What symptom does Teddy dog have parasite

       Teddy dogs are very naughty and cute, but sometimes they are very playful and greedy, which can easily lead to parasites. If you have these signals on your teddy, it means that there are “a lot” of parasites in your body, so it is urgent to expel them.

       Signal 1. Teddy’s stomach is always purring

       If you find that your teddy dog’s stomach is often gurgling after it is fed, the pet owner should pay attention to it. It is likely that there are too many parasites in the dog’s body. The pet owner must help it to expel the worms in time, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.

       Signal 2. Teddy often grinds his butt after he poops

       Although Teddy is very colorful and likes to do some indescribable things, the behavior of rubbing the bottom and riding across is not the same. Don’t misunderstand it. If Teddy often dallies, it shows that he has and lives on his body. In particular, some pinworms parasitize at the place where he moves or lays eggs, which will cause itchy or itchy skin around him.

       Signal 3. Teddy will lose his appetite and his gums will turn white

       When playing with a teddy dog, you should pay attention to its state. The owner can open Teddy’s mouth and wipe his gums. If there are insects in Teddy’s body, it will lead to malnutrition, even anemia, and the gums will turn white. Moreover, Teddy dogs also have symptoms of anorexia, which means that there are many parasites in his body.

       Signal 4. Teddy’s skin itches and has skin diseases

       Teddy dogs have light body smell and do not like to shed hair. They don’t need to take a bath for them often. However, it is better for the owners to comb their hair every day. If they find black particles in their hair or skin itching damage, or even skin diseases, they may have fleas or ticks on Teddy. If they are not handled in time, they will infect humans oh

       Signal 5. Teddy’s appetite increases, but he’s thin

       Teddy is a small dog. Generally speaking, his food intake is very small. If you find that Teddy’s appetite suddenly increases, but his weight does not increase, this is also a sign that there are parasites in Teddy’s body. Because the parasites eat Teddy’s food, Teddy is more hungry than before. Teddy will feel that he needs to eat more food.

       How can dogs prevent parasites?

       1. Bathe the dog regularly and expel the insect in and out of the dog regularly. Deworming should be started 20 days after the dog is born, once a month, until 6 months old, and once every 3 months after 6 months. Adult dogs can be deworming once every six months, which is internal deworming. And in vitro deworming is once a month.

       2. Keep the dog’s living environment clean and sanitary. Disinfect the dog’s articles regularly. Sun the dog’s Kennel. Disinfect and sterilize the dog’s nest. If the dog’s living environment is good, it can reduce the chance of suffering from parasites.

       3. When you take a dog for a walk, you should pay attention not to take the dog to the dirty, bad or overgrown places. Most of these places are inhabited by parasites. If your dog is crazy when going out, you can use some snacks for related training, otherwise running around is easy to infect parasites.

       4. Feed less raw meat. Raw meat contains a lot of bacteria and parasites. Dogs are easy to get sick after eating. They should still eat dog food. The staple food should be mainly dog food. The nutrition of dog food is easy to digest and can meet the nutritional needs of dogs.

       It’s time for Teddy dogs to expel insects. How often do Teddy puppies do it

       Teddy dog repellent precautions: 1, deworming must ensure that Teddy puppies are in good condition.

       Teddy dog born 58 days: the second time the parasite expels insects.

       Teddy dog born 88 days: the third time of parasite expelling.

       Teddy dog 28 days old: the first time to expel parasites.

       6. If there are parasites in the puppies, they should first increase nutrition, supplement physical strength, and then expel the parasites. When does a teddy dog repel insects.

       It’s time for Teddy dogs to expel insects. How often do Teddy puppies do it

       1¡¢ Teddy dogs should be treated regularly. When the puppies are 2-3 months old, there will be thinning phenomenon, commonly known as “turning intestines”.

       Vaccination period: when the dog is in good health, the first injection can be given after 50 days, and then the next injection every 20 days, a total of 3 injections, and then one injection every year. I give you a dog vaccination, deworming schedule and precautions, I wish the dog a healthy life.

       There are a lot of parasites around the life of Teddy dogs. Although the parasites are very small, they do a lot of harm to the Teddy dogs. When the Teddy dogs are attacked by parasites, their bodies will appear red spots and hair loss. If we don’t try to solve the symptoms of Changchun Teddy dogs, their health will be in great danger. In order to keep the teacup dog far away From the harm of parasites, we should expel the parasites from now on. At the same time, we should take good care of its environmental sanitation. Only by taking good care of it, can it get better and better.

