What’s a teacup cat like – how much is a teacup cat

       Teacup cat was born with the hot teacup dog at that time. When many kennels that bred teacup dog breeds found that similar teacup type pets might be very popular pets, they also tried to cultivate some teacup cats to meet people’s special needs for mini mini pets.

       The price of a teacup cat is generally over 5000 yuan. A healthy tea cup cat with good health and other indicators can earn more than 10000 yuan. This is closely related to the size of their growth. The so-called tea cup, of course, is that the smaller the smaller, the cheaper the natural price.

       I don’t think tea cup pets are easy to keep. This kind of cat is artificially bred and has a short life span. It also has certain requirements for feeding environment. Please buy it carefully~

       I met many people who asked about the price of a teacup cat. I think the tea cup cat has a relatively short life span and has not been recognized internationally. It is just a pocket cat. It’s not a rare breed. It’s not recognized by professional organizations. When the price is high, it’s amazing. In addition, the health condition of tea cup cat is not very good. Generally speaking, the life time of tea cup cat is not very long

       Brother first, it can be said that almost all kinds of cats will not grow big cats are not dogs, no matter how big the cat is, then it will be college. If the second breed is, it depends on your budget? Generally, purebred cats have to pay a certain price. When I have a Siamese cat, I bought it in * * and it’s also a postnatal. When I get it back, it’s only three months old. It’s better to buy it in three months, because the big cats have certain survival resistance and are not easy to get sick. You can learn about this kind of cat by Baidu Siamese cat, except Siamese cat There are Garfield cat, Russian Blue Cat, British blue cat, Himalayan cat, Scottish Fold ear cat, Persian cat and so on. It depends on what kind of cat you like, and each kind of cat has different characteristics and temperament

       Tea cup cat is not a valuable breed, and its existence has not been recognized by professional organizations. Therefore, tea cup cat is just a kind of cat with genetic defect, which leads to small body size. It is mined out and sold as a teacup cat. Most of the teacup cats in China are the gimmicks of cat sellers. They use young cats as teacup cats. It is said that teacup cats are not big and adults are bigger than juveniles. However, if they are really bought back, they are likely to be ordinary domestic cats. If it is true that the kittens with teacups can be found in some breeding institutions abroad, it’s just a pity that this is not a cat breed, it’s just bred by taking advantage of the cat’s genetic defects. Moreover, the tea cup cat’s physical condition is not very good, and generally speaking, it will not live long. Therefore, even if it can be purchased at a high price, it is not recommended to raise tea cups Cats.

       How to distinguish the gender of kittens?

       Look at the kitten gender, do not look at the belly to find the little JJ, it will be laughed to death. There are two holes in the back of the kitten. The one on the top is for defecation. It’s just below the root of the tail. Boys and girls are the same. The difference is in the hole below where you pee and do other things.

       The hole at the bottom of the female is close to the hole above, and there is a little bit like a straight line. The hole at the bottom of the male is a little far away from the hole above, and a little space in the middle is to be put for the little eggs later.

       Photo 1 is a girl. The lower hole is closer to the upper hole, and the shape of the lower hole is a little bit like “water drop shape” (a little black one), which is not completely round. This is the writing that the female cat is like an inverted exclamation mark.

       Photo 2 is a boy. The lower hole is far away from the upper one (the red one in the photo), and it is also round and does not look like a drop of water. Therefore, some Writings say that male cats are “colons”. The middle of the two holes will be filled with small eggs in the future, because the cat is still small, and the eggs can’t be seen. But if you look closely, you can still see that the hair here is not the same.

       Teacup cat is also called mini cat. It is a cat of the same size as a teacup. It can even fit into a teacup. [1] Teacup cats are bred to meet people’s needs for miniature cats. Their body size is usually only 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 of the size of ordinary cats. This kind of cat has a relatively short life span, which may be due to unsolved genetic defects in the breeding process. Therefore, this kind of miniature cat has not been recognized internationally.

       Teacup cats are small, usually weighing 1.98-2.8 kg for males and 0.9-1.5 kg for females.

       1. Before purchasing a tea cup cat, please refer to the information about the body shape and characteristics of this cat. If you have a spectrum of this cat, you can avoid blind selection;

       2. The appearance is neat, lively and lively, and the action is flexible. When holding with hands, the weight is heavier than the anticipation;

       3. Looking at the mouth, the mouth, gums and tongue are light red, the teeth bite normally, and there is no special odor;

       4. Cat ears should be clean and free of secretions. If the cat often scratches its ears or shakes its head, it may have been infected with the ear scabies;

       5. The nose is reddish, moist and glossy. It should be cool and moist with the back of the hand on the tip of the nose. There is no nasal water or secretion around the nostril;

       6. The eyes should be clear and bright with no secretions from the corners, and the third eyelid should not be exposed at the corners;

       7. It has moderate physical development, strong muscles, thick limbs without bending, normal walking, and strong reaction by pulling legs and feet with hands;

       8. The abdomen should be slightly round, and the ribs can’t be touched by the hand. If the cat’s abdomen is enlarged, it may be a symptom of Ascaris infection or peritonitis. It is normal for kittens to protrude slightly;

       9. The hair around * * is clean and there is no stain on the mouth of * *;

       10. The most obvious health indicators of young cats are reflected in the hair. The hair of healthy kittens should be glossy, fluffy and erect. If the hair of a kitten is disordered and lusterless, it means that the cat has been infected with the disease or has just been cured. It is better not to choose such a cat;

       11. After being teased, he has a desire to play and has a strong appetite for meat.

       If you have a teacup cat, LZ can ask the owner of the pet shop. I want to have one too… Too cute, but it seems that there is no real tea cup cat. As the name suggests, it is a cat the size of a teacup. Teacup cats are bred to meet people’s needs for miniature cats. Their size is usually only 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 of the size of ordinary cats. This kind of cat has a short life span, which may be due to genetic defects that have not been solved in the breeding process. Therefore, this kind of miniature cat has not been recognized internationally

       But here are some of the smaller cats~

       Singapore cats originated in Singapore. In the early 1970s, they were found to be very small cats. Singapore cats are quiet and loyal to their owners. Curiosity and agility. Adult cats weigh less than 3 kg (PS: Singapore cat is the smallest cat species in the world)

       There is also the smallest pen holder cat. Adulthood is as big as a lunch box. The unit price is very high. There are many pocket sized ones in China. But the life span is 3-5 years. It’s hard to raise. Go to the big dog and cat shop. It’s all introduced. It’s just hearsay that we should find authoritative answers

       The coat of the exotic short haired cat is similar to that of the American Shorthair cat, but it has a pony body like the Persian cat, with a large round face and a flat nose. In addition to having a dense coat, the short haired cat retains the unique lovely expression and round body shape of the Persian cat. The character is as quiet and kind as the Persian cat, which can comfort the master’s heart

       There is also the British short haired cat

       PS: I prefer to keep pure Russian blue cat. In fact, it’s too small to hold. It’s still a little meat meow,