What kind of tortoise, dog and bird do you have at home?

       There are many kinds of turtles, and the habits of different species are very different. If the owner is a pure novice, I suggest you can choose from the following turtle breeding.

       1¡¢ Grass turtle

       Grass turtle is widely distributed in China and is a national turtle variety. The tortoise has gorgeous head lines and thick crustaceans. When the male tortoise matures, the body color will become deeper and deeper, and some male tortoises will even turn into carbon ink. Tortoise is an omnivorous animal, can feed fish, shrimp, meat and so on. The best living temperature is 25-30 ¡æ. The tortoise has a good interaction and can be fed by hand after training.

       2¡¢ Yellow throated water turtle

       The Yellow throated water turtle, also known as the golden turtle, is widely distributed in southern China. Yellow throated turtle’s body color will change with the change of environment during its growth, which is very interesting. The Yellow throated turtle reared in the light color environment will be very bright color, very ornamental. The Yellow throated turtle has a strong adaptability and is easy to raise. In recent years, its price has dropped from sky high, so it is worth raising.

       3¡¢ Brazil turtle

       Brazil tortoise originated in North America. It has strong vitality and adaptability, and its price is very cheap. It can be seen everywhere in the street. It is the largest turtle species in the domestic market. Brazil tortoise is beautiful in appearance, adaptable and easy to raise. It is suitable for novices. However, we should pay attention to the fact that the Brazilian tortoise is an alien species and has a strong invasion ability. We should pay attention not to let it flow into the wild environment when we raise it.

       4¡¢ Crocodile turtle

       Crocodile turtle origin is also in North America, has a domineering appearance, in the market by the majority of turtle friends love. Crocodile turtles have strong adaptability and low requirements for light, so they are suitable for indoor rearing in insufficient light. Crocodile turtle is also an alien species, so we should pay attention not to let it flow into the wild. In addition, the crocodile turtle has a strong attack power, and the bite force of the giant crocodile turtle ranks the second in the world.

       1¡¢ The most intelligent turtles, because these are all rookies, will eventually return to the Yellow rim, and water turtles will eventually return to wood grain 4. Most of the mountain areas in the country can be caught, and the most common wild ones are 100+ 5¡¢ Low equipment requirements, almost all turtles can use this configuration, not only grass 6. Grass turtles eat miscellaneous, but also small crocodiles. 7. Individuals are not large, and adult mother grass can grow to one and a half palms to be stable. 8. Safe public grasses have territorial awareness, especially in breeding season, they are very aggressive

       The answer from Huahua world team [wasteland Ranger] depends entirely on the master’s breeding skills ~ if you are a master, except for the large sea turtle and tortoise, it is a little difficult to raise other novices. The Brazilian red eared turtle, the big crocodile turtle, the small crocodile turtle, the Chinese grass turtle, the Chinese tortoise, the Chinese tortoise, and the eastern, western, southern and Northern brocade turtles [four common species] Flame turtle ~ and so on are suitable for novice aquatic and semi aquatic species ~ specific breeding methods ~ it is suggested to take a look at some of my space experience summary ~ I believe it will be helpful for the landlord to raise turtles later! Welcome to 350599407!

       For example, the price performance of the Black Turtle is the highest in the last ten years. For example, the price of the Black Turtle is the highest in the last ten years. It’s no trouble to raise a turtle. If you forget to eat it for a week or two, it won’t die. The most economical pet. The tortoise knows its master and is very smart and familiar with it. It’s OK to keep it at home. Hamster is the first choice of many mm pets, plush feel is very good, most of them are willing to be close to their owners, the appearance is pleasant and lovely, the best breed price will not exceed 50 yuan, strong fecundity, as long as you are not bored, you can keep it. Hamsters are omnivorous animals and eat everything. They have few special taboos and have a high survival rate. They will not be as delicate as rabbits and squirrels. They will die once they are raised. Best of all, hamsters themselves are clean little animals, unlike other fluffy mammals that produce odors at home. Hamsters only smell urine, urine is tasteless, as long as it does not like drinking water, basically no taste. I have raised chickens, ducklings, rabbits, squirrels, birds, turtles and hamsters. By comparison, the best ones I like best are hamsters and tortoises. Try it, too. You’ll love them. ^___ ^Have a good time. To upstairs, the taste of squirrels is very heavy, picky, not easy to serve, certainly not as good as hamsters, I have raised them

       I can tell you clearly, there is no easy to raise small ah!

       If you are really good to a small dynamic, then it is absolutely difficult to maintain.

       How to raise small animals? I think the most important thing is time and patience.

       Time: you should take care of it / accompany it

       Patience: repeat the work almost every day

       PS can’t bring small animals to play / travel in many places, if you can’t find a good family to keep it or lock it at home… Ah~

       If you really want to raise small things and you are afraid of trouble, you can choose to raise fish [but the fish can’t be touched or played, and the rare fish will still die. Feed every day and change the water for a few days].

       If you have cats and dogs [especially dogs], in case they have feelings with you, but their life span is shorter than that of people, will you be sad when they die? [personal experience]

       In addition, I hope you pay attention to:

       1. Some animals may have an impact on the human body. Even if it is a small animal, there must be a certain distance to keep it clean.

       [especially pregnant women, kittens and puppies will affect the fetus and give birth to abnormal babies]

       2. It’s illegal to keep rare animals

       If you feel troublesome, you can raise a turtle or a Brazilian tortoise to save time.

       It’s not easy to die, and I don’t need much energy to take care of him. Just feed him food

       You don’t have to do sanitation. Take a bath or something

       Goldfish is also good, the only drawback is easy to die.

       Hamsters, easy to recruit mice at home, reproductive capacity is also very strong.

       Dogs and cats are good pets if you don’t mind the trouble, have enough energy and really like small animals.

       Hope to help you.

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