What symptom does kitten catch a cold

       There is no exact time for a cat to have symptoms when it gets cold. Some cats will have laxative and soft stools and vomit after catching a cold, because the cat’s intestines and stomach are very sensitive. As long as it is affected, these symptoms will appear. In fact, every pet owner can’t avoid it in the process of keeping a cat. If you find something abnormal in the cat, you need to check it in time Then take targeted treatment or improvement measures.

       1. Keep warm

       Pet owners need to do a good job in keeping warm for the cat. In the cold winter, the cat can’t stand the obvious temperature difference between the cold and hot, such as the bedroom and living room, inside and outside the quilt, in and out of the room and so on. As long as the temperature changes, the cat is easy to catch cold and can lead to a cold. Conditional pet owners can turn on the heating, but the most basic thing is to put some warm things in the place where the cat stays. Once the cat gets cold, its intestines and stomach will be affected, and there will be some adverse symptoms such as diarrhea, which will be improved after keeping warm.

       2. Regulating the stomach and intestines

       3. Avoid long-term cold

       A cat’s cold is usually caused by catching cold. After catching a cold, it will become chilly and photophobic, and often curl up in the cat’s nest or corner for a whole day. The symptoms of a cat’s cold include sneezing, runny nose, cough, etc. if the cold is serious, the cat’s mental appetite will not be good, the nose will become dry and hot, and the temperature will rise. So, what should we do after the cat has a cold?

       1. Keep warm

       Cat cold must be done to keep warm, if the cat is always cold, it will aggravate the cold. If necessary, you need to dress the cat, or wrap the cat’s stomach with a towel or no clothes. Don’t sleep on the floor for the cat at night, and don’t let the cat sleep outside. Check whether the cat stays in the cat’s nest before going to bed.

       2. Take cold medicine


       The cat’s resistance will be reduced after feeling it, so it is necessary to strengthen the nutrition supply during the period, so that the cat’s body can recover quickly and enhance its resistance. In addition to cat food, you can eat extra meowwant nutrition cream to supplement various trace elements that are not found in the food. In addition, you can also make some fish meat and chicken breast meat for your cat to increase your appetite and supplement protein and fat. Of course, don’t drop fruits and vegetables. If you eat spinach, carrot, apple puree, it’s good for your health and can prevent your cat from digesting Bad, constipation.

       It should also be noted that cats are not suitable for bathing when they are sick, which may catch cold again during bathing. During this period, it is not suitable for vaccination and deworming. The cat’s resistance after illness is very poor. If the cat is vaccinated or deworming during the period, the cat’s resistance will be worse, which will easily aggravate the disease and cause adverse reactions.

       What environment causes cold easily

       The reason why cats have a cold is roughly the same as that of humans. Cats who are more sensitive to the ambient temperature are most likely to catch a cold in a large temperature difference between day and night. In this climate, cats are not allowed to go out, and people come and go in and out. The bacteria they carry are enough to make sensitive cats catch a cold.

       What symptoms does a cat have when it has a cold

       When we see that the cat is not as energetic as usual, it is possible that he is ill,

       1. Runny nose and loud breathing sound

       A cat is like a little boy. It will be obvious when you have a cold. Because the cat is a more lazy animal, when sleeping more, breathing is not smooth, the sound is relatively loud, it may be a cold.

       2. Shed tears

       After a cold, the nasal tube of the cat is blocked, just like that of the human nose.

       3. Sneeze

       Sneezing is usually a nose allergy or itching sensation that goes deep into the external tract and is released through involuntary eruption. Sneezing is also a common symptom of cold.

       4. Coughing or shaking

       Common cold can accompany cough, the condition is serious can cause shiver, so don’t worry too much.

       How to prevent cats from catching cold

       1. More nutrition

       2. Keep your body warm

       The reason why cats catch a cold is mainly caused by the body accidentally catching cold, for example, the temperature is too low, the hair is not dried in the bath, and the cold wind is blowing. During the period, it is necessary to keep the cat warm, such as dressing it, placing warm blanket in the cat’s nest, etc. in cold winter, it is necessary to place electric blanket or heater. It should be noted that during the period do not give the cat a bath, in order to avoid catching cold in the process of bathing, making the cold worse.

       3. Keep the indoor temperature constant

       4. Keep the environment clean

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