What kind of sticky cats do you have – which breed of cats are more sticky

       Among the varieties of sticky cats, the most sticky one is puppet cat!

       Puppet cats are very sticky by nature, and like to stick to their owners all the time. Especially when young cats are timid and afraid of being alone, they are more clingy.

       In addition to breeds, according to years of experience in raising cats, there are several reasons why cats stick to people

       1. From weaning, I raised them at home

       When I was a child, I raised a cat. After leaving its mother, I saw my family! It’s really super clingy. When I do my homework, I stick to me under my feet. At this time, I will come up and call it, and tell it to go away to eat delicious food, so as not to disturb my study. But as soon as I finish eating, I immediately run over and continue to stick to people.

       Later, there were two cats in the family, but they didn’t come to our house until they were grown up. They couldn’t be seen until the meal time.

       2. Accompany it more and give more food! More food!

       The cat is like the sand in your hand. The more tightly you grasp it, the more it will run. Treat it gently and don’t hold it strongly. It will feel that you are very secure and will stick to you.

       Puppet cat, the most suitable for indoor cat.

       Muppets are gentle and peaceful, sociable and friendly with dogs. The voice is gentle, affectionate, loving, and friendly to others. The whole body is particularly loose and soft, and has strong endurance for pain. Therefore, the injury may be ignored. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with people very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them up and down. So if you are a busy office worker and can’t spend too much time with them, you’d better not raise this breed, or you will make them live very unhappy. Puppet cats generally like to play on the flat ground, and are not keen on jumping and jumping.

       Muppets are very considerate of their owners’ busy life rhythm, so they lick and comb their own silky hair of medium length. If you want to comb their hair, you can use a steel needle to comb, but most puppet cats do not need to comb. They rarely shed their hair, they rarely have hair balls, they are elegant and eager to please people.

       Muppet cats are good at flattering their owners, and they are always inseparable from their owners. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys, and likes to participate in the daily life of the family. Muppet cats are extremely gentle and lack the protection of their own. Therefore, they must be kept in the boudoir as pets and not allowed to go out.

       I personally think there are three kinds, German curly cat, British short folded ear cat and Muppet cat. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Muppet cat is the most beautiful and gentle of the above three kinds. It feels a bit stupid (actually, it has a little IQ). Most of the time, it is very quiet, but its disadvantage is that it loses its hair and is willing to eat. German is actually my most recommended, but the appearance may not be so cute, small size, particularly sticky, particularly lively, high IQ! (you can be a dog) it’s like an elf! The disadvantage may be that you will often see it fly on the eaves and on the wall

       Beauty and shortness are born gentle and intelligent, and maintenance is the simplest. Although foreign short hair is also short hair, I still feel that the hair is a little long. I think it is still pure short hair, and it feels good_ When cats are sticky, they are fat and comfortable to touch. If you want to have a cat Sister, you can have a cat baby!