What should I pay attention to in summer??

       1. First of all, when the kitten is a month is absolutely not allowed to bathe, to observe whether it will have the phenomenon of infectious diseases, but also regularly to the veterinary station vaccination.

       2. Kittens are not allowed to drink tap water, and milk, no matter what kind of milk can not be given to cats to drink.

       3. When the cat is free to move, remember not to plant poisonous plants indoors or in the cat’s playground. Some plants are poisonous to cats. At the same time, the places where kittens may climb in should be sealed.

       4. Cats are very clingy animals, so if we decide to keep cats, we should spare enough time to accompany them. Remember not to abandon them all the time.

       Cats are quick and good at jumping. Eat fish, mice, rabbits, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice is that cats are nocturnal animals. In order to be able to see things at night, they need a lot of taurine, and the body of rats and fish contains taurine. Therefore, cats eat not only because they like fish and mice, but also because of their own needs. Cat, as a natural enemy of rodents, can effectively reduce the damage of rodents to crops such as green seedlings, which can be seen from the Chinese ancient agricultural life.

       The cat can walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerves and sense of balance.

       It only needs to slightly change the position and height of its tail to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of its hind feet to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the air, it can change its body posture in the air and land lightly and accurately.

       Good at climbing, but not good at falling from the top.

       Even when you fall or jump from a height, adjust your balance by your tail to make your padded limbs land on the ground.

       Pay attention not to pull off the cat’s tail, which will affect its balance ability, and also easy to cause cat diarrhea, shorten the cat’s life span.

       The temperature is hot in summer. It may be better in the north. The stuffy and hot weather in the south is really annoying. In extremely hot weather, we turn on the air conditioner or fan to dissipate heat. But for indoor cats, it’s not feasible to turn on fans and air conditioning all day long. So how do indoor cats spend the hot summer? If you want indoor cats to have a comfortable summer, these details can’t be ignored.

       First detail: keep the room ventilated

       If cats are at home, it’s better not to turn on air conditioning all the time, because cats, like people, always blow air conditioning will cause problems. In particularly hot weather, we must pay attention to indoor air circulation, so opening windows is a very good method. However, it should be noted that the window should be opened after the installation of anti trap net to prevent the cat from falling from high altitude. Keep the indoor air circulation, not only can heat dissipation, but also can dissipate the smell.

       Second detail: don’t lock your cat in a room or cage in direct sunlight

       When the weather is particularly hot in summer, cats like to sleep in a cool place instead of running to the sun. If you are not at home, then do not put the cat in an open sunlight room or cage, because cats exposed to the sun for a long time may suffer from heatstroke. In summer, we can choose to put the cat in the room facing north or East, so that the indoor temperature will not be too high due to direct sunlight.

       Third detail: enough water

       In summer, we all like to have a cold drink or drink some ice water to quench our thirst. Cats need more water in summer than at other times, so we must put more pots for cats. Because of the high temperature, the water will evaporate faster than usual. In order to prevent our cats from having no water to drink when we go out to work, it is necessary to prepare more water bowls.

       Fourth detail: don’t shave

       Some excrement removal officials think that cats are still wearing fur in summer, which must be very hot, so they shave all the cat’s hair in summer. In fact, this approach can not relieve the heat and cool the cat, but it will have the opposite effect. Because the cat’s hair can not only protect against cold, but also prevent direct damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays. You know, although the cat’s hair is thick and hot, it’s actually a good insulation material. Although the surface of the hair is very hot, the skin is still cool. Don’t shave, don’t shave, don’t shave!

       Nevada cat

       After raising cats, our lives will be changed in varying degrees, because for us, it is not just a pet. There are a lot of small things that we need to pay attention to, such as environmental sanitation, etc., so let’s talk about the precautions after raising a cat.

       1. Clean up the dead corner: under the sofa, on the top of the cabinet and other places, we are easy to ignore the sanitary dead corner, which is easy to accumulate dirt and germs, but kittens and puppies like to drill into these dead corners and roll in them. Therefore, these places must be regularly cleaned and regularly disinfected, which can effectively prevent small animals from infecting us with germs.

       2. Comb your hair more: spring and autumn is the period for dogs and kittens to change their hair. During this period of time, their hair falls very seriously. It not only sticks to all kinds of knitwear, but also floats in the air. Asthmatic patients are very sensitive to these things and easily lead to asthma. And people who are allergic to hair can also cause itchy skin.

