What to do when a cat leaves a man – does a kitten cling to a man and barks when he leaves

       I absolutely want him to be in estrus, 2015-08-0721:431 when the female cat is in estrus, her eyes are bright, her appetite is reduced, her activity is increased, she likes to go out and wander, especially at night, she appears restless. At this time, he was gentle and liked to linger in the master. If the cat’s back is touched and lowered with her hand, the estrous female cat will be still, sometimes raising her tail and making a “Mimi” call. Sometimes it makes a call of £¢ to attract the male cat. After seeing the male cat, he is extremely excited. He takes the initiative to approach the male cat. When he sees the male cat, he will make a “ouao” call and show his special intimacy with the male cat. He squats down, steps and raises his tail to allow the male cat to climb. If the estrus female cat is locked in the room, it will rush around and be very restless. If a male cat walks around the cage or hears the male cat’s cry, it will violently scratch the doors and windows and rush out.

       There is really no good way to let it bark. Kittens still like to play and don’t like to sleep, so it’s not easy to coax. It takes a period of adjustment, but a few days. If you call it, you should let it be alone. If it is tired, it will stop calling. Otherwise, you will spoil it and the more difficult it will be to remove its dependence. I hope you are satisfied with the answer.

       This is especially true of cats. I used to have a cat. The situation is similar to that of you, especially sticky. But you must pay attention, pay attention not to let it sleep with you as far as possible, because the temperature has a great impact on it. For a long time, relatively high temperature will cause its body to be dry (like people), but its recovery ability and resistance are worse, and it is more likely to get sick. Plus, it’s easy to hold it down.

       It may be due to the small Bai and insufficient sense of security.

       This is also the case when my little cat first came to my home. You can find a small toy (of course, it is suitable for it to answer). You can hold the toy and play with it to properly distract its attention.

       You can ask Mom and dad to bring it. Before you go out, talk to it and pacify it (although it seems that there are communication barriers, in fact, maybe you can understand some of them).

       I hope it will help you~~

       It’ll be OK after a while.. It may be lack of security. A kitten born to my mother’s cat is like this. I went to the new owner’s house and it was the same with you.. And then more than half a month later.. Don’t worry. It won’t bark all the time. After all, the cat itself is very independent. After a while, you think it will stick to your family

       LZ, don’t worry. It’s normal to bark only when you hear someone talking. My cat also barks at the door of the bedroom when he hears someone talking at night. This is a kind of performance of a cat clinging to people. He wants to comfort and caress. The kitten will not adapt to the new environment when he leaves his mother, so he will accompany him more, After a while, it will be OK. You can observe what other performances it has besides calling at the first time. If you find any abnormality, go to the nearby hospital

       It’s very important to pick up stray cats and cats to expel insects. It’s not expensive to expel insects. It’s better to vaccinate them. If possible, take them to sterilization. LZ is a kind-hearted person. I wish the cats and cats grow up healthily under your care

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