What’s good for a cat rope? – what cat can run?

       Siamese cats can slip.

       1. Siamese cat, also known as Thai cat, originated in Thailand and belongs to short hair type. It was first raised in Thailand’s royal family and large temples. It was once a “secret treasure” of the palace. Siamese cats are streamlined and slender, with slender limbs, trunk, neck and tail and balanced proportion. Siamese cats are lively and active, intelligent, quick in action, elegant in temperament and extraordinary in appearance.

       2. At present, Siamese cat is the most popular representative of purebred short haired cat. Siamese cats are perhaps the most famous species in all lineages. At the end of the 19th century, leopard spotted Siamese cats were given to Britain and the United States as diplomatic gifts by the Royal Thai Parliament. Its upbringing has aroused public interest and the number has been growing.

       3. Siamese cat is a famous short haired cat in the world, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. The Siamese cat’s earliest body shape is relatively short and fat, after a long time of evolution, has become the standard Oriental slim type. The pure Siamese cat has fine bones, soft muscles, no fleshy body, short and glossy hair, which can be called the “slimmest” cat species in the world.

       4. Siamese cat has long body, moderate size, compact skin, no fat attached under the skin, and elegant gait. Its cheek is very thin, its eyes are clear, its color is blue and light green. As long as it is standing naturally, its tail is always high, which is the most significant genetic characteristic of Siamese cat. Siamese cats are very jealous and have a loud voice. They are very noisy when they are angry.

       Siamese kitten.

       It’s difficult to change the habit of a cat once it’s grown up. Even Siamese cats can’t walk without training. The success rate of walking a cat is not very high. If you don’t train, you won’t succeed.

       We should often take cats out to play and cultivate the courage of cats. Some cats have never met strangers and are not familiar with the outside world. Therefore, once they are taken out, they will panic. In addition, if cats run fast, they are likely to get lost. Therefore, we should first tie the cat’s rope and take it out regularly. It should not be too far away. If it doesn’t like it, it will bring it back immediately.

       Walk the cat to choose a more quiet place, do not take the cat to the place with a lot of people, will frighten the cat, generally walk the cat is to choose a quiet place. It’s better to have trees. Many cat climbers are inspired to have a good time. Once there are more people, take the cat home.

       If you are tired, you can pack the cat in a bag, leave your head outside, and carry the bag forward on your back. If the cat is frightened, you can quickly put the cat in the bag and go home.

       Pay attention to the risk when walking the cat. If it is a cat that has never been out of the door, it is likely to be frightened if it is taken out for a walk. If it runs away, it is difficult to find it back, and the cat will go farther and farther. So walking a cat is a risk. It is suggested that you should prepare to walk the cat rope first. The thick one is very powerful at the moment.

       Because domestic cats are usually timid and easy to be frightened outside. In addition, there are fewer traction ropes suitable for cats. Cats are soft and flexible. Sometimes they are easy to break out of the traction ropes. In addition, if the cat is used to taking it out to play, and you don’t always have time to take it out, it will always think about going outside. If so, the cat is more likely to run away, and it’s not that no one walks the cat at all, it’s just a few. I hope these can help you~

       When tying the cat’s rope, pay attention to adjust the tightness. It should not be too tight. The space between the two palms is the best. If it is loose, the kitten will break free of the rope. When passing through the cat’s legs and head, try to be gentle to avoid the cat’s aversion.



       Cats like to move alone and freely. In addition to estrus, rarely live together in groups.

       The nature of a cat is not to recognize a particular owner. However, when a cat is kept in a family for a period of time, under the care, training and support of its owner, its lonely habits can be changed and eventually establish feelings with its owner. In this process, it will establish a concept of its own territory for the owner’s family and its surrounding environment, and will not allow other cats to enter its territory. Once there is an intruder, it will stand up Attack.

       The cat’s jealousy is strong, which shows that it will not only envy the same kind of pet, but also cause the cat’s indignation if the owner shows too much affection to the child. For example, if you hold one of the two cats, the other cat will immediately make a “whine” threat, and the one in your arms will not be willing to show weakness and prevent the other cat from approaching its owner.

       Cats have a “cleanliness addiction” and are one of the most hygienic animals. Every time, the cat washes his face several times with his claws; he urinates at a fixed place every time, and covers the feces with soil after defecation. Cats do not have the habit of defecating and urinating anywhere. Therefore, the owner can place a bedpan with bedding (such as sand, sawdust, broken absorbent paper and coal ash residue) at the corner of indoor or feeding cage (larger space), so as to collect all urine and urine, so as to keep the environment clean.

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