       3. Keep clean: if there are pets at home, parents should forbid pets to sleep with their children. Moreover, the dishes for animals should be kept very clean. Keep the cat’s “dirty box” away from the children’s activity space. Parents should clean their hands thoroughly after finishing the pet’s food basin and feces before contacting with their children.

       4. Anti rabies: cats can also carry rabies virus, so it is necessary to inject rabies vaccine for them.

       These things are what we need to pay more attention to in the process of breeding. Only by doing these small things well can we ensure the health of cats and their families.

       Generally speaking, when the cat grows to 6-12 months old, it will begin to oestrus. Some cats don’t get estrus until they are 15 months old. However, the maturity of cats and the time of their first sexual intercourse will vary due to different factors. These include: their own nutrition, variety and physiological maturity. The reproductive cycle of female cats can start at 6 months old or as late as 21 months. The estrus and maturity of male cats are generally 4-6 months later than that of female cats. Some male cats have already had sex in 4-5 months. It can also mate with female cats, but it needs at least 3.5 kg to be able to mate. The female cat can be one and a half years old, and the male one and a half years old. Mature male and female cats, of course, can breed and breed for the next generation. Although the 6-month-old female cat has already started estrus, you’d better let the female cat mate after one year old, which is good for the cat’s health. Estrus is the pregnancy period of a female cat. Generally, a female cat has oestrus once every two to three months. The number of oestrus varies with breed, environment, constitution and age. The female cat’s call will be lower, the number of calls will increase, will become very friendly to people, will also use the body to rub people or objects, or roll on the ground. A few female cats in puberty have poor appetite or urinate everywhere. Some even have behavior variation, or diet, defecation habits change. Rolling all over the place, becoming more sticky. The hind limbs are bent on the ground, the buttocks are slightly raised, and the tail is swaying left and right, and a low whistle is emitted from time to time. Some were shrill and shrieking. When the cat is in estrus, if the owner doesn’t pay attention to it, the male will come when the female cat barks! In fact, in the wild free environment, the male cat can smell the body smell of the female cat when she is in estrus from a long distance, and is already ready! There is a maximum of four days during estrus. The female cat will take the initiative. During the season, the female will be in estrus once every 2-3 weeks until the success of the event. Each female cat has its own cycle, but once the estrus cycle begins, it follows a similar cycle. If you don’t want your cat to be pregnant and have children, and you can’t stand the cat meowing because of estrus, then you can take your cat for sterilization when it is 6-8 months old after its physiological maturity. One can reduce the incidence of disease! Can also improve temperament! Second, it can reduce stray cats! It can also improve the environmental quality! The so-called sterilization operation is to remove the female ovaries or the male ovaries in a surgical way so that they can no longer reproduce. The time required for sterilization was 40 minutes for females and 10 minutes for males. Whether or not to be hospitalized depends on the physical condition of the animal after the operation. If there is no concern about wound infection, the patient can be discharged after anesthesia recovery. Before the operation, we should pay attention to the following points: 1. We must fast eight hours before the operation, and forbid water four hours before the operation. 2. The cat should be cleaned before operation. 3. Make sure that the cat is in good health and what psychological changes will be made to the kitten after sterilization: 1. The nature of the sterilized cat will be more tame. 2. The cat will no longer be in estrus because of its physiological cycle, and it can also reduce the trouble that it will elope with other cats. 3. The sterilized cats are not susceptible to STDs. 4. Because they no longer breed, cats will be a little fatter if they have proper exercise on weekdays. 1. Necessary nutrition for cats. If you eat “cat food” for a long time, it will be dystrophic. Lovely kittens are actually carnivorous animals just like lions, so their food is mainly protein. According to calculation, compared with omnivorous animals, a kilogram of cat needs six times the protein. Therefore, if cats are always allowed to eat leftovers of cat food, the protein will be obviously insufficient, and the cat’s food should be mainly fish. Let the cat develop the habit of not picky eating. When it comes to cats, you will think of fish. This is mainly because the source of human protein is only fish. In fact, cats also like chicken breast meat and beef, so we should feed them fish and meat in a balanced way. No matter which kind of food you prefer, the cat will become picky, especially from the weaning period to the growing period, that is, during the 2-6 months after birth, the cat will get used to all kinds of tastes, and then it will be easier to feed it. Other foods, such as liver, butter, egg yolk and dried bun, also contain necessary nutrients, so they can be mixed into staple food or fed to cats as snacks. After eating, even if the rest should be cleaned up. After 6 months of birth, the cat has grown up and basically eats two meals a day. For the sake of the cat’s health, the time and place for eating should be stipulated, so that it can live a regular life. Cats eat as much as an adult’s fist. Feed them half in the morning and half in the evening. Even the rest should be cleaned up after eating. If they are allowed to eat at any time, it will lead to obesity. In order to prevent diseases, don’t forget to clean the food utensils every time. 2. Let the kitten get used to all kinds of tastes. Feed the kitten three to four times a day. After two months of birth, the amount of food the kitten eats is the same as that of the big cat. However, as a child, the amount of food per meal can not be the same as that of a big cat. Therefore, it is fed