What symptom does cat have depressed

       Now the pace of life is faster and faster, the pressure is also growing, a variety of psychological diseases emerge in an endless stream, depression accounts for a large proportion, human beings are not the only one fighting depression, it also exists in the pet world. If your meow has any of the following behaviors, it is likely that he has depression.

       Cat depression = no happiness

       Behavioral experts interpret cat depression as “no happiness.”. Sad cats change their normal behavior. So if it doesn’t walk to meet you or stop combing, it can be a bad sign. You should take it to the vet. Only by eliminating health reasons before problems can we confirm that they are psychological ones.

       1¡¢ Several manifestations of cat depression

       Facial expression

       The face of a cat is not as colorful as that of a man, but some kittens will close their eyes and mouth tightly when they are angry and depressed, and you will ignore you. Sometimes when the cat is reprimanded, it will tilt its head to one side and pretend it can’t hear. When they are seriously unhappy, it seems that they can still see the expression of “Sadness” on their faces.

       Neural modification

       Aggressive behavior

       A usually gentle and kind cat will suddenly change its temperament and scratch and bite its owner. There must be his reason for this abnormal performance. It is likely that the cat is feeling unwell and should be taken to the veterinarian. Sometimes the cat will also feel bored and disorderly vent, scratching furniture, biting clothes.

       Performance of chewing wool fabrics

       Voice performance

       When not happy, the cat may call long, sounds very sad and helpless. When you are particularly angry, you may even wheeze or howl. When you feel threatened or want to threaten the other party because of your nervousness, you will make a purr or “ha ha” sound.

       Abnormal behavior

       Aged cat

       When you get older, you should be a little bit grumpy. The cat and the cat’s environment are more likely to change than the old cat’s.

       Easy depressed index: 4 stars!

       Nei cat girl

       It has been found that most females are more independent, sensitive and vulnerable than males. Many female cats don’t like to be touched by others, and they are also disgusted with outsiders. Especially after giving birth to children, the female cats are very independent and do not like to be disturbed. Except for very close people, most female cats like to leave a little distance between them when they get along with people.

       Depression index: 3 stars

       Nei oestrus cat

       Regardless of gender, as long as the cat is in estrus, many will change their temperament. Become irritable, irritable, violent. Cats who are good with each other, even if they don’t compete for lovers, will become same-sex and repel each other. Female cats will rarely attack other females who are not in love. At this time, not only the cats themselves are upset and depressed, but even people will be affected by the disaster and their life will become a mess.

       Depression index: 5 stars

       Outside – a nuisance

       It’s too hot, too cold, too noisy, too strange and too strange. Although cats are curious, they always hate things like this or that. Don’t underestimate the destructive power of these things. Once they appear in the cat’s territory, they will be sensitive to think that they have been violated and become depressed.

       Depression index: 4 stars

       Foreign – a nuisance

       What is more depressing than direct harm? This is what people often do to cats, intentionally or unintentionally. Do you scold, beat, or over stroke your cat? Do you try to make loud noises or force them to eat something they don’t like? These are the reasons why cats are depressed.

       Depression index: 3 stars

       Outside – what you need

       Some things cats need, but they don’t like them either. Take medicine, take a bath, or a perfect comb or clean your teeth. They can’t understand our pains and understand why our dear masters force them to do such unpleasant things.

       Do you know the harm and symptom of cat depression?

       Over licking yourself


       Stress can cause digestive system diseases in cats, making gastrointestinal function weaker, and it is easy to have diarrhea or constipation problems. The pressure makes it unable to use the toilet freely and defecate in unexpected places. These behavioral and health problems may be caused by psychological stress.


       Nervous cats will have disorderly eating behavior, such as nibbling and swallowing cloth, plastic and other things at home. Of course, diseases of the diet system may also be one of the causes of this situation. Whether it is caused by stress or needs the owner’s own judgment and diagnosis.

       Trichoderma rotundum

       Hair loss caused by tension is very common in cats. Its hair will fall into a round alopecia areata, but this situation is also easy to be confused with skin diseases, so if necessary, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

       3¡¢ Treatment of feline depression

       1. Take it out to play more: the owner should contact with the cat more, accompany it to play, leisure time can take the cat out to play, let the cat have a relaxed mood, and slowly restore the psychological state.

       2. Care for the cat: at home, we should care more about the cat, touch the cat’s head and body, prepare more delicious cat food and toys for the cat, so that the cat can get familiar with its living environment as soon as possible and relax its vigilance.

       3. Avoid the cat to be frightened: when the cat has put down its vigilance and is still in conflict with the surrounding environment and people, it is not allowed to take a bath for the cat. Avoid scaring the cat again and reinforce depression.

