What medicine does kitten skin disease use – what medicine does cat skin disease take best

       Feline tubercle is caused by insufficient nutrition. If it is not treated, the lack of vitamin A will affect the absorption of protein, and it will be thinner. Treat it quickly and strengthen nutrition, and replace it with cat food with high protein content, egg yolk, sun exposure and medication for 2 weeks~

       1. Two kinds of drugs are mainly used: clotrimazole ointment and xuanjing solution. The former is a paste, which is applied to the ward to isolate oxygen, which is very effective in killing fungi completely. The latter is special for animals, and the effect is good.

       2. What’s more, we should pay attention to the fact that the moist, high temperature and airless environment are easy to breed fungi, and the environment of Mimi will be more dry and ventilated. The environment at home should be disinfected frequently, especially the nest, cushion and tableware that cats often sleep in. Spray the diluted pet environment disinfectant every day. The floor and furniture at home should be wiped with diluted disinfectant every other day or two days, which can effectively prevent the spread of tinea felis.

       3. Strengthen nutrition, the cat’s disease is mostly caused by the decline of resistance and malnutrition; check whether the protein content of your cat food is too low; it is better to replace it with high protein cat food; it is recommended to eat fresh and natural cat food. There is a kind of duck meat salmon with low sensitivity and high protein content of 32%. Because no chemical substance is made of fresh meat, it can reduce the internal organs of cats Second, eat two egg yolks a week. Lecithin in the yolk can improve the skin immunity and speed up the healing of the cat’s growing area. Boiled chicken breast in white water is also matched with beef and mutton. It is hair that causes the cat to grow slowly and let the cat bask in the sun during the day;

       This collocation, two weeks will be good; seize the time to treat~

       You don’t have to go to the hospital for treatment, because feline tuberculosis is a typical malnutrition;

       Are you sure it’s feline? There are many kinds of skin diseases! Symptomatic can be good!

       Suggest you still take him to the hospital of regular public praise to test, see what kind of type is in the end, symptomatic treatment! It will be all right!

       Don’t be scared when you go out. Wrap it up!

       If it is tinea felis, first shave off the hair in the cat area and part of the surrounding area, soak and scrub the affected area with hot soapy water to soften the hard skin. Wipe with cotton swab with alcohol, remove the dandruff and hard scab in the disease area, and then apply the medicine to make the drug directly penetrate the skin of the affected area. With clotrimazole external coating, has a certain effect. At the same time give him some vitamin B, adjuvant treatment. But external use of clotrimazole can not let him lick in, will be poisoned! So oral medicine or injection is better, or to the regular hospital!

       Feline fungal infection is more troublesome, timely diagnosis and treatment is recommended. Pets are our most loyal friends. I believe many cat lovers are unwilling to let their pets suffer from skin problems, so they must be treated as soon as possible.

       For cat skin disease, it is recommended to apply mingruining externally and massage for a few minutes until absorption. Generally, it can be improved in 10-20 days according to the degree.

       There are also a few notes to share with you:

       1. Don’t bathe cats too often. Once a week is the best

       2. If you have skin problems on your back, remember to dress cats. If you have skin problems on your face, you should wear headgear to prevent scratching

       3. Avoid long-term use of ointment, especially hormone drugs, and prevent antibiotic resistance

       It is recommended to take the cat to the pet hospital for examination. Because the cat tinea you said may be just some skin diseases of cats.

       If a cat really has tinea felis, don’t worry about it. If it can be cured, the general veterinarian will prescribe medicine according to the situation and take some medicine. (if the doctor prescribes ointment, try not to lick or rub the cat’s ear on the carpet. It will be better and faster)

       Feline ringworm can infect people, but don’t be too nervous. Pay attention to your health. If you’re really infected (roughly manifested as erythema and itching), you can apply dacrynin or Pevisone. Yes, because I haven’t had cat moss, I don’t know if I’ll leave scars.

       [understanding tinea felis]

       Tinea felis is simply a fungal skin disease. It often occurs on the cat’s face, trunk, limbs and tail. It has round or oval ringworm spots covered with gray scales, and purple fluorescent spots can be seen by ultraviolet light. The coat color of the sick cat will become rough, and the hairs on the tinea part will fall off, break or fall off. Infected cats will itch so much that they have to scratch repeatedly, so alopecia areata will form in the diseased area. Feline tinea can also be transmitted to humans, causing itching and peeling of human skin.

