What symptom does dragon cat tooth discomfort have

       In the quiet countryside, there is a chinchilla. According to legend, only the most naive and innocent children can see them. This, let Xiaoyue, Xiaomei find them.

       The story is very simple. The mother of the two sisters was ill, so they moved into the “haunted house” with their father. Xiaomei found little chinchilla when she went out to play, so there was a warm story between them. Finally, they took the cat bus, saw the happy mother in the ward, and could not help but feel relaxed.

       May everyone always have the shadow of chinchilla in their hearts, return to their pure selves and see your childhood.

       It is said that in Miyazaki Hayao’s hometown, there is a kind of magical creature. They live around us playing and playing, but ordinary people can’t see them. Only the innocent and innocent hearts of children can capture their traces. If you calm down to listen, maybe you can hear them running in the wind.

       Recently, I watched the movie “chinchilla”. The dragon cat, Xiao Mei and Xiao Yue in the film are very moving to me.

       This film is about sister Xiaoyue, whose mother and father move to the countryside, where there is a big oak forest. Once, Xiaomei went to play in the oak forest and fell into chinchilla’s cave by mistake and got to know Tomcat. On a rainy day, Xiaoyue and Xiaomei give their father an umbrella. It happens that chinchilla is nearby. Xiaoyue gives the umbrella to him. Longmao gave Xiaoyue a packet of acorns. After returning home, the sisters planted acorns.

       Although in this film, chinchilla only appears four times, but each time it appears, we feel very warm. For example, Xiaomei falls on the tummy of chinchilla, bounces up high and falls on the belly again. She crawled forward, curiously pinching the chinchilla’s face and pulling its beard, but the chinchilla just yawned, turned over and fell asleep again. At this time, do you think chinchilla is so cute? For example, when Xiaoyue and Xiaomei give their father umbrellas, tall and fat chinchillas are playing with a small lotus leaf, while Xiaoyue and Xiaomei are carrying big umbrellas, do you think it’s fun? Good Xiaoyue gives the umbrella to Totoro, but she doesn’t know how to open it. She shakes it left and shakes it right, but she still can’t open it. Xiaoyue opened the umbrella and handed it to chinchilla, but the umbrella just stopped the dragon cat’s head. I couldn’t help laughing when I saw this. How fat the chinchilla is!

       Go into the countryside, feel the fragrance of wheat and listen to the “singing” of insects. Maybe you can find the chinchilla in your heart!

       I think you must know Hayao Miyazaki! We know some lovely animation objects are from his pen!

       Castle and so on.

       After watching “chinchilla”, my heart is full of mixed feelings.

       ***People love to be clean and tidy. In the movie, people’s clothes are very clean, the room is spotless, and there is a habit of taking off and changing shoes at the entrance and exit. And China can produce a lot of waste in the conference room of dozens of people, which is terrible.

       I hope that people can improve by watching this article. Don’t continue to lose face!

       It can be said that Hayao Miyazaki’s “Totoro” is a fantasy drama full of mythology, but I think it is a very simple, very simple fairy tale drama. Different from Hayao Miyazaki’s other works, the style of the dragon cat is simple and simple. It describes the simple and peaceful rural life, without too much exaggeration and fantasy. Film talk

       This paper describes two sisters who moved to the countryside with their father. Under a big camphor tree near their home, they found that only good children can see chinchilla. There were many incredible and interesting stories. One day, my sister Xiaomi quarreled with her sister, and then ran away alone to find her mother who was ill and hospitalized, but lost her way on the way. The elder sister was looking for no result everywhere, so she had to turn to chinchilla for help. The kind and gentle Totoro called for the trolleybus. With her sister, she found her lost sister. Taking the trolleybus, she gave her mother the corn she picked by herself, hoping that she would recover soon.

       The reason why I think “chinchilla” is a simple fairy tale, is from the perspective of a child to look at the film. Many details and dialogues in the play are described by a child who has just been confused about the world. The children here can be regarded as Xiaomei in the play. Xiaomei is about three or four years old in the play. She is curious about everything around her. In order to see the dust spirit, she can always stare at the cracks in the wall Her sister Xiaoyue has already gone to school, and her view and cognition of the world has been preliminarily mature and understood. Her mother is hospitalized due to illness, and she has taken on the task of taking care of her sister.

       Longmao can be an illusory role in the play. It does not exist in the world Xiaomei Xiaoyue lives in. However, Xiaomei Xiaoyue’s impression and encounter with the giant chinchilla can be regarded as the fantasy of the sisters due to their new environment and the mystery of the existence of daphang forest. On the other hand, we can also understand it as an illusory role formed by the sisters in their dreams after hearing the fairy tales told by their father and mother-in-law.

