What symptoms indicate abnormal delivery of cats

       Affected by fertility, birth canal, and fetus, cats may have dystocia during childbirth, which is more common for first-time cats. If the cat has dystocia, be sure to midwifery in time, otherwise the female cat may die due to dystocia.

       1. The expected date of delivery has arrived and the omen has appeared, but the number of contractions is few and weak. The fetus is still not delivered within 24 hours, or the second fetus is not delivered after 4-6 hours of delivery of one fetus.

       2. Normal uterine contractions, fetal water outflow after 2-3 hours of fetal delivery, or part of the fetus into the birth canal and can not be delivered, vaginal outflow of black brown color with a foul odor secretion. In addition to the above, the affected cat also showed listlessness, increased heartbeat and breathing, and purred in pain. When the fetus is in a state of putrefaction and prolonged absorption of toxins, the fetus will suffer from prolonged dystocia.

       3. Some female cats do not eat or eat less, frequent urination, more times and small urine volume, Nuzhen uneasy, or constantly look back at the abdomen, like to lie, from the vulva out of dirty red and smelly liquid, pollution tail, hind limbs; some female cats often use tongue licking her vulva, then kick abdomen or frequently roll on the ground; some female cats abdominal contraction obviously, but no kitten output.

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