       [experience in the treatment of tinea felis 1: nutrition is very important]

       The treatment of feline tinea and tinea is particularly important for the treatment of feline ringworm, which is beneficial to the improvement of feline nutrition. In addition, cat parents can also eat some vitamin B tablets, can prevent infection.

       [experience in the treatment of tinea felis 2: Baibu has a wonderful effect]

       Tinea felis is common in stray cats. Because of long-term malnutrition and fleas on stray cats, once they have tinea felis, it is often more serious. Sister Zheng, a cat friend, has long been engaged in the rescue of stray cats. In the process of rescuing cats, she once encountered cat ringworm which was difficult to cure. Later, she consulted an old Chinese medicine doctor and got a folk prescription. She went to the drugstore to buy 100 pieces (it’s cheap. It’s said that one yuan can buy one or two). When she comes back, she can soak a few tablets in hot water or boil it like a decocting medicine, and then add water to the cat Take a bath. If there is a large area of tinea, this method is very effective. If it is a small area of tinea, smear the affected area with a well soaked or boiled medicine. About three times a day, new hair will grow in about three days. It also works for dogs.

       [experience in the treatment of tinea felis 3: repeated wiping and absorption]

       The long tinea of very serious tinea felis is often oily, so dandruff, drug foam, new and old metabolites and dust are easy to stick together, making the diseased area form a thick scab. The money of Mimi’s cat friend suffered from severe tinea felis when she first entered the house. Mimi’s experience is that no matter what kind of tinea medicine you use (such as clotrimazole, tinea mite, sulfur ointment, etc.), you must shave off the hair in the area and some of its surrounding areas, soak and scrub the affected area with hot soapy water, soften the hard skin, and then wipe the affected area repeatedly with hands or cotton swabs until the dandruff and hard scab are removed, and then a layer of ointment is applied to the affected area, In order to make the drug can directly penetrate the skin of the affected area, so as to quickly cure tinea felis.

       [experience in the treatment of tinea felis 4: more exposure to the sun, faster cure]

       More sun exposure can disinfect and enhance the skin resistance of cats, which can make the treatment of tinea felis more rapid. In addition, slight cat ringworm can be cured without medicine by supplementing nutrition and sun exposure.

       Experience in the treatment of tinea felis 5: disinfection to prevent recurrence]

       If a cat suffers from tinea felis, the home environment must be disinfected frequently, especially the nest and cushion where the cat often sleeps should be cleaned with 84 disinfectant, and then exposed to the sun for one or two days. In addition, the floor and furniture in the home should also be disinfected. If there are other cats at home, isolate the sick cats to prevent infection.


       Finally, we should pay attention to the choice of anti tinea drugs, absolutely can not give cats dacrynin cream, the effect is not good, but also easy to spread. In addition, the treatment of tinea felis is not a day or two, especially intractable tinea felis, we must be prepared to fight a protracted war.

       Tinea felis, a round depilation, with dandruff, is not itchy for cats, but itchy for humans, a zoonotic infectious disease. Small area can be used comfortable ointment + vitamin B or lecithin, large area or whole body need to use Ivy pet medicine bath + golden point + vitamin B. If it is not convenient to go to the hospital, you can have a look at the shop of Xinxin pet hospital online. They are all imported medicines with authentic products. If you have any questions, you can directly ask the customer service doctor. You can go straight to 414 customer service doctor. You can reply in real time on weekdays. Hope can help you, hope to adopt

       Is it a round block like hair? After hair loss, is there a reddish brown spot on the skin, as if it had scab? If so, it is tinea felis

       General can take griseofulvin, 50 mg / kg body weight, 2-3 times a day, take at least 34 weeks. For others, clotrimazole ointment, compound benzoic acid ointment, sulfur ointment, 2% miconazole nitrate hydrophilic ointment and xuanjing can be used for external application. During the treatment, 4 ml vegetable oil was added to cat food every day to promote the absorption of oral drugs, and local corticosteroids could also be used.

       Because tinea felis can be transmitted to people, please pay attention to disinfection. The owner of Mimi should take multivitamins orally.

       Note: do not use dacrynin cream for Mimi, the effect is not good, and it is easy to expand!!

