What’s good for adult cat food – which cat food is good?

       The better brands of cat food are ORIJEN, Charles, nutro, Royal canin and solid gold.

       1. ORIJEN

       Eager cat food has been certified by Canada and meets all international pet food regulations and standards. It is sold in 45 countries all over the world. The ingredients are from Alberta, Canada, which is a world-class meat producer. It claims that all the food materials reach the level of human consumption, and the nutrition pays attention to the proportion of complete food chain. The proportion of pure meat and vegetables is about 4:1, without coarse grains.

       2. Charles cat food

       Charles belongs to the medium and high-end grain free food. Among the top ten cat food brands, Charles was recommended by four stars in the formula evaluation of AAFCO, and the raw materials were only six kinds of deep sea fish formula. The protein content in the raw material is higher when the content of multi vitamins is added, and there are vegetable and fruit ingredients to make the nutritional composition more balanced. Charles cat food is suitable for all kinds of cat’s taste and palatability.

       3. Nutro

       Mercer is one of the top ten American cat food brands recommended by WDJ. It was founded in 1926. Its cat food uses natural ingredients to provide nutrition, rich in oil, and helps cat fur healthy, soft and bright. Compared with the above-mentioned brands, the price is cheaper, so it can be regarded as a cat food brand with high performance price ratio in terms of price palatability.

       4. Royal canin

       Since its establishment in 1968, Royal canin has become a global leader in pet food industry after more than 40 years of development. Its cat food products taste more rich, and prescription food, protein quality, palatability are good.

       5. Solid gold

       Solid gold, founded in 1974, is a member of the North American organic trade association, and has been selected as the annual California exporter of the American Chamber of Commerce small business association and has been exported to the world. The ingredients of sulico cat food are mutton, chicken powder and millet. It does not contain allergens such as soybean, wheat and corn, salt, sugar and animal fat. It has good palatability.

       Extended data:

       How to buy cat food:

       1£º Look. Add pigment cat food must not choose, more meat content of cat food color will be darker, lighter color obviously more grains.

       36 kinds of cat food of 18 brands were studied. Who is conscience and who is pit?

       2£º Smell. If it smells very strong, it must be flavors or attractants.

       3£º Touch. Take a few pieces of cat food and rub it by hand. If it is greasy or fragile, it can be judged as inferior food. High quality cat food oil is less, and the particles are tight and not easy to disperse.

       4£º Taste it. If there is obvious salty, bitter, sour or sweet taste, it can be judged as inferior grain. High quality cat food must be light in taste and simple in taste.

       The brand of cat food includes lingcailu Huachun natural cat food, Sulige pure natural cat food, IELTS cat food, avocado pure natural cat food and Meishi pure natural cat food.

       1. Lingcailuhua pure natural cat food

       Lingcailuhua pure natural cat food is made by American factories. It adopts natural formula. It tastes less, but the price is a little expensive. However, it has a good palatability. The meat content in it is relatively high. Some cats and cats have sensitive intestines and stomachs, so it’s better not to eat it. It’s easy to cause diarrhea.

       2. Suli high purity natural cat food

       Sulige pure natural cat food ingredients do not add soybean, corn, which is easy to cause cat allergy food, is based on mutton, palatability is also very good, can prevent stones, but cat’s stomach is more sensitive to the cat’s Web Xiaobian do not recommend feeding.

       3. IELTS cat food

       This is a relatively light, low fat, relatively green cat food. But the only deficiency is that the nutrition of this kind of cat food is not high, and it is not suitable for long-term eating. It can be used to feed the greedy puppet cat. There is also the cat food is easier to break, that is, easy to digest.

       4. Avocado natural cat food

       Avocado is a natural cat food. Cats like it very much. It tastes good. It has only a few flavors. It doesn’t contain anti-corruption agents. It’s very suitable for sensitive cats. Xiaobian thinks that there is some oil in it, but this cat food has the effect of fattening and hairdressing.

