What kinds of Muppets are there and how to raise them?

       Muppets are big cats, but this does not affect indoor rearing. There are many kinds of Muppet cats. Generally speaking, the fur colors of each variety are also different. The fur colors of Muppets are divided into many kinds, including seal color, blue color, acrylic color, clove color, red color, cream color, etc? How to raise it?

       There are several kinds of puppet cats

       1. Two color puppet

       It is usually the “most standard” puppet in people’s mind. It looks like swimming in a cream pool, and its face looks like it has just had a big meal. The four claws, abdomen, chest and the inverted V-shaped part of the face are all white, and there may be one or two white stripes on the back. Only their tails, ears and parts other than the v-stripes show a darker color.

       Basically symmetrical face, four legs are pure white, pink nose and sole. Of course, not every two-color puppet face is perfectly symmetrical. And some white will go up to the top of the head, some white only to the bridge of the nose.

       2. Key color puppets

       The color of the trunk is lighter and the color dots are darker. It has the classic Siamese pattern, which is similar to the traditional Siam. Its features are relatively dark face, ears, limbs and tail. The key color puppets usually have black noses and soles, but their eyes are as blue as the sea water.

       3. Glove puppet cat

       Like the key color puppet cat, its chest, chest circumference, jaw and front paw are white. The key colors of hair are seal, chocolate, blue and light purple. The coat color of puppet cat is not much. Glove puppets seem to have just jumped into a cream bowl and nibbled at it: they have hairy white chins, just like their white gloves and boots. The chin is pure white, and the two front hands (just the hands, not the arms) are pure white. Two hind legs like wearing white socks, until the abdomen level position is pure white.

       4. Sanse puppet

       The Sanskrit puppet looks like it’s going to sink to the bottom of the cream. Only the upper part of the face, ears and tail, and very few parts of the body may be darker.

       Similarly, a pure bloodline puppet cat, due to the different products, their prices are very different. The gene of Muppet cat is very unstable, especially the two-color puppet cat with symmetrical reproduction is very rare. Therefore, a plug grade two-color puppet cat, relatively higher than the key color puppet cat in the price. If you just like the character of the Muppet cat and do it as a pet at home, you might as well buy a pet grade Muppet cat. (sterilized Muppets are much cheaper) males are usually larger than females. Puppet cat is a large cat, strong body, muscular, male weight 5-9kg, female weight 4.5-6.5kg. If you don’t want your cat to breed, it’s best to operate on it.

       How to raise Muppets

       1. Daily necessities

       Like all cats, when you are going to bring a cat into your house, are all the daily necessities for raising a cat ready? Cat food, cat toilet, cat litter, cat nest, cat scratch board and so on. Puppet cats also need these things.

       2. Immunity and health

       Generally, Muppet cats are bought in pet shops or regular Muppet cat houses. Owners should carefully distinguish whether the information on the Internet is true or not. When you buy your Muppet cat, please take them to be vaccinated in time according to the advice of regular cat house or professional veterinarian. Within a few days after they got home, due to the sudden change of the environment, there may be no meals, diarrhea and so on. The owners should take care of them carefully. The owner remembers to disinfect the environment before taking the puppet cat home, so that even if the Muppet cat hides in the corner because of the unsuitable environment, he can rest assured that he will not be infected with the bacteria.

       In addition, remember to comb the poodle cat’s hair regularly. Because the Muppet cat is a long haired cat, if you do not pay attention to care, there will be hair knotting and other conditions.

       3. Communication with the host

       Muppets are very clingy cats. They don’t like to be lonely, so if you don’t have enough time to accompany your Muppets, please keep them carefully. Cats also have depression. Take a little time every day to interact with your Muppet cat. Cat toys and cat Teaser sticks are good choices, so as to better communicate the feelings between you and puppet cat.

       Muppets are gentle and like the company of their owners. Because they are born with smooth hair, Muppets will not bring much trouble to their owners in terms of daily care. Therefore, generally speaking, Muppets are very easy to keep.

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