       About tinea felis:

       1. Griseofulvin should be used with caution, especially for kittens under one year old, because all oral fungicides can cause great damage to the animal, which will cause liver dysfunction and leave the disease root. If the cat is not easy to take large areas of the cat, do not take it orally. Even if the cat has severe tinea of the whole body, when taking griseofulvin, it should be crushed or ground into powder, mixed with edible oil, and the best way is to stop feeding one day at a time. Even if the time taken in this way can not exceed 2 weeks.

       2. The recovery of cat ringworm is closely related to the cat’s own constitution. A cat with good physical condition has a short recovery period, while a cat with poor physical condition has a long recovery time (more than 2 months or more). But in any case, treatment needs to be patient. Don’t leave the cat with tinea felis because it has a large area of hair loss and becomes ugly. It is definitely not a fatal disease. Fundamentally speaking, it has little impact on the health of the cat, so we must be patient.

       3. After cats suffer from tinea felis, in addition to topical clotrimazole and other drugs, it is very important to supplement nutrition and sun more. During this period, we should strengthen the nutrition of cat food (e.g. choose the Royal cat food of France), and give the cat a vitamin supplement “Bamibao” (or crush the vitamin drugs for children such as Shancun and xiaoshierkang, and mix them in the can of cats, with the same effect, one pill a day). Supplementary medicine can be taken for a longer time, 3, 4 months or half a year, even if the cat tinea is good, you can continue to feed, strengthen the body. And try to get the cat to get as much sun as possible.

       4. The environment at home should be disinfected frequently, especially the nest and cushion where cats often sleep. Spray the diluted pet environment disinfectant every day. The floor and furniture in the home should be wiped with diluted disinfectant every other day or two days, which can effectively prevent the spread of tinea felis.

       5. Large areas of depilation that have appeared on cats are, of course, the characteristics of severe tinea felis. In addition to applying clotrimazole and other topical drugs to these parts, we should also pay attention to the timely detection of new tinea felis in other parts of the cat. The method is to give the cat medicine every day, along the fur, with both hands close to the cat’s skin, from the head to the tail of the baby carefully touch once, if the hand touches hard small pimples or small protuberances, turn over the hair to have a look, you can find a small scab, there is a small pinch of dandruff, that is, new long tinea felis, these parts must not forget to apply medicine, if When these parts also develop into large areas of hair removal, treatment will be more difficult. The earlier the discovery is, the easier the treatment will be.

       The development of tinea felis in cats is very fast, and it is often good to grow a piece. Therefore, when applying the medicine, it is necessary to coat the surrounding area of the disease area to prevent it from spreading. It is also necessary to cut off the hair around the disease area for cats and cats. It’s also good for his skin to let him bask in the sun more.

       Treatment of tinea felis:

       First clean up the part of the tinea, the dandruff, there is a hard scab is also best to wipe off, but not hard wipe, broken is not good. Then cut off the hair on the part of the ringworm, so that the medicine can penetrate into the skin more directly, and prevent the spread of fungi.

       Then apply the medicine. The scope of application is slightly larger than the scope of tinea, which can prevent the spread and inhibit the small amount of fungi that may have spread to the surrounding areas.

       If you insist on wiping medicine every day, it will have a good effect in 2 weeks, and it will be all right in less than a month!

       In addition, it should be noted that moist, hot and airless environment is easy to breed fungi, and it will be better to let Mimi’s environment be dry and ventilated. The other thing is that Mimi’s utensils should be disinfected regularly.

       Two kinds of drugs are mainly used: clotrimazole ointment and xuanjing solution. The former is a paste, which is applied to the ward to isolate oxygen, which is very effective in killing fungi completely. The latter is special for animals, and the effect is good.


       It’s said in the book. I have a simpler way to go to the pet store and buy a bottle of “Kung Fu”. It’s made by Simmons. It’s very effective to cure cat ringworm. It’s more than 20 yuan. Don’t forget to add some nutrition to the cat

       Feline tinea should be cleaned in time.

       First of all, we should clean the place where the cat grows. We should disinfect the litter and clothes of the cat.

       And the environment around the cat’s nest and the environment of the family should be disinfected.

       In terms of disinfectant, we can choose pet only.

       The most commonly used external medicine for tinea felis is mingruining. The effective ingredient is nano silver. The advantage of this medicine is that all the ingredients are extracted from plants. After spraying, the cat can lick it, and the antipruritic effect is particularly prominent.

