What should be paid attention to after birth control of male cats

       Male cat sterilization operation is relatively simple, generally can recover on the same day, do not need special care

       Generally speaking, after sterilization, the cat can return to its normal appetite and provide food according to the usual feeding method

       Generally speaking, male cats can recover on the same day after surgery.

       If the local air temperature is warm and the wound heals after operation, there is no problem. After a day, it can move freely and eat and drink normally. The wound grows well in about a week, and the scab is completely removed in half a month

       Castration is a small surgical operation. Don’t worry too much

       Changes in cats after sterilization

       After sterilization, cats are no longer bothered by hormones, and will break away from their irritability and nervousness and return to the naive and happy state they used to be. That’s why many friends say cats become more active after surgery, In fact, vivacity is the nature of a cat, but she has been depressed by the trouble of oestrus, so it is good for her body and mind to choose to sterilize the cat

       2. The cat will no longer be lost due to oestrus, avoiding the double pain of the owner and the cat

       3. Because the life is comfortable, there is no worry, the cat will be a little fat. But most of it is from the loss caused by estrus to normal weight. In addition, it should be noted that do not give the cat a lot of nutrition after the operation, which will also cause the cat to become fat


       After sterilization, the body of the kitten is relatively weak, so we need to do a very comprehensive care of the cat. The cat’s personality may change after surgery. At this time, the owner should take care of the cat’s feelings, prepare nutritious food for the cat in the diet, and let the cat recover as soon as possible.

       1¡¢ Nursing care of cats after sterilization

       1. Don’t force a cat to live in a cat’s nest

       Put the cat in the cat’s nest after going home. If it has to get into a corner and refuse to come out, don’t force it, but don’t let it do strenuous exercises such as jumping, so as to avoid the wound from cracking. If it must jump, try to build some steps for it, so that it can go where it wants to go. In fact, you can also put the cat in a cage, which is more convenient.

       2. Correct treatment of vomiting in cats

       Many cats in the operation after three or four days will have vomiting phenomenon, this is because of the normal reaction of anesthetic to gastrointestinal stimulation, do not have to go to the hospital. If the cat vomits and refuses to drink water, give it 0.9% sodium chloride (normal saline), or go to the pharmacy to buy oral rehydration salt granules. It must be forced to be infused. At least 30ml per day can be fed with plastic needle. Continuous vomiting will dehydrate the cat and even lead to its own acidosis death. 30 ml of normal saline can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent postoperative intestinal obstruction.

       3. Feeding cat pain medicine

       On the night after the operation, the cat will feel severe pain. When the cat keeps singing, it means that it can’t bear the pain. General painkillers are ineffective for postoperative pain. If you can’t get pain relief injections at home, you can go to the drugstore to buy tramadol, which is a special medicine for postoperative pain. Give the cat half a tablet every six hours for two consecutive days.

       4. Don’t force the cat to eat

       In general, if there is no other disease, the cat does not eat for a few days, when its gastrointestinal function is weak, forced feeding will also cause vomiting. The cat’s own adjustment ability is very strong, and when it’s in better condition, it will eat automatically.

       2¡¢ Precautions for cats after sterilization

       1. Dog days and thirty-nine days are the hottest and coldest seasons. It is best to avoid this season for birth control surgery on cats.

       2. The cat is in good health and has no cold, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, and has been vaccinated with the cat triple vaccine within half a year.

       3. Before surgery, cats need to be fasted for 24 hours (at least 12 hours). Because anesthetics can make the cat vomit, if there is food, it is easy to block the trachea and nasal cavity.

       4. Cats don’t close their eyes after taking anesthetics, so before they wake up, they should drop a few drops of chloramphenicol eye drops every 10 minutes to prevent them from drying out.

       5. After the operation, before the cat wakes up, it should be laid flat on its back, never nest to the neck, so as to avoid suffocation. (especially on the way home with your cat)

       6. The female cat needs stitches for birth control surgery, so don’t let it do strenuous exercise after the operation, so as not to strain the wound. Generally, the wound can be healed in about 7 days. At this time, you can take it to the hospital for stitching.

       7. Male cats do not usually sew after birth control surgery, do not bandage, so pay close attention to its excessive licking wound after operation, so as not to cause infection.