three to four times a day, and then gradually reduced to two times when the amount of food per meal increases. Four to six months after birth is the growth period for kittens, which is the period for them to have strong bone carvings and muscles to grow up into “people”, so we should prepare protein rich food for them. During this period, the kitten’s appetite will be so large that the owner will be surprised, but as long as it wants to eat, it might as well let it eat. A kitten weighs one kilogram and needs twice as many calories as an adult cat. In order to grow up, this kind of heat is necessary. The kitten will grow stronger and stronger. You should pay attention to the fact that you can feed more, but don’t worry about diarrhea. When you want to have diarrhea, you should reduce the amount of food and feed it something that is easy to digest like the whitefish. Cats don’t need seasoning. Recently, there is a cat food with impeccable nutrition in the market. This kind of cat food can be used when there is not enough time. However, it is also a pleasure for the owner to feed the kitten who has just been born for a month. At that time, we should give it all kinds of food, and pay attention to the size to be easy to swallow. Basically, if you want to feed a single food, you should change the varieties often. If you don’t pay attention to salt and soy sauce, you don’t need to put salt. 3. Understand the characteristics of all kinds of cat food. Cat food is cheap and nutritious. It is mainly meat and fish, so it is a little expensive. If considering nutrition, it will definitely cost too much. Therefore, to be good at using cat food, because it is economical and does not lack the nutrition that the cat needs, it is very convenient. Now when it comes to cat food, it refers to cat food, which is very popular. Dry food and balanced nutrition match cat food can be roughly divided into dry food, canned food and semi cooked cat food. Dry food is a comprehensive nutritional food containing necessary nutrients. Add some water to this kind of food. It tastes like beef, chicken and fish, each of which is crisp and chewy. This kind of food can exercise the gums, is cheap and easy to preserve. So, if possible, try to give priority to this kind of food. Pay attention to add enough water when feeding. Canned food is very popular because of its rich variety and delicious taste. The canned food made of high-grade raw materials such as shrimp and fish has a wide variety and is easy to choose. It tastes delicious, so it is more popular than dry food. But it does not contain all nutrients, so it is better to mix it with dry food. The canned food is easy to be preserved for a long time, but it is easy to deteriorate after opening. The semi cooked food is between dry food and canned food, which is suitable for old cats. 4. For the health of cats, please remember that the food can not be fed to them, and some of the infatuated food without scientific verification need not be specially given to kittens. Sometimes the host is very careful, but the children will feed, so the whole family should be careful. Onion: it contains ingredients that damage the red blood cells of cats. Although you don’t feed onions alone, be careful not to mix them with meat. Fish and chicken bones: some people think that cats can chew bones well. In fact, cats don’t chew food, but swallow them. Big bones can stab the stomach, or remove more assured. Desserts: some owners find it interesting to feed the cat cakes and Qiao Ke Li, and think it seems unimportant. However, such things should be avoided because of tooth decay and fat growth. If you feed these things regularly, the cat will develop the habit of eating sweets. Raw pork: because the pork has Toxoplasma gondii, so be sure to order it. Cuttlefish, octopus: there is a legend that eating cuttlefish and octopus will soften the waist bone. It is not clear how it is actually, but it is not easy to digest, so it can not be eaten, let alone used as a regular food. Abalone, conch: it is said that if you eat these things, you will lose your ears, but you will get light allergy and dermatitis, especially for thin ears. Kitten’s life practice keeping cats should pay attention to the cultivation of correct habits and habits. For example, cat owners love cats and often let cats sleep with people. In this way, if cats are sick, such as toxoplasmosis and fungal infections, they can also be transmitted to people. Another example is that cats are timid and like to climb high. For the sake of high safety, the handicraft cabinets and dining tables in the home are places where cats are not expected to visit. Once valuables are broken, it is not the wish of the cat owners to taste the food first. However, it is a normal habit for cats to climb high. It is possible to prohibit cats from going to places where they should not go. It can be seen that even if cats are pets, it is very necessary to carry out some basic training so that cats can integrate into the family as soon as possible and not become a burden to the family. This includes “Lai” training, standing, lying down and rolling, jumping and drilling, holding objects, grinding claws, drilling cat holes, etc. Rules of eating and playing games many owners often boast: how clever my cat is! It will stand up straight to receive food. He also said that when he ate with people, he would sit in a chair and so on. This is not a good thing. After a while, the owner will start to be distressed, because the kitten will always come to ask for food, not to eat its own cat food, and more and more picky, even regardless of the full guests, like a wild cat who has not been disciplined, jumped on the meal, looking for his favorite food, and made the owner very dishonorable. Therefore, from childhood, we should teach cats the rules of eating regularly, regularly and quantitatively. Never give it human food. Cats must eat food specially designed for cats. Human food is not entirely suitable for its nutrition and growth. Before five months old, a three week old kitten almost always plays when he is awake. This is also the most lovely and interesting time for him, whether to play with him or to watch him play on the side. After five months of age, it will be less fun, but still want to play. Children’s toys, like Lego games like combination toys, may not be suitable for them. Some are too small, some are too small

