What should be paid attention to in raising puppet cats

       Muppets are famous for their good temper. They are docile and lovely. They like to stick to their owners. They can get along well with other pets. In the process of raising Muppets, we should not only have enough patience for the cats, but also find the right breeding methods. Let’s talk about the matters needing attention in raising Muppets.

       I. precautions for raising puppet cats

       1. For the friends and parents of office workers, every day is a busy job. But even so, we should use some spare time to accompany puppet cat more. If you really don’t have time, you can also let the elderly or children play games with them more. Before the puppet cat enters the home, parents should prepare comfortable and spacious cat nest, cat scratch board, cat climbing frame and other necessary auxiliary equipment. In addition, cat food basin, drinking basin, cat litter, Cat Toilet and so on also need to be properly prepared. Let puppet cat in the door can feel warm and comfortable, so that it can be familiar with the new living environment as soon as possible, into the normal life.

       2. Muppets are typical long haired cats, which shows that it is necessary to comb the hair with Muppets in daily life. Regularly give the cat bath, do repellent treatment, protect the health of cat hair. The phenomenon of hair loss in Muppets is not particularly obvious, mainly because of its docile character, unlike some cats who do not stop all day long. So it’s very convenient to handle. Muppets are actually very sweet cats. They don’t like to be lonely and eager to interact with their owners. Therefore, in the process of feeding, the owner should often extract a certain amount of time to accompany the cat to interact and communicate with each other, so as to close the relationship.

       3. Puppet cat is a kind of cat suitable for keeping at home, so it is not suitable to take it out for play. Usually, it’s better not to run around outside. When you take it out for a walk, remember to give the cat a leash to restrain it. For a cat full of curiosity about new things, the temptation outside is quite big.

       4. Even cat is a breed of long hair cat, so daily care is also essential. Daily grooming, brushing teeth 3-4 times a week, trimming nails once every 3-4 weeks, regular bathing, cleaning the living environment, and doing a good job in sterilization and disinfection are the basic work of daily nursing.

       2. Pay attention to the five wrong ways of raising Muppets

       1. Muppets are gentle, but they don’t need training

       Therefore, the basic training rules of cats are suitable for Muppets, and Muppets are good at learning and will quickly master these skills.

       2. Muppets have worse pain than ordinary cats, so don’t think cats are not afraid of pain

       For example, a cat falls down and burns. Even if the cat does not show painful expression, it is necessary to check carefully to prevent the cat from being seriously injured.

       3. Because some Muppets have the classic design of Siam cat, they are easy to be confused

       Muppets are bigger than Siamese cats, and their fur is more flexible. Therefore, when buying Muppets, cats should identify them carefully.

       4. Puppet cat is not suitable for playing outside. The owner had better prevent the puppet cat from going out

       If the cat must go out, it’s best for the owner to put on the traction rope and accompany him out; or take the puppet cat out for a walk regularly, so that the cat will not be so curious about the outside.

       5. Muppets have a long development period, and they usually need three years to develop completely

       If the cat owner is a person who likes small cats, then Muppets will not be suitable for you. Adult Muppets are big, long and muscular.

       Muppets can be said to be one of the last popular cats among all the cats and pets we keep now. Whether it’s temperament or appearance, we are overjoyed. How can we not keep such a small guy attentively?

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