       5. Mex pure natural cat food

       It has only one taste. There is a distinction between young cats and adult cats. This one has a good reputation, high evaluation, good palatability, and moderate price. It is suitable for cats with gastrointestinal sensitivity and is very popular with cats.

       Extended data


       Before choosing cat food, you must know that cats and dogs can not eat too salty, because their sweat glands are not in the skin, so it is difficult to exclude salt. If you choose a cat food with high salt content, it will definitely cause the cat to lose hair seriously, tear marks, and even cause the itch, so light and low salt cat food is very important.

       If you want to eat more healthy cat food, it is recommended that you choose a light and low salt natural cat food. Because the natural cat food is not only light and low in salt, but also rich in nutrition, fresh ingredients, and the salt content of the commodity is too high. Although cats like to eat it, if you eat too much, you will have a bad effect.

       I don’t know how they arrange the cat food list. I don’t know how many people rank in birigie’s cat food list, but I know that biridge ranks first here! Since keeping a cat, I have been using birigie. Because my good friend Amway said that his cat liked it and let him have a try. So when xiaoxiaoxiaoxiao came, birigie also arrived. Sure enough, the birigie cat milk cake selected by me seems to be very suitable for its taste. The small particles are eaten directly to it without bubble. The key is that it looks good! pretty good!

       1. For meat products, it is necessary to specify which kind of meat it is. If only domestic poultry meat and animal meat are marked, this kind of cat food can not be selected. Unclear meat products are likely not made of meat.

       2. Canned products are mostly wet food, with humidity of 75% – 78%. This kind of products need preservatives to extend the shelf life and keep the taste delicious. Therefore, when you buy cans, you should choose cat cans with natural preservatives, such as vitamin C, e, rosemary oil, etc.

       3. Dry food products, water content of 6% – 8%, long-term consumption of dry cat food cats will fall into a state of chronic water shortage, reduce urine output, excessive concentration of urine, resulting in urinary system problems in the future. So don’t let dry cat food be your cat’s staple food.

       4. Lyophilized products, strictly speaking, belong to dry food. However, the lyophilized products can be soaked in warm water to replenish the water that cats lack. After soaking in warm water, freeze-dried products can be recovered into meat pieces, which are easy to digest and can be fed to cats with poor intestines and stomach. Freeze dried at – 36 degrees Celsius, so no preservatives are needed to extend the shelf life.

       The most important thing to pick cat food is to have a certain understanding. It is not easy to follow suit if you learn to look at the ingredient list and ingredient list.

       First of all, if the ingredients of meat meal are not clear, it’s not as good as meat meal. Moreover, meat must be in the top few to be reliable. Because the ingredient list is based on the proportion of addition, from large to small.

       Then look at the ingredients. The crude protein content should be no less than 30%. According to the American Feed Management Association (AAFCO), the protein content is higher than 28%. After all, cats are carnivorous animals, so it is necessary to take in the necessary animal protein. Look at some ingredients, whether it’s a gimmick or a commercial stir fry, lecithin and taurine, which are good for you, more or less Help. Lecithin is good for hair, taurine is good for cat’s eyes, and many others are gimmicks. Seaweed or something may be useful, but it’s really not very useful.


       Finally, a cat food recommendation form sorted out by netizens is provided, which is reliable and can be used for reference.

       If we divide it from the origin of cat food, I still think European food is reliable. After all, genetically modified food is prohibited in Europe! So the Eno, which is imported from Czech Republic, is a little small, but this brand has been sold abroad for more than 10 years, unlike some Belgian brands, which are not sold abroad. As for those brands in the United States, I think Americans will fry the concept of “natural without grain”. There is no natural food at all. OK, people can’t eat natural food ~ ~ no grain, just because of him Our soybeans and corn are genetically modified, so we have to be grain free ~ ~ people eat cereals, so we can be healthy. Cats and dogs are also mammals. Nutrition should be balanced ~ I don’t understand why American food is so hot…

       Top 10 best cat food brands:

       ORIJEN, Charles, K9 natural, natural balance, go! Natural, nutro, solid gold, Hill’s, Purina, Royal canin.