       In this movie, the first time the dragon cat appeared in Xiaomei’s play in the yard, accidentally fell through a deep bush into the big tree tree hole. She found the big dragon cat here, and then sleeps on the belly of the big dragon cat, sleeping happily. Then when her little sister woke up, she was found lying in a bush by her sister and father. Longmao’s second appearance was when Xiaomei and her sister Xiaoyue were waiting for her father to come home from work at the bus stop. But this time, sister Xiaoyue first saw longmao, and Xiaomei fell asleep on her sister’s back. The third appearance of chinchilla was when the sisters woke up in the middle of the night. This time, the three chinchillas jumped around the camphor tree seeds planted by the sisters, and finally turned the camphor seeds they had just planted into a foot by incantation

       The camphor trees cover the sky. The last appearance of chinchilla is when her sister Xiaoyue goes to the camphor forest to seek help from her lost sister. In my opinion, Totoro is just a role formed by the fantasy of her sister Xiaomei, and her childlike sister Xiaoyue has more or less formed the image of chinchilla under her sister’s description.

       Therefore, what “chinchilla” brings us is a true and false fairy tale around the dreams of the sisters.

       “Dragon cat” is an animated film full of fairy tale color. The whole film is full of warm truth, goodness and beauty.

       “In our country, there is a kind of magic elves, they are like our neighbors, living around us, playing and playing. But ordinary people can’t see them. It is said that only the innocent hearts of children can capture their tracks. If you calm down to listen, you can hear them running in the wind. In the beautiful natural background, the story tells. Xiaoyue’s mother was ill and hospitalized. Her father took her and her four-year-old sister Xiaomi to live in the countryside. I wish the sisters were both naive, kind and lovely. They found the chinchilla that only pure children can see under a big tree beside their home, and became good friends.

       The lovely big chinchilla has magic power. It will let a tree seed break through the ground and grow into a towering tree in an instant. It will lead the two sisters to the top of the branches to play melodious music, but also with the sisters sitting on top of the night sky.

       Xiaomi learns that her mother’s condition is getting worse, so she looks for her mother alone with her corn picked by herself, but she gets lost on the way. Xiaoyue is very anxious, looking around for no fruit, and thinks of chinchilla. The kind-hearted dragon cat calls to the trolleybus. The trolleybus carries Xiaoyue and flies across the fields and hills. Finally, it finds Xiaomi, who is lost. The sisters embrace each other in surprise and cry together. They took the trolleybus to find their mother again. They were very happy when they learned that the illness of Ma was not serious. Xiaomi gave the corn picked by herself to her mother, hoping that she would recover soon, and her mother laughed happily.

       “Dragon and cat” is like a beautiful freehand brushwork, with clear river, beautiful forest, broad field, pure

       Simple folk customs, everything is so perfect.

       Chinchilla is an animal that can only be seen by people who have a pure heart. I think everyone has a big Tomcat belonging to himself, but not everyone can see it. If you have a chance, you can also listen to the sound of the wind in the nature, and maybe you can hear the running voice of the dragon cat in your heart.

       Let me tell you a little secret: in fact, there are such animals as chinchilla in the world, but it has thick hair and is very beautiful, so it has been criticized by people. It is estimated that the wild chinchilla has been extinct.

       If you want to find the big one for me, you must have fun!

       Sister Xiaoyue and Xiaomei, because their mother was ill, paid a lot of medical expenses. As a result, they had no money at home, so they moved to live in the countryside. Where the blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the paddy field, there is an old and huge camphor tree beside the house. The neighbor is a kind old woman. Grandma’s grandson often teases Xiaoyue and Xiaomei, saying that their family is a “ghost house”. But Xiaomei and Xiaoyue didn’t care at all. His father also said that when he was a child, he also played tricks on girls and liked to live in haunted houses.

       Their bathtub is wonderful! It’s very big. It can hold three people at a time. I want to live there, too. The old lady said that the dust fairy was a coal worm, and loved to live in a house without people. Xiaoyue and Xiaomei thought it was a bad thing, and they were afraid, but dad said, “let’s laugh together, and all the terrible things will run away.” Their laughter filled the house.

       Xiaomei falls into the tree hole of big chinchilla with acorn. He lies on the belly of big chinchilla and sleeps soundly

       I also want to have a cute pet like the big chinchilla.

       Hayao Miyazaki has never seen this cartoon before

       To tell you the truth, when I first saw chinchilla, I thought it was ugly, not as cute as Hello Kitty, but. With the development of the plot, when the chinchillas are chased by their sisters, their personalities are lovely. What moved me most was that the sisters thought their mother would come back this week, but the doctor said that they would have to observe for a few days. The two sisters were sad. The elder sister was older and could understand the truth, so she told her that she would wait for her mother to come back in a few days. But the younger sister held the jade she had just picked and wanted to give her mother something to eat. After hearing this, she was very sad and said no. Because my sister is also very sad, she said to her sister angrily, what do you expect? If my mother is forced out of hospital, what should I do if she dies? My sister was in a dilemma and couldn’t understand how to answer. She could only cry with corn in her arms and said, “sister, big villain –“. It’s such a delicate piece of conversation that I can’t help but feel the emotion. The truth of a child is deeply moving.

