What to do if the color of the cat with folded ears is not good

       Is there any way to help your cat ease hair health?

       1. Help your cat groom

       When caring for the cat’s hair, the cat owner can use a special comb to help the cat comb the hair. When the cat is in a good mood, the owner can call the cat to his side, and then use a special comb to help the cat comb along the direction of the cat’s hair growth. The owner of the cat can help the cat groom by the window, which can also let the cat bask in the sun. Here we remind cat owners, especially those who live in high-rise buildings, to close the windows so as not to let cats run out through the windows.

       2. Prevention

       The owner should also regularly help the cat to do a good job of expelling insects, especially parasites. If it happens, it may cause the cat’s “disfigurement”, so the owner must pay special attention to take preventive measures.

       3. Nourish the cat

       Pet owners to care for the cat’s hair, can help from the diet to make some adjustments, to the cat to supplement some nutrition, such as MAG lecithin Taurine Granules, nutrition is relatively high. Lecithin is known as one of the world’s five major nutritional food, high activity, easy to absorb, make hair thick and shiny. MAG lecithin Taurine Granules use egg yolk lecithin as the main raw material, Qu Zi animal embryo egg yolk, which is different from soybean lecithin on the market. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. It can promote the photoreceptor cells in the retina.

       All in all, there are many ways to care for cats’ hair. The hair condition of different cats will be different. The owner of the cat should be patient when caring for the cat’s hair. Don’t rush. If you want to improve the quality of your cat’s hair, you must pay attention to it. Only by taking good care of it can the cat’s hair become soft and lustrous. The touch is just like a plush doll, which is very comfortable.

       First of all, correct your wrong concept. Anyone with a broken ear gene, whether it is folded or not, belongs to Scotch fold ear. Even if she is British short blue cat color or gradual layer color, fish bone pattern or American short tiger pattern, she can only be said to be a folded ear cat with corresponding color patterns. And then you ask why the hair on the cat is yellow, isn’t it? According to the genetic law, the characteristics of the offspring are inherited from their parents, so if she was born with yellow hair, it may not be obvious when she was a child. After the fetal hair has faded, this is her real appearance. (the above content is from the answer of pet cat, cat slave planet, thank you!)

       It should be a big cat

       My family is silver fishbone with broken ears. It’s been 5 months now

       Little kitten is flying all the time

       It’s still very big, but I can see that his brother is much bigger than my family in four months

       Maybe the lines will change a little. Your kitten is too small

       We can’t judge it completely now

       A lot of people like Scotch cat with fat body, round head and small ears on the head, which is very naive. There are a lot of folding eared cats on the market now, but few people really know about Scots. Let’s talk about the Scotch fold eared cat I know.

       1. What kind of cat is the real Scotch fold eared cat?

       People must think that a cat with a broken ear is a Scotch cat with a broken ear. It’s not. The Scottish Fold eared cat has a very strong fold ear gene. It can breed with any breed of cat, even with domestic cat, Siamese cat and cihuahua cat. However, such a cat is not pure breed and is not recognized at all. After decades of experience and rules of breeders, the so-called “Scotch fold eared cat” must have been bred with American or British Bobcats. In order to have fun, some people breed chinchilla and exotic short haired cats with fold eared cats to give birth to kittens with big eyes, round face and fat ears. Although the appearance is very popular, it is not strictly Scottish Fold eared cat, nor can it be recognized by any purebred cat.

       2. Why can’t a cat with folded ears have sex with a cat with broken ears?

       The reason for the ear fold of Scotch cat is the product of gene mutation. The deformity of limbs, tail and joint is closely related to the appearance of dominant gene of ear fracture. In other words, when two dominant fold ear cats give birth to kittens, they often have congenital bone defects, such as stiff tail, weak limbs, or abnormal joints. Some of the kittens did not see any problems on the surface, but stopped developing after 5 or 6 months, evolved into congenital rickets, and finally died of systemic failure. In order to avoid these painful lessons. After decades of experience, breeders of purebred cats have established the breeding rules of Scotch cat with two dominant genes. In other words, the ears of the kittens born by two folding eared cats must be very good. The ears are even more close to the head than the normal ones. However, such a kitten is very dangerous, it is likely that the tail is straight and inflexible, or there are a series of physical defects that people do not notice, such as bone deformity. So when you’re shopping for a Scotch cat, you can’t just pay attention to your ears and look at your photos.

       3. Are the ears of Scotch fold eared cats folded?

       Not necessarily. In order to ensure the stable and healthy inheritance of Scotch fold eared cats from generation to generation, the dominant gene of folded eared cats must be the same as that of standing eared cats, and only half of the kittens produced show fold ears and the other half are vertical ears. The kitten with ears can not be said to be British or American. In fact, its correct attribute should also be called Scotch fold eared cat, but it is not obvious. This kind of kitten has recessive fold ear gene. Even if it looks like English or American short, it can only be called folded ear cat, because it may give birth to dominant fold ear cat in the future.