       Sarcopteris: sarcopteris

       This kind of microorganism can parasitize in the dermis, the infectivity is particularly strong, by direct or indirect contact infection. It can cause chronic inflammation, hair loss and irritation. The affected part appeared at the outer edge of the ear, elbow and ankle joint, and then gradually extended to the whole body. It can be seen that the affected part is depilated, scabby and itchy; sometimes it can damage the head and ears, causing baldness, dandruff shedding and dermatitis. Often because of itching and secondary bacterial infection caused by thick, malodorous situation. However, if careful and continuous treatment can be controlled and cured.

       Fungal dermatitis:

       Fungal dermatitis is caused by fungi (microsporidium or Trichophyton). The symptoms of fungal dermatitis are small, hairless lumps in the center, exudation of liquid, or hard scab on the outer edge, or the whole skin is scaly and easily broken into powder. After the doctor’s examination, oral antibiotics can be used, together with antifungal smears and lotion for washing the affected area, to treat fungal dermatitis.


       Usually in healthy skin, that is, there is a small amount of hair follicles. When the body or immunity is not complete, the insect will reproduce in large numbers, invade the hair follicles and form bald hair. Such as bacterial infection, deterioration for folliculitis, pyoderma. The lighter type of baldness, more common in the face and corners of the mouth, can be treated; if the condition worsens, it will extend to the whole body, becoming stubborn dermatitis, giving off stench. Don’t delay and seek treatment from a veterinarian immediately.

       The treatment methods were as follows

       Do not use any kind of ointment without the doctor’s permission, because the cat will get sick after licking it. The hair should be cut off from the affected area, and the skin should be carefully washed with warm water and weak inoculant, and then dried. If the cat wants to lick or bite the affected area, wear a hard “Elisabeth” collar.

       Prevention of human infection:

       Because people may be infected with fungal dermatitis and some scabies, care must be taken to prevent the spread of such infectious diseases from cats to family members. Cats and cats can also infect each other and can be isolated if necessary. All the articles, tableware and places used by cats should be cleaned and disinfected; the non-toxic disinfectant should be used to dilute with heated water, and all the articles, tableware and places often visited should be scrubbed at the bottom; and it is better to let the cat bask in the sun, because the sunlight has bactericidal power!!

       What kind of cat does your cat belong to. To suit the right medicine! Medicine is wrong, will delay the best treatment time.

       How does cat get skin disease to deal with?


       Cat skin diseases mainly include:

       1) Bacterial skin disease: mainly bacterial infection;

       2) Fungal dermatosis: it is caused by skin fungal infection; dermatophyte can survive for more than 1 year in dry environment due to its long survival time and strong resistance in nature. Some fungi have affinity to the soil and can grow and reproduce in the soil and survive for a long time.

       3) Ectoparasitic dermatosis: caused by fleas, scabies, Demodex, ear mites, lice, ticks, etc;

       4) Metabolic dermatosis: hormonal dermatosis; allergic dermatosis;

       5) Immunocompromised skin diseases: skin diseases related to nutrition, etc.

       Fungal skin disease accounts for more than 80% of the cases, and more than 98% of the original cat’s fungal skin disease is caused by Microsporum caninum, which is a kind of disease that dog, cat and human may be infected with, commonly known as fungal infection, or “money ringworm”. Dermatology of human medicine is often misdiagnosed as allergic dermatitis caused by cat hair, which makes many livestock owners give up their cats.

       Fungal dermatosis

       The main route of transmission of dermatophytes is contact infection, which can be transmitted by the pollutants in the cat’s resting place and the polluted comb, brush and bedding. The disease can occur throughout the year, and the incidence rate is high in general hot and humid seasons. Cats cured from fungal diseases are resistant to re infection of the same species of fungi, but the resistance will disappear after several months to one year. The fungus is a zoonotic skin disease, and children and women are more susceptible to infection.


       Fungal infection was found in the head, hind paw and ears of cats. The skin of the affected area is depilated, with circular scaly spots and damaged hair roots. Sometimes the affected part is completely depilated. In severe cases, erythema or scab may be formed. When hair begins to grow in the middle of the plaque, the hair loss around it continues. The affected part is itchy. If a few cats scratch and have bacterial infection, the exudation is serious. It can be seen that the skin is inflamed, swollen and erosive. In severe cases, it can be purulent. The development of dermatomycosis generally spreads from the middle to the surrounding areas. If it is not treated in time, it will become chronic and the course of disease will be longer.

       After the above symptoms appear, take the cat to the veterinary hospital for examination.