       Teddy is one of the pet dogs that many people like to keep. It’s small and cute, so many people like it.

       However, although Teddy dog is cute, it has a lot of parasites. If it has these five manifestations, it means that the parasite has “entered the house”. If you do not pay attention to it, it is easy to affect its health, the situation may be life-threatening, so you must be in time to drive insects!

       The first manifestation is abnormal hair loss of teddy

       Generally speaking, Teddy dogs don’t shed their hair very much. If you find that it has abnormal hair loss one day, it may be caused by parasites, such as fleas and lice. It will not only make the hair of Teddy dog rough and easy to lose hair, but also the pet owner will have itching and other discomfort when he stays with him for a long time.

       Second, Teddy always licks his hair

       Dogs rarely lick their hair like cats. If you find that they suddenly become fond of licking their hair, it may be that there are some parasites in the hair that make them feel uncomfortable.

       When you see that it has such behavior, in addition to timely help it drive insects, but also need to stop this behavior. Because Teddy’s stomach and intestines are very poor, and the hair is not easy to digest. If you accidentally eat the hair into your stomach when licking your hair, it will be bad!

       Third, Teddy has small black spots and dandruff at the root of his hair

       If you give Teddy a bath and you find that there are a lot of small black spots at the root of his hair and there is a significant increase in dandruff. It means that fleas are likely to exist on its body, and these small black spots and dander are the excrement of flea. If you don’t expel the insect in time, the dog will suffer if the flea jumps to the pet owner.

       The fourth manifestation is that Teddy tickles with its hind legs

       If a teddy dog has worms, it can’t help scratching it with its feet when it doesn’t feel right. Therefore, if you see a teddy dog scratching his feet often, it may be that there are parasites on his body. I hope you can expel the worms quickly to prevent it from scratching the skin carelessly.

       The fifth performance, Teddy dogs can not eat long

       What should a pet do when Teddy has worms?

       1. Keep your home clean

       Parasites and bacteria especially like to breed in humid environment. If the house is humid, it may cause parasites on dogs. Therefore, it is suggested that your pet owners should often clean their homes, and regularly clean the dog’s nest, toys and tableware.

       2. Give Teddy an anthelmintic

       If there are more parasites on Teddy dogs, it is recommended to use anthelmintic. However, since the anthelmintic will produce certain irritation to the dog’s stomach, it is recommended that you prepare some probiotics to help it regulate the stomach.

       3. Commonly used disinfectant to scrub the floor

       Many Teddy dogs like to play on the ground, and there are a lot of bacteria and viruses on the ground, which can easily lead to parasites on them. Therefore, we suggest that you should regularly scrub the floor with disinfectant and keep the indoor ventilation, so as to reduce the breeding of parasites.

       When you feed your dog, try not to eat raw meat or drink raw water. At the same time, low salt and low oil food should be given priority to. This will not only help the dog’s health, but also reduce the invasion of parasites.

       Teddy dog has always been one of the more popular dogs. It is small and cute. Many family dogs will choose to raise it. Although Teddy does not like to lose hair and light body odor, it is necessary to pay attention to Teddy’s health at ordinary times. If the Teddy dog has such performance, it means that it has parasites, so we should help it drive away the insects.

       Performance 1: Teddy keeps coughing

       Usually Teddy dogs occasionally cough, may be choked, that is no big problem, if your teddy dog cough for a long time, that pet owners should pay attention to, Teddy is likely to be infected with Toxoplasma gondii or heartworm, had better take the Teddy dog to the hospital for examination, otherwise the consequences are very serious.

       Performance two: Teddy tickles frequently

       When you take a teddy dog for a walk, if you don’t lead the dog rope, the Teddy dog likes to run around and play in the weeds or dirty places. In this way, it is easy to be infected with parasites. If there are insects on Teddy, he will be uncomfortable, so he will scratch frequently. If not treated in time, the Teddy dog will be very listless, and even suffer from serious skin disease. Without body odor, it will become smelly ??¡£

       Performance 3: Teddy has dandruff

       If you find a lot of dander on the ground where the Teddy is staying, the pet owner can peel off the hair of the Teddy dog with his hand to see if there are many red spots, black spots or dandruff at the root of the hair. If there are too many red and black spots and a lot of dandruff, it means that there are many parasites outside the Teddy dog. The pet owner can spray some insect repellent water, but be careful Don’t spray it into the dog’s eyes.

