What kittens don’t eat only drink water

       Generally, there are several reasons for not eating. It is a problem in the mouth, or the esophagus. Check whether there is ulcer or lump in the mouth. If not, the disease is serious to a certain extent, which will also cause this consequence. If the stool is dry, let it be more

       Drink water, at least 30 ml per kg body weight per day. If you don’t pull it for more than 2 days, you will open the plug. However, if you haven’t eaten anything for several days, it is recommended to send the medical system for examination

       Cats don’t eat and only drink water, which means that the cat is not interested in food or has gastrointestinal problems, which causes indigestion, as long as a little conditioning can recover.

       1. Dyspepsia

       Dyspepsia is accompanied by flatulence. When a cat eats something, it is easy to flatulence and feel full. The number of intestinal peristalsis decreases. It will have no appetite and wants to drink water to help relieve it. At this time, you can feed some digestible food to the cat, rice porridge. Minced meat porridge, etc.

       2. Gastrointestinal discomfort

       Cats do not eat may be caused by gastrointestinal discomfort, gastrointestinal stimulation will lead to a series of reactions, resulting in discomfort, resulting in cats do not want to eat, just want to drink water to alleviate. It can feed high-energy probiotics powder for dogs, which can help promote the intestinal peristalsis and digestion of dogs.

       Cats will also have a variety of gastrointestinal problems, usually try to ensure a regular diet to alleviate gastrointestinal fatigue.

       As the tube on the third floor said, except that the cat nose is dry when sleeping, it should be wet and cool at ordinary times. Wet is the state of health.

       Look at the symptoms said by the landlord, the cat should be sick. No interest in food, showing poor physical condition, so that the loss of appetite. This situation, which has lasted for several days, proves to be a bit serious. And the cat can’t even walk the road, which shows how poor his physical strength is. Long term non eating will damage the internal organs of cats. And easy to produce anemia. The owner of the cat’s mouth, tongue, these parts should be healthy pink. Conversely, if there is no blood color, it is proved that the cat anemia is more serious. We should go to the hospital for treatment in time. Don’t delay when you are ill. It’s too late to regret when a minor illness turns into a serious one. In addition, make sure there are no symptoms such as mouth ulcers, which can also lead to loss of appetite.

       Shiver a word, the building lord takes the cat to see a doctor as soon as possible. I wish the cat a speedy recovery!!!

       Hehe, the kitten is full and wants to go to bed. Cats sleep more than ten hours a day. It is said that lazy cat is lazy cat, which is the result. And oh, kittens don’t know how full they are. Each time you feed, you can feed less and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re bigger. What’s more, if kittens eat less canned food, it’s not easy to digest. Recommended Royal cat food K34 is specially for kittens. When you are 3 months old, give a small amount of snacks, cans and so on. Cats try not to feed people, or they will have bad breath. When I saw someone say it was a cat spitting fur ball, I told the owner that it was a cat four months later. Kittens don’t. Remember to vaccinate the kittens in three months. I wish your breasts a healthy life.

       If you eat salty, ha ha, it must be delicious. If you eat too much, you will love to sleep. Don’t worry if you don’t have diarrhea. The reason why cats are noisy is because I’ve been a cat for more than ten years. I understand that cats like to eat night food. If you give more cat food in the evening, you will feel comfortable later. Many cats know that they are hungry, but the kittens are not

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