       1. ORIJEN

       Eager to meet all international pet food regulations and standards, sell well all over the world. The ingredients are from Canada, which is a world-class meat production place. The ingredients of cat food can reach the level of human consumption. The ratio of pure meat to vegetables and fruits is about 4:1, without coarse grains. The protein content was 45% and above. The granule is thin triangle and palatability is good. This brand is very good.

       2. Charles cat food

       Charles belongs to the middle and high-end grain free food. AAFCO formula evaluation in the top ten cat food brands is worth recommending! The raw material is deep-sea fish recipe, adding multi vitamin content, the protein content of raw material is higher, there are vegetable and fruit ingredients, and the nutritional composition is more balanced. Good palatability, it is worth recommending!

       3. K9 natural

       K9 nature school claims that “every cat must eat cat food once in a lifetime”, and the production factory has passed the certification of New Zealand Food Safety Agency. K9 cat food protein content as high as 49.7%, belongs to dehydrated fresh meat cat food, is currently on the market protein content of the highest cat food, of course, the price is more expensive, but the quality can afford the price!

       There are other brands are also worth buying!


       Cat food

       There is no doubt that the nutrition should be paid attention to when buying cat food. In addition, brands and manufacturers are also an aspect that owners need to pay attention to. Different brands of cat food pay attention to different points. For example, some pay attention to the beauty of hair, some pay attention to the development, and some pay attention to the taste. This is also the basis for the owners when choosing cat food. At present, the best-selling cat food brands in the market are as follows:

       I. Royal

       Royal cat food is often better than other cats’ food, and it has a wide range of varieties, which can meet the needs of different cats and cats. However, due to the nutrition of Royal cat food, some cats may get rich disease. The disadvantage of Royal cat food is that it is greasy, but it tastes good and fragrant. ???? ??????

       II. Aibei

       Aibei cat food is a first-line brand in domestic cat food. This series of cat food uses food grade raw materials and health care grade raw materials. Compared with other cat food, the biggest feature of Aibei cat food is that the content of taurine is very high. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. If the content of taurine in cats is insufficient, it will lead to blindness and even death of cats. If the content of taurine ingested by cats is high, it can effectively improve the vision level of cats and promote the growth and development of cats. Now the market of cat food is basically added taurine, but most of the content is not high. Moreover, Eby series of cat food also contains high-purity DHA and AA, which can improve brain cell development, improve memory, improve vision, reduce skin inflammation, beautiful fur, promote metabolism and enhance immunity, but the price is not high. Therefore, I recommend Aibei cat food. ??????

       3. Joy

       The production process of Xiyue full nutrition cat dry food series is to pour meat juice and then dry it in the oven to make it have perfect hardness and crispness. It is very attractive to cats, and it is also beneficial to teeth health. Compared with other cat food, one of the characteristics of joy is the addition of a dynamic milk ball. And the joy taste is more fragrant, cats and cats like it. But because the taste variety is too few, the color is too bright, also easy to let some cats have a sense of boredom. ???????????? ??????????????

       4. Amos

       Imus’ cat food contains more meat protein than the average cat food on the market. However, the taste of EMUs is single. At the beginning, cats like it, but after a long time, they don’t like it very much. ???? ??????

       5. Snow mountain


       Snow mountain cat food is more expensive. Its biggest feature is that it is made by a professional nutritionist. It is rich in nutrition and delicious. It uses fresh chicken and duck meat for human consumption. Snow mountain cat food, the cat likes to eat very much, is also very good to the cat. It’s just that its price has stopped many cat owners. ??????