       Imagine how many dominant Scotch fold eared cats there are in the world, and the proportion of them is basically the same. But why do we only see a lot of folded ears cats, but rarely see folded ears? I think that’s because many people make small profits and sell them as American or British short. On the surface, it may not be different from the real British or American shortness. Even foreign experts who have worked as judges for many years may not be able to distinguish them at a glance. However, strictly speaking, the standing ear of the Scottish Fold eared cat is a purebred cat that can be recognized by * *, but it does not have the qualification to compete. The breed it can breed is only limited to the Scottish Fold eared cat. It is for these reasons that the market price of foldable ear should be cheaper than that of pure American or British short products of the same quality. Therefore, if you want to choose British short or American short, you must ask whether its parents are folding eared cats. If you are folding ears and standing ears, you should not breed with British or American short cats, because strictly speaking, their kittens can not be recognized as purebred cats, at least it is impossible to obtain a very strict pedigree proof.

       4. Can the ears of Scotch fold eared cats change?

       yes. The extent to which the ears of the Scotch fold eared cat are pulled is not stable, and it is not constant. It will change with the season, climate, physical condition, mood and many other factors. Sometimes the ears are folded well, clinging to the head, sometimes supporting like the brim of a hat, and sometimes it can almost lift 45 degrees above the slope. Therefore, at different times of the year, you will see different degrees of fold ear cat, especially in summer. However, regardless of the angle of the fold, as long as the kitten shows the appearance of the fold ear at 3-4 weeks, it will have a dominant gene for ear fold and will not change back to the upright ear. Such kittens are not folded ears, and should not be bred with dominant fold ear cats, otherwise the risk is infinite.

       5. What should I pay attention to when buying Scotch fold eared cats?

       First of all, we should ask the parents of the kitten what breed they are. If the cat belongs to a variety other than British short, American short or folded ears, they can not be recognized as purebred.

       Secondly, we should feel whether the tail is elastic, stroke the tail to see if the skeleton of the tail is hard; lift the tail and then gently put it down to see if it is soft and curved. A cat that is too thick, too short, or with a stiff tail is inferior, even if its ears are folded well.

       Third, pay attention to its coat color. There are a lot of fur colors for Scotch cat. All kinds of colors are allowed. All you need to note is that the purple Scottish Fold eared cat can be purebred in the cat club at present, but it is not eligible for competition. And the key color of the fold ear cat is not recognized at all.

       Generally speaking, there are only two kinds of cats in the world

       There is no purebred fold ear, because a fold ear cat must be matched with an ordinary standing ear cat to produce a good folded ear. If two fold ear matching genes are unstable, the ear will not fold. Therefore, if you want to buy fold ear, you’d better choose tiger spot fold ear, that is, the folded ear matched with American short hair cat

       Either color you said is OK~~

       It depends on which one you like

       The blue one is a Russian Blue Cat (a short haired cat) with folded ears~~

       I raise Blue ~ ~ I feel pretty good about myself

       But I also like tiger print_ Haha~

       The health status of a cat can be judged by careful observation. Nose and body temperature are the simplest ways to judge. Generally speaking, the body temperature of a healthy cat should be about 38.7 ¡æ, but not more than 39.2 ¡æ (except for kittens); the nose should be wet and cool; the eyes should be bright and not have too much eye droppings; * clean; the coat should be smooth and glossy, etc As the cat’s parents, we should understand the basic health standards of the cat, so that in case of any accident, we can give timely treatment to the cat at the first time.

       The normal physiological indexes of cats were as follows

       Body temperature: 39 ¡æ range: 38-39.5 ¡æ

       Breathing times: 25 times / min (20-30 times)

       Heart rate: 130 beats / min (120-140)

       Optimum ambient temperature: 18-21 degrees (15-25 degrees)

       Optimum environmental humidity: 50% (45% – 55%)

       Maximum safe volume: 7.7 ml / kg body weight

       ¡ª¡ªHow to measure the temperature of a cat?

       The most professional way is to shake the thermometer and dip it in the lubricating oil. Lift up the cat’s tail and lift the thermometer. Hold the thermometer carefully, take it out in a minute and wipe it clean to read. Normal temperature: 38-39. Or clip the thermometer between the cat’s hind legs and abdomen, clamp it and read it after five minutes.

       ¡ª¡ªHow to measure a cat’s pulse?

       Pulse on the inside of the cat’s hind legs and calculate the number of beats per minute, which should be 160-240.

       In addition, in the cat’s front elbow under the ribs, you can feel the heartbeat.


       The file above is from the native cat website

       http://www.luckycats.net/manual/index_ manual.htm

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