       1. Local treatment: topical medication

       For long haired cats, it is recommended to shave the whole body hair. For short hair cats, the hair within 6 cm in diameter should be shaved. Special care should be taken not to shave the skin to avoid the spread of the lesions.

       For external use, it is recommended to use xuanmeijing and xuanjing. If it is yeast, ketoconazole should be selected.

       Before applying medicine, it is better to wash the local skin with sulfur soap, and then apply the medicine. Wipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove the dandruff and hard scab in the ward, and then apply topical bactericide 2 to 3 times a day. The scope of application extends to the outside of the ward by 6 cm in diameter, including the surrounding seemingly healthy skin, so that the drug can directly penetrate the skin of the affected area.

       In addition, the drug should be used according to the instructions of the drug, especially the frequency of medication should be in accordance with the drug description.

       Tips: don’t use dacrynin cream (the efficacy is not obvious, slow down the treatment, resulting in expansion), clotrimazole (cats lick, easy to cause drug poisoning blindness).

       2 to 4 weeks after oral treatment, if no significant improvement is found in local treatment.

       When you give medicine to a cat, you should follow the principle of feeding medicine. You must control the weight ratio, so that there will be no problem.

       1) Griseofulvin

       Griseofulvin tablets 30 mg / kg body weight, once a day, for 3-4 weeks, can inhibit the development of deep trichorrhizal fungi. However, it may cause toxicity to cats, especially Persian cats, Himalayan cats, Siamese cats and Abyssinian cats. The side effects of griseofulvin on post infection immune deficiency cats (HIV, cat AIDS) are more serious and should be avoided; griseofulvin is teratogenic and should not be administered to pregnant female cats. In addition, cats with griseofulvin should avoid direct sunlight exposure, which may cause photosensitivity.

       The kittens can only be fed with griseofulvin after four weeks of age, but it must be given at the lowest dose (5-10 / day), and the possible toxicity should be noted.

       During the treatment period of griseofulvin, 4 ml vegetable oil was added to cat food every day to promote the absorption of griseofulvin.

       2) Traditional Chinese medicine: Smilax glabra, Radix Saposhnikoviae, Shuanghua Qianqian, Rulu Yiqian, Gancao Qianban.

       3. Nursing:

       1) Sunshine

       Borschnet reminds you that many people think that ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill mold, which is not wrong. However, if it is used on cats, it must be considered. Because killing Huiwei bacteria by ultraviolet rays must be exposed to the sun for a long time, and cats do not have sweat glands. They rely entirely on the oral mucosa and the soles of feet to dissipate heat. Long term exposure may cause heatstroke and sunburn Injury: if there is a windowsill at home that can receive a period of sunshine every day, arrange a rest place for the cat there. The cat can watch the scenery outside the house and bask in the sun. It is important to keep dry.

       2) Bathing

       Infected cats had better use special hair detergent or sulfur soap for a long time. It is recommended to use once every 1-3 days. Special detergent and sulfur are safe for kittens.

       When a cat begins to scratch a part of the body frequently, or has large areas of hair loss, it is very likely to have a skin disease. Dermatosis is generally divided into mite dermatosis and fungal dermatosis. The former is caused by parasites and the latter by fungi. The general symptom of mite type dermatosis is that there are a lot of small red spots in the pruritus, and some of them have a thin white skin. In severe cases, the skin will be damaged by scratching too often, resulting in purulent inflammation. Fungal dermatosis is mainly manifested in large areas of depilation, depilation of the skin without obvious abnormalities, some cats will be accompanied by mild itching. Cat skin disease is mite type or fungal type, or need to go to the regular pet hospital for testing, after diagnosis can be the right medicine, take effective treatment. The general treatment is injection combined with external medication, some should adhere to the periodic bath, serious cases need liquid, in order to achieve the purpose of systemic anti-inflammatory.

       How should x cat moss treat better?

       The most commonly used external medicine for tinea felis is mingruining. The effective ingredient is nano silver. The advantage of this medicine is that the main ingredients are plant extracts. After spraying, the cat can lick it, and the antipruritic effect is particularly prominent.

       In addition, if the cat tinea spread to many parts of the body, medication may be more tired (also more expensive), then you can consider using medicine bath method.

       In addition, it is better to supplement some B vitamins to cats to improve their own immunity and help them recover quickly.

       Environmental disinfection is the most difficult part. It is suggested that the environment should be disinfected regularly.

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