       6. Hills

       Hill’s is mainly prescription food with higher vitamin E + C, leading other brands of super antioxidant combination to help maintain healthy immune system. Antioxidants can help slow down cell damage. It is more suitable for sick cats and cats, and its price is relatively high. ??????

       7. Nobility

       Noble cat food is very palatable and easy to be accepted by pets. At present, cat food is very good in terms of price and price, so it’s very good for the noble to eat cat fur. ??????


       All of them are professional cat manufacturers, which are widely spread in the industry. Owners can consider the palatability and habits of their cats when choosing. ??????????????


       Top 10 cat food brands

       1. Royal cat food (founded in the United States in 1923, it belongs to the world famous brand of Mars company, one of the largest food companies in the world, and royal Pet Food Co., Ltd.).

       2. Weijia cat food (established in 1958 in Britain, the world’s authoritative organization of pet care and nutrition, top ten brands of cat food, a professional pet food enterprise, Mars food (China) Co., Ltd.).

       3. Xiyue cat food (in 1894, Nestle’s brand, 100 year history, world famous brand, large multinational company, top 10 cat food brands, Nestle prina Pet Food Co., Ltd.).

       4. Lingcai cat food (from American pet food brand, American natural dog food brand, the highest quality raw material, famous brand in the industry, general agent in China: Hong Kong Sanhe Industrial Company).

       5. Hill’s cat food (started in 1939 in the United States, specially designed for sick pets, famous brand in the industry, leading brand in pet prescription food, Hill’s pet nutrition company).

       6. Guanneng cat food (founded in 1894 in the United States, Nestle brand, 100 year history, world famous brand, large multinational company, top 10 cat food brands, Nestle prina Pet Food Co., Ltd.).

       7. Xiamen Fuyin biological feed Co., Ltd. is the only manufacturer of Xiamen cat food in China, a new brand in cat industry, top 10 excellent brands of cat food, adopting deep-sea fish meat, focusing on pet nutrition development, scientific research and sales, Xiamen Fuyin biological feed Co., Ltd.

       8. Miaotole cat food (founded in 1894 in USA, Nestle brand, 100 year history, world famous brand, large multinational company, top 10 cat food brand, Nestle prina Pet Food Co., Ltd.).

       9. Birigie cat food (leading brand in domestic pet food market, world famous brand, top 10 cat food brand, high quality domestic brand in pet food industry, Shanghai norui Pet Products Co., Ltd.).

       10. Good master cat food (a professional pet food Co., Ltd. with strong European and American technical background, focusing on pet food R & D / production / sales, Chengdu goodmaster Pet Food Co., Ltd.).

       Top: eager for now, lingcai Evo, IELTS, forMo, go! And ochis (above 30 yuan per 500g)

       High grade: lingcailuhua, Xueshan, cabby, suligo, chicken soup for soul, avocado, North Venus, aikena (above 25 yuan / 500g)

       Medium and high grade: Mercer, the source of nutrition (more than 20 yuan per 500g)

       Middle class: Royal, Guanneng, Ames (above 15 yuan per 500g)

       Medium and low grade: Golden reward, miaotale (more than 10 yuan per 500g)

       Low grade: (not recommended) Weijia, joy, Al, Zhenbao, good master, nori, haozhiwei, Xuemi, etc. (below 10 yuan per 500g)

       Taste of cat food: desire, now, rhombic Evo, go!, Mercer, Royal!

       My family is go seven kinds of meat and Fumo duck meat

       It can be referred to http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1699793272 Cat food

       Cat food is mainly divided into commodity food and natural food, according to their own economic situation to choose

       Recommended prescription food after surgery, cat food Xiaodian said

       Encyclopedia of cat food http://bbs.movshow.com/thread-358820-1-1.html It is relatively old, but the brand is complete, and the price is basically + 8 yuan per kilogram

       The bulk of Royal cat food is about 15 yuan a catty. Most of the Royal “picky cats” are oily. The cat’s fur is super smooth and tastes good. It’s crispