are more difficult to keep husky, Alaska is famous for its weak intestines. If you don’t eat well, you will have diarrhea or stomach disease.

       In addition, it is necessary to consider the local regulations. For example, I am not allowed to keep large dogs in the Third Ring Road of Xi’an.

       However, Bomei is a kind of enjoyment dog. It is of suitable size (small dogs can be raised in no matter the area). Although it will lose less hair (straight hair dogs all lose hair), it is smart and easy to obey orders

       1. Su mu, also known as Collie shepherd dog, is very suitable for new breed. Su Mu is very intelligent, good character, approachable, intelligent and sensitive. He responds well to gentle obedience training and is friendly and willing to please his owner.

       Disadvantages: the coat of Scotch shepherd dog is very long. Pay attention to the cleanness of hair.

       Don’t consider anything less than 2000 yuan.

       2. Husky, three stupid two. Remove the household artifact. It’s very difficult to train and listen, and the amount of activity is required. It is not recommended for novices.

       Don’t consider under 1000 yuan.

       3. Alaska, three stupid big, bear version of the huge, long hair, not easy to take care of, very hard. Wolf version of the training is more difficult, is a silly dog.

       Don’t consider under 1000 yuan.

       4. Bomi, toy dog, pet dog. It can’t be compared with large and medium-sized dogs. Also suitable for beginners.

       Don’t consider under 500 yuan.

       I have all my dogs except Bomei. I really don’t recommend you to keep a sleigh.

       My favorite dogs are the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler.

       I recommend a Labrador.

       1 Scotch shepherd dog: the cost of raising a shepherd dog is not high, but because the border collie belongs to the type of dog, the food intake may be larger than that of the general dog, which depends on the amount of exercise of the dog, so this is not to blame. In addition, there are some maintenance costs, such as vaccination, physical examination, bathing and beauty, etc., so the cost of raising border shepherd dogs will not be too high.

       Bomei: the shape of Bomei dog is cute and cute, which is loved by many friends. At present, many friends will keep it. Purebred Bomei is a kind of beautiful and lovely pet dog. It is a kind of robbing dog breed all over the world.