       Performance 4: Teddy’s gums turn white

       Normally, the gums of Teddy dogs are pink, and the eyelids are mostly black or yellowish brown. If the pet finds that the dog’s teeth and eyelids are pale, it indicates that the dog is probably infected with parasites.

       Performance 5: Teddy can’t grow meat no matter how much he eats

       Teddy dogs are greedy, but no matter how much they eat, they don’t grow meat. If Teddy dogs have good spirit and appetite, they eat a lot of dog food every day, and their body shape is still thin. The owner should not think that this is the physical problem of Teddy dogs. It is very likely that there are insects in the Teddy dogs. Therefore, no matter how much the Teddy dogs eat, they will not grow meat. Take the Teddy dogs to expel the insects and insects A little bit of dog food, the nutrition will be balanced, and the choice will be long.

       Performance 6: Teddy has abnormal stool

       It is believed that many pet owners will observe the poop of the dog in the process of keeping the dog, because you can know whether the dog’s body is healthy from the dog’s stool. If the white thread body or insect eggs appear in the stool of your teddy dog, it shows that there are a lot of parasites in the Teddy dog. It is urgent to expel the worms to the Teddy dog, and the health of the Teddy dog will be affected if it is late.

       As for the poop of Teddy dog is very smelly and black, it may be due to unhealthy diet and the food is too salty and greasy. It is suggested that Teddy dogs should eat low salt and light natural dog food

       When is the best time to repel insects in Teddy dogs?

       From the above performance of Teddy, we can see that dog parasites can be divided into external parasites and internal parasites, so the methods of deworming should be differentiated. We should pay attention to the determination of the time of deworming, which must be removed before the maturity of the worms.

       Internal parasites: pets over six months should be removed once every three months, and once a month if they are less than six months;

       Ectoparasites: once a month is recommended.

       Anthelmintic is a kind of insecticide, which can stimulate the intestinal mucus of dogs and dogs. If some dogs have bad intestines, they will vomit and loose. Feeding probiotics can reduce the irritation of the insect repellent to the intestinal tract.

       Pay attention to keeping Teddy:

       Conclusion: how often does Teddy drive insects?

       1¡¢ It’s characterized by parasites

       (1) Teddy POOP is very black and stinky, and there are even white worms

       (2) Teddy’s ears stink and even mites

       (3) Teddy always tickles, which means there are a lot of flea lice

       (4) there are many black spots on the root of Teddy’s hair, which are the excrement of fleas and other parasites

       (5) Teddy always dallies on the ground. It’s either blocked glands or parasites

       (6) Teddy dog hair is very rough, often off dandruff, and even skin diseases

       (7) Teddy ate a lot, but he didn’t get fat

       (8) Teddy often coughs and doesn’t feel smooth and shortness of breath

       2¡¢ How to prevent parasites

       (1) Teddy’s ear canal should be cleaned and observed regularly, and the water in the dog’s ear should be cleaned when bathing

       (2) Teddy’s living environment should be kept clean and dry, and he should not stay in wet places all the time

       (4) To Teddy dog eat some vegetables and fruits and nutrition cream, supplement the right amount of vitamins, in order to enhance the dog’s immunity

       (5) When taking a bath, it is recommended to squeeze the glands of Teddy dogs regularly, which can also reduce parasites

       (6) Give Teddy dogs deworming on time, once every three months in vivo and once a month in vitro. Note: Teddy is prone to suffer from stress reactions such as loss of appetite, vomiting and laxity during anthelmintic period. It is recommended to feed some bacteria for conditioning

       3¡¢ How to prevent Teddy from fading

       The biggest reason for his dog’s discoloration is diet. As long as the food is light and low in salt, it can alleviate the fading. If you want Teddy’s hair to be as smooth and bright as before, you need the pet owner to feed Teddy some hairy food. The dog food can choose the hairy dog food containing deep sea fish oil. In addition, feed some cooked egg yolk, seaweed powder and other hairy food!

       Conclusion: what kind of medicine do you usually use to treat Teddy?

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