       I don’t like the answer on the first floor very much?

       I’m a girl who likes cats very much. I’m 23 years old. I’ve had cats at home since I was a few years old. Until now, I’ve had too many cats. Now there are two in my family, one is 3.5 years old and the other is nearly 10 years old

       First of all, I want to say that since you want to have a cat, you must love it first. Only when you like it from the heart, can it bring you happiness. There is nothing high-grade or not. The so-called high-level is just the breed, which may be more noble and the price is higher, but it is not necessarily better than the domestic cat. How can the first floor describe the domestic cat as such a low-grade breed? Your words make me very angry!!

       My two cats, are domestic cats, dozens of dollars of cat. But not my family has no money to buy. I just like their lively appearance! My two cats eat cat food with cat litter. Every month they spend a lot of money. They are very healthy, super cute, my QQ space is particularly hot, many people are to see my uploaded cat photos

       I think the difference between them is only in appearance, and some rich people like to keep those noble things. But really, there is no difference in cat personality, All cats!!

       What you eat depends on how old your cat is. It’s healthy and nutritious. It’s much more scientific than our own diet

       Yes, to tell you the truth, I don’t quite understand. Because my cat sleeps everywhere and buys it a nest, it doesn’t sleep. It can go anywhere when it wants to sleep. On the sofa, on the floor, on the chair, on the bed ~ ~ ha ha. I love them very much. I don’t care where they sleep. They just like it

       Toys… You can buy toys for cats and cats, which are sold in pet shops. But cats are not like dogs. They seldom chew on their own when they are free. Generally, you have to take small things to tease them. It likes to play. Anyway, my cat is like this

       Tearing things is for sure. Because cats need to sharpen their claws. This is inevitable! The only way is to train them to scratch some worthless things. There are special things in the pet store to scratch them ~ ~ but I bought them and called them scratch them. They don’t

       Scratch ~ but I believe more training may be more obedient. As I said, I love them too much. I allow them to scratch anything they like

       The cat’s habit is to find something to bury after going to the toilet. So it’s best for a cat to buy cat litter. It’s professional sand. It can absorb water and deodorize. It can also be treated. If you don’t want to spend money, use natural sand, but it’s very dirty ~ ~ it’s all soil

       In a word, in fact, cats don’t have to be very complicated to raise as the Internet says

       Give it food, drink, toilet space, play with it. That’s all

       1. A cat needs a sand basin for cats.

       2. Tear sofa is certain, want sofa too expensive, can teach him to tear something else, for example, two sides of non LCD TV! ¡ª¡ªThis can’t be torn, it’s quite enjoyable!

       3. Do you play? Cats and cats have different temperaments and personalities. You have to find out what they like to play with. In my family, one likes playing with straws, one likes playing with vermicelli, and the other likes holding socks. So I don’t know what he likes.

       4. Live with what he likes to play, some cats are bedclothes, some are willing to live on their own, but!! There’s one thing they all like to do around

       5. My cat eats canned cats, cat food, ham sausage, chicken liver, seaweed, dumplings and yogurt. Hehe, they all love to eat.

       Don’t give milk to him if he doesn’t drink it, because it’s bad for cats.

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