What sand does the cat use when urinating much – the cat is getting bigger and bigger, urine is more and more, how to save cat litter

       Let’s see if there’s something wrong with the usage for cats? In fact, it’s not difficult to keep a cat. It’s just a little troublesome in daily chores. If you want a cat to not waste litter, think of another way.

       For example, when the cat scrapes out the litter, train some cats. Otherwise, replace the cat with another kind of litter, such as. Meow. Think. Pine. Wood. Cat. Sand. You can also use a double litter basin for your cat, and the amount is relatively low.

       Because every cat will use litter, which is inevitable. After all, the cleaning of domestic cats depends on cat litter, but you can still choose some relatively good litter to use, which also saves a lot of worry.

       My cat has been using the cat litter which is used to bentonite. When it is replaced with bean curd sand and wood sand, my cat will choose not to go to the toilet as a resistance.

       Bentonite has a strong sanding feel, suitable for the cat’s natural survival environment, the disadvantage is that the dust is relatively large, it needs to be cleaned daily, the taste will be relatively small, and the price is cheap.

       The sand sea bentonite cat litter that my cat has been using for a long time has less dust and better agglomeration. The price is a little more expensive than usual, but it is relatively economical. Two cats use about 20kg a month.

       Now the market is a lot of cat litter, what bentonite cat litter, crystal cat litter, sawdust cat litter

       And paper cat litter. I’ve never heard of it before. What kind of litter is good? I feel that what suits my cat is the best. Most cat slaves mainly consider the price, dust content, deodorant power, condensation power and so on. I feel that price and deodorization are of course the first elements. Cat litter is consumable. If the cat poop urinates frequently, several bags of litter should be used in a month If you can’t deodorize, you must not let the guests go to your house, or they will feel a Sao smell of cat urine coming. If you don’t turn around and leave, that’s for your face. Cats like to be clean and lick their paws. If the paw is stained with the cat litter that can’t be digested for a long time, you can’t get stones! What’s more, if the cat’s urine doesn’t quickly agglomerate, and the urine is permeated and not cleaned up in time, then the bacteria can multiply quickly. That’s what happens to ringworm, cat plague and other cat diseases.

       Cheap and easy to use is our ultimate goal,

       Easy to use cat litter dust is very small, particles are complete shape

       The condensation power is also good, so that the odor can not be emitted

       Good cat sand has a delicate smell, effectively suppress the smell of urine Sao!

       Good cat litter doesn’t necessarily cost much, because a lot of goods are often used for activities

       Good goods can not be known by most people, advertising costs are too high, so businesses can only increase the intensity of incentives to attract people!

       You buy expensive, that is you have no channel!

       When doing activities, you can buy it half cheaper than usual. The problem is

       Do you know when the event will be held? Do you know which business is engaged in activities? Do you know where to get the coupon?

       There is a need to come to me, I have channels, do not earn you a cent, only introduce

       If the male cat urinates disorderly, it is generally oestrus or urinary system problems. Some female cats in estrus may urinate disorderly. Hormone levels in the body are rare. If there is a female cat nearby, it may lead to the male cat’s estrus. The male cat’s estrus is not regular and will only be in the female cat’s stimulation. After excluding this, it may be the urinary system If there is a problem, it is recommended to send the doctor for examination

       Pine wood and bean curd cat litter are more convenient and practical, and the price is cheaper and environmental protection.

       I use coal balls, cinders from big stalls. And old clothes and sofa sponges.

       Some cats like to urinate in soft places. For example, sofa, so cut out the old clothes, old pillows, old sofa sponges.

       Sponge is more convenient, after urine, leakage into the bottom of the basin, the top is still dry. Pick up the sponge, pour out the urine at the bottom of the basin, flush the face plate, and continue to use.

       Moreover, the sponge is old, it can be washed with water several times and dried in the sun.

       General cat litter mainly includes crystal cat litter, mineral sand, pine cat litter and bean curd cat litter. These kinds of litter have different characteristics. Crystal cat litter. It is not agglomerated, with general water absorption and deodorization, and a small amount of dust. The cat’s urine will be directly absorbed into the sand, so that the sand from transparent color to yellow, generally, the whole basin of sand is changed into yellow directly. The crystal sand is poisonous. The cat may eat it by accident.

       ore. It has the advantages of low price, quick setting, good water absorption, small particles, easy to cover the cat’s excreta. The bentonite is heavy, so it is not suitable to pull out the cat basin when the cat moves the cat litter. However, it will produce dust, which is easy to irritate the cat’s nose. After using the litter, it is easy to take some bentonite out of the cat litter basin. It is relatively troublesome to clean the sand,

       Meow. Like pine litter. Strong water absorption, no dust, pine sand and crystal sand some similar, only suitable for cleaning stool. After absorbing urine, pine particles will become powder and sink directly to the bottom of sand basin, which reduces a lot of cleaning work.

       Meow. Want tofu cat litter. Odor, strong water absorption, strong coagulation, not easy to disintegrate, can wrap feces and urine, clean and convenient. Because the material is composed of bean curd dregs, it can be dissolved automatically and washed away directly with the toilet. It has moderate weight and is not easy to appear sand falling.

       To sum up, pine wood and bean curd cat litter are more convenient and practical, and the price is relatively cheap and environmental protection.

       Recommend bean curd cat litter! Lazy people’s gospel, you can flush the toilet directly (but a small number of times, otherwise it will be blocked). The brand recommends Maoye. Compared with preserved egg, inside pocket, tail life and so on, Maoye’s litter is the best to use, with the highest cost performance ratio. It is family friendly to many cats, fast in group formation and deodorization!

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