       Different cats may have different causes of depression. If the cat at home is too timid and afraid of unfamiliar people or things for a long time, the cat is more likely to have depression; if the cat itself is not healthy enough and lacks some trace elements, it will also suffer from depression.

       When you find that your beloved cat is somehow unable to eat, or they are indifferent to your caress, in this case, they may be suffering from depression. The causes of dog depression may come from the pet itself, the external environment and the pet owner.

       1. Timid, self abased and unhealthy cats are prone to depression

       If the cat is very timid and afraid to see strangers or other dogs, such cats are more likely to have depression symptoms; if the cat is not healthy enough, sometimes lack of some trace elements, or if the body is sick, it is easy to be inferiority complex, and it is easy to be depressed.

       The owner should take more care and care of the pet to avoid being frightened, and actively treat the cat’s physical diseases. After the sterilization of the cat, not only to control weight to avoid obesity, but also to accompany the cat more sports and play, so that it gradually restore self-confidence.

       2. Depression caused by changes in external environment

       The owner can take the cat to feel the new environment in advance, and can prepare better material conditions for it in the new environment, such as a more warm nest, more delicious food, more lovely toys, so that it can have shelter when it is nervous. What’s more, prepare more items that the cat is used to, so that the cat can smell the original smell and make it easier for the cat to adapt to the new environment.

       3. Addition of new members

       If there is a new pet or a new baby in the family, the owner’s attention is often more focused on the new members. If the original cat’s attention is low, the cat who likes to let the owner pay attention to it will feel left out and become depressed.

       4. The direct influence of owner’s emotion on cat’s emotion

       Cats are sensitive animals, and they are very observant. If the owner is depressed or the family atmosphere is tense, the cat is easy to fear and uneasy, it will also be affected by this bad mood, become depressed. If the owner is very busy and has no time to play with the cat or even walk around the corner, the cat, who is often neglected and can’t leave the house, is prone to depression and anxiety, and even self mutilation to vent his boredom.

       The owner should change his mood and let the cat live in a relaxed and happy environment. If you don’t have more time to take care of the cat, you can consider finding a partner for it, so as not to lead a lonely and monotonous life.

       Parents should pay more attention to their pets, especially their emotional changes. Don’t make them too lonely!

       What if the cat doesn’t cooperate with the training?

       In order to make the pet cat smart and obedient, the owner can use the method is to use both Enwei and Shi. Be serious and kind to cats. In life, we should treat cats with clear rewards and punishments, and never spoil them. If you are obedient, feed some food or take it out to play. If you are not obedient, you should be very serious about it, so that pets can feel it.

       If parents want to tame the cat, they should first establish the status of the owner in his mind, and at the same time, lure the cat with sugar coated bullets to make it feel the owner is kind. Therefore, in their spare time, parents need to gently touch or cuddle the pet cat, so that it can grow up in the care of its owner, keep it healthy and become obedient. At the same time, parents should also train the cat to form the habit of eating regularly, sleeping at a fixed time and excreting, so that it can develop good living habits and attitude, and make it more obedient.

       Training small animals also need more patience and, because small animals do not understand people as well as people, owners can use more pet food, not tempting it, will play a good role.

       What are the manifestations of cat depression

       1. Cats lose interest in playing and have no pleasure;

       2. The cat’s energy is low, easy to be tired and listless;

       3. Cats may have psychomotor retardation or agitation;

       4. The cat is easy to lose confidence, some external factors will affect the cat’s mental state;

       5. The cat has difficulty in association and the ability of conscious thinking decreases;

       6. The cat’s mood is low, and the cat wants to die again and again;

       7. The cat has sleep disorder, often insomnia, can’t sleep, wake up early, etc;

       8. The cat’s appetite decreased significantly, and the body weight was significantly reduced;

       9. The decrease of cat’s sexuality may not cause the symptom of oestrus;

       Cats can also get depression, so what are the symptoms of depression? How to treat it?

       Symptoms of depression in cats

       1. No interest in food:

       Cat emotional problems, will be abnormal in eating, performance for the past favorite food loss of interest, loss of appetite, anorexia. And the more intuitive performance is accompanied by loss of appetite caused by body weight loss.

       2. Overeating occurs:

       Just as humans like to eat and drink to relieve their moods when they are in a bad mood, cats may have emotional problems such as overeating. Therefore, when there is any change in the cat’s eating habits, the officials should pay attention to it. If necessary, take the cat to the doctor for examination.

       3. Excessive licking of hair:

       In addition to changes in diet, the cat’s behavior will also change. For example, they will constantly lick their hair, or even bite and tear their fur until the skin breaks and blood. This is called “psychological licking syndrome”, which is a manifestation of cat depression.

       4. Capricious character:

       Feline depression is similar to human depression, it will be manifested as the change of temperament of meow people. For example, once friendly cats suddenly become aggressive, aggressive and like to bite or grab people. When you’re in a state of tension, you’re always going to blow your hair. Or often hiding. Start to damage the furniture, yell, jump up and down to attract the attention of the host.