       8. Take the cat home, it is best to put it flat in the cat’s nest, not on the bed or sofa, in order to avoid falling in an unconscious state.

       9. It is better for the owner to stay with the cat until the anesthetic fails. There are a lot of cats who urinate in a state of unconsciousness. If they are not found and cleaned in time, it is easy to smear the wound.

       10. 2 to 3 days after the operation, if the cat is found to have wound secretions, high temperature symptoms, to the hospital in time. After 9 months of male cats, the female cats were able to meet the conditions of sterilization operation when they were 4-9 months old. Generally speaking, purebred cats mature later than domestic cats. But one thing to note: when the cat is in estrus, sterilization should be avoided. Because at this time the blood concentration of sex hormone is high, surgery will cause excessive bleeding, and hormone will make the urine, fighting and other estrous behavior remain in the memory of the cat, affecting the behavior after KC. Should wait for a period of time, waiting for the cat to temporarily stop oestrus before surgery.

       Many cats with irritable personality will be more docile after sterilization, which is very beneficial. It should be noted that the diet of cats may be increased after sterilization, and they are not willing to exercise. The owner should mobilize the enthusiasm of the cat to prevent the cat from getting fat.

       1. Keep the wound dry and clean, and pay attention to the bleeding.

       2. Please take painkillers regularly according to the instructions, clean the wound and apply the medicine.

       3. Severe exercise should be avoided one week after operation. Excessive exercise will cause fluid accumulation and swelling of the wound.

       4. If dogs and cats tend to lick and bite the wound, please wear Elizabeth collar to prevent contact with the wound when unattended.

       5. The suture can be removed 5-10 days after the operation (except that it is not necessary to remove the suture), and the bath can be taken at least one day after removing the suture.

       6. After sterilization, dogs and cats tend to get fat easily. It is necessary to do a good job in diet control and increase the amount of exercise.


       For sexually mature male cats, as long as they smell the smell of pheromone or similar odor, they may trigger sexual impulse, including when male cats are cleaning themselves, they may also trigger sexual impulse,

       If male cats are sterilized when they are not sexually mature, generally speaking, they will not have sexual impulse. However, if they are sterilized after sexual maturity or experience, male cats will still retain their original action reflex, and some even have sex with estrous females. But generally speaking, due to the lack of relevant male hormone stimulation, male cats will gradually stop this impulse.

       Extended data:

       matters needing attention:

       1. Male feline sterilization to avoid dog days and 39 days, to ensure the health of cats and cats, have been vaccinated within half a year. The cat was fasted for 8 hours and water for 4 hours before operation. The eye drops were given every 10 minutes after the cat was anesthetized. After the operation, lay the cat on its back and do not lick the wound too much. Sterilization should be avoided when the cat is in estrus.

       2. It is better for the owner to stay with the cat until the anesthetic fails. There are a lot of cats will urinate in a state of unconsciousness, if not found and cleaned in time, it is easy to dirty the wound.

       3. 2 to 3 days after the operation, if the cat is found to have wound secretions, high temperature symptoms, to the hospital in time. Nine months later, the male cats met the conditions for sterilization. Generally speaking, purebred cats mature later than domestic cats.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – pet doctor

       “Ligation”, namely “ligation”, refers to the use of certain means (such as the use of catgut) to bind some of the human body or organism’s pipes (such as blood vessels, vas deferens, fallopian tubes, etc.) or achieve the same effect. “Ligation” is usually considered as a small operation.

       The term “ligation” refers to vasectomy or tubal ligation. These operations were permanent and irreversible contraceptive operations in the early stage, but now medical science has been able to implement vasectomy and tubal recanalization. Of course, for the sake of the cat, there seems to be no need to resume communication, ha ha.

       Ligation is a humane means of sterilization, which basically does not affect.

       What the landlord said about sterilization should be called “castration”. ***What will happen after the removal, we should start from the understanding of the role of the party. ***It is not only the organ that produces androgen, but also the organ of androgen. Without it, there will be no androgen, and there will be no androgen, let alone androgen.

       Based on the wishes of the owner, the cat should be ligated, not castrated.

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