       There are also many lovely details, such as Xiaomei chasing Kitty, and the acorn in the bag always leaks the whereabouts of little kitty; big Kitty and Xiao Yue are waiting for the train on the platform together, and big Kitty jumps with an umbrella, and as a result, a lot of water drops fall; the little boy next door is embarrassed to talk, but he is very helpful to Xiaoyue, so he gives Xiaoyue an umbrella to take shelter from the rain.

       A lot of small moved in it, changed my view of Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

       Everyone will have a favorite movie, and my favorite movie is “chinchilla.”.

       Usually we seldom go to the cinema, so we will be very happy when we hear that we can go to the cinema. One time after the exam, my mother said she would take us to see chinchilla. I think the movie is very lively and lovely.

       This film is mainly about some interesting things about a pair of sisters who met with the cat. One day, her sister accidentally walked into a tree hole, and as a result, she got into it. Then she saw a giant giant giant chinchilla. Because the big Totoro was sleeping, her sister was thumping! Bang! Bang! After returning home, my sister told her sister what happened after seeing the cat at 151:00. After that, the two sisters would go out with the kitty in the evening.

       From this film, I feel a lot of joy and freedom, and childhood memories also pour into my heart. I remember that I used to be like my sister in the movie, and I had to take care of my two younger brothers. My younger brother was very naughty, disobedient, lively and active, and often ran around. I also put on the dignity of my sister. Just like in the movie, we spent a very happy time together.

       This film makes me miss the childish carefree, and also helps me to learn a valuable lesson.

       The fur of chinchilla is soft and fluffy, which is one of their highlights. The loss of coat will have a great impact on the whole appearance of chinchilla. Besides fighting and skin diseases, biting is also one of the reasons. If it is caused by biting, the general missing coat usually starts from the outside of both sides of the thigh, and the area of the defect will become larger and larger until it can’t be reached by biting.

       What are the factors leading to the biting

       In many animals, biting is mostly caused by the lack of unsaturated fatty acids or some trace elements in the body, but it seems that this is not the case with chinchillas

       1¡¢ The skin itself is uncomfortable

       When a chinchilla suffers from skin diseases such as fungi, the skin may itch or feel pain. In order to alleviate this discomfort, chinchilla may use the more extreme way of biting hair to relieve itself. Therefore, to change this situation, the first thing to do is to find out what kind of skin disease chinchilla is suffering from, and then cure the skin disease, so as to improve the situation. In addition, when long-term use of bath sand is not suitable for him to take a bath, the stimulation of bath sand makes him feel uncomfortable on his skin and also causes him to bite his hair.

       2¡¢ Abnormal teeth

       If the chinchilla’s teeth are abnormal, such as the teeth are too long to bite normally, it will affect eating, because the boredom will lead to the chinchilla biting.

       There are many factors leading to chinchilla biting, so we should find out the reason and solve the problem

       3¡¢ Hormone imbalance

       When chinchilla enters oestrus and has no spouse, it may cause irritability and hair biting due to hormone imbalance. The solution can be to find a mate or spare more time to play with it, so as to disperse their energy and reduce their irritability. Another type of hair biting associated with hormonal imbalance occurs in pregnant females, but it usually stops when the baby is born.

       4¡¢ Genetic factors lead to hair biting

       For genetic factors, we should pay attention not to let them stay in the noisy environment, and try not to frighten them. Generally, we provide them with a good living environment, and the probability of inducing them to bite is not very large.

       Standard grey + pure white = pure white + silver spot + standard grey

       Standard grey + Silk coffee = silk coffee + rice + Silk Black + grey

       Light black + Silk coffee = (velvet) light black + (velvet) light coffee + Silk coffee + Silk Black + rice + standard

       Which species of chinchilla are not suitable for pairing:

       If not, it will cause miscarriage, stillbirth, and even threaten the life of the female cat. Even after successful birth, baby chinchilla’s constitution is very poor. So, which species of chinchilla are not suitable for pairing?

       The colors of chinchilla with white gene are: silver spot, pink white, pure white, velvet pink white, velvet silver spot and golden spot.

       The colors of chinchilla with velvet gene are: Velvet black, velvet powder white, velvet silver spot, velvet purple gray, velvet coffee.

       In recent years, with the in-depth understanding of chinchilla genes, it has been found that many colors have invisible genes. The second and third dominant genes also have a decisive effect on the appearance of the offspring of chinchilla. Therefore, for some rare color chinchillas, it is necessary to look at the gene color of parents and even grandparents in order to accurately know the color of their offspring.

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