       Treatment of depression and depression in cats

       1. Carefully judge the cause of disease

       2. Pet hospital judgment:

       3. Sterilization reduces depression

       Cat estrus period will appear endocrine disorders, performance is particularly restless. If the cat owner stops the cat’s estrus behavior, it will lead to depression in the cat. Therefore, the owner can sterilize the cat to reduce the trouble caused by estrus. Generally speaking, the best time for sterilization is after the first estrus.

       How to pacify the cat

       1. Touch the cat’s chin:

       The cat’s head, chin, especially the corners of the mouth, that is, the sides of the cheek, are the cat’s favorite place for human touch. Therefore, when people touch the above parts of the cat, the cat will secrete dopamine for comfort and pleasure, so as to resist depression.

       2. Give cat toys:

       3. Less scolding and more encouraging:

       4. Host’s company interaction

       The owner should contact the cat more, accompany, touch and interact with each other. Let the cat feel the owner’s love and have a relaxed mood, which is conducive to the recovery of its psychological state.

       5. Provide comfortable and relaxed living environment:

       There is a famous question: why do people with depression need a cat?

       A lot of people answered, “you know your little thing is watching you all the time, it’s waiting for you to go home. Wait for its only, forever little hero, to go home. “

       “Every time I think about having a cat at home, I think I can live to go home.”

       “I feel like I’m needed by this little animal, and I can’t die yet.”

       “Because once when I was sitting on the windowsill on the 22nd floor, my cat jumped up and sat next to me. My life is meaningless, but my cat is the reason why I live. I can relax anyone, I don’t care about anything, or the cat. So, as long as the cat is still there, I will live. “

       Between people and pets, companionship is mutual, and cats need your attention and company.

       Don’t think it’s impossible for cats to be depressed. Some officials have said that their cats lick their hair excessively because of depression and lick themselves.

       It’s funny and sad to hear the doctor tell the cat owner not to pay too much attention to other cats in front of this depressed cat.

       A cat is a very sensitive animal. If its owner ignores it or is too lonely, it will also have psychological problems.

       When cats get sick, we realize that cats are angry and depressed and need company.

       How to judge cat depression?

       Like humans, if a cat is not interested in anything, does not love to eat, and does not like to eat, it will be too fussy about its fur because of depression, gnawing at the same place all the time, or constantly gnawing at other things, sleep less.

       It’s probably cat depression.

       What are the causes of depression?

       Depression in cats is generally caused by the following three reasons:

       1. Estrus cannot be satisfied

       2. Physical discomfort

       3. Lack of company and security

       About 70% of depressed cats are mildly depressed, which can be treated with the help of a pooper.

       When the cat is depressed, the excrement removing officer must find time to accompany it more, help it smooth hair and play for a while.

       As long as timely care, it is very likely to cure.

       When necessary, take it to a doctor, check your physical and mental health, and then treat it well.



       Depression is not the exclusive right of human beings. Cats, like human beings, can also suffer from depression. This may be caused by many factors. Depression can be hard to detect because changes in behavior are sometimes subtle.

       However, careful monitoring, or can find the signs of depression, and targeted treatment.

       Depression performance 1: docile cats have abnormal temperament and aggressive behavior

       If your cat is usually more docile, it suddenly changes its temperament. You should take your cat to the veterinarian immediately as it is likely to be caused by the cat’s discomfort. Of course, on the other hand, it may be because the cat is upset. At this time, the host’s patient company is very important.

       Depression performance 2: panting hair removal symptoms, cat anxiety symptoms

       Panting, depilation, muscle tension, and even pupil enlargement indicate that the cat is in a state of anxiety

       Depression performance 3: new favorite home, old love urgent territory

       Cats are also envious animals. When a new person or a new pet is added to the house, it will be troubled and felt

       Feel the master’s love is divided and feel depressed. At this time, it will defend its territory through some aggressive behavior, such as urinating at home. In this case, the owner should be more considerate, do not scold it, should be more concerned about it, let it believe that even if there is a new pet, the owner will continue to love it.

       Depression performance four: appearance modification is too picky, the actual cat is depressed

       The love of beauty is not only human nature, but also animal nature. But if the cat is very picky about itself

       Depression performance 5: the cat grabs the fabric very normal, the behavior is naive, chews the fabric to be vigilant

       As we all know, cats like to catch things. But don’t think it’s normal for a cat to chew on fabric

       They only do things when they are young. If your non kittens suddenly like to bite sweaters or knitwear, it should be caused by depression and should be paid attention to.

       Depression is not a disease, attack is also fatal, finally understand, my meow master son, since you, will be responsible for your joy and anger!

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