What kind of rabbit is black and white – what kind of rabbit is black and white flower

       Netherland dwarf rabbit is the smallest pet rabbit at present. It originated in the Netherlands in the 19th century. After breeding in Britain and the United States, it has become the present appearance. It has been officially recognized by ARBA in the United States and become a single rabbit species. Pygmy rabbits are characterized by large head and small body, round and plump head like an apple, and the proportion of ears is significantly shorter than that of ordinary rabbits.

       “The white rabbit is white and white, with two ears standing up.” all the rabbits described in this children’s song should have snow-white fluff. However, recently, a reporter saw a group of “new friends” in colorful “clothes” at a special farm in Nanhui District of Shanghai.

       When you walk into the farm, you can see that there are many rabbits in the yard, including black, white, yellow, gray and flowers. Rabbits of different colors and sizes get together to eat and play. It’s really a unique scenery.

       Farm staff told reporters, this is called eight black, two ears black, nose black, four feet black, and tail is black, this kind of rabbit is the best.

       Farm staff said that this “color rabbit” scientific name is Rex Rabbit, because its fur color is bright and glossy, so the sales market is relatively stable. According to the current market situation, buy Rex Rabbit breeding rabbit a male and three female into a group, each group of 400 yuan, each female rabbit annual output of 25-30 pups, after growing up a rabbit skin purchase price of 45 yuan, rabbit meat can also be sold for 20 yuan, so a group of breeding rabbits a year after the net profit of 3000-3600 yuan. It seems that the small color rabbit not only eye-catching, but also can become a new way for farmers to become rich and increase their income.

       Panda rabbit originated from Germany. It is a famous large-scale meat and skin variety. Its breeding history is unknown. It is said that the panda rabbit was bred by crossing Belgium rabbit and frand giant rabbit. The body of the panda rabbit is white with black nose, mouth, eye ring and ear hair. There is a serrated black band from the back of the neck to the tail root. There are some butterfly shaped black spots of different sizes and symmetry on both sides of the body. It is very beautiful, so it has the reputation of “bear cat rabbit”. Panda rabbit has a strong physique, tall body, long eyes, arched shape, heavy bones, and high abdomen from the ground. Adult weight 5-6 kg, body length 50-60 cm, chest circumference 30-35 cm. The average birth weight of each litter is 11-12, the highest is 17-19. The average birth weight of the baby rabbit is 75 grams, and the early growth and development is fast. The weight of weaned rabbit is 1.1-1.25 kg in 40 days and 2.5-2.7 kg in 90 days. The disease resistance is strong, but the litter size and coat color are not stable, the feeding performance is not good, and the maternal is not strong. The giant panda rabbit was introduced into the United States in 1910. After domestication and breeding, two kinds of black and blue panda rabbits were bred. In 1976, China introduced the giant rabbit from Denmark for breeding. According to the report, the requirements of feeding and management conditions are high and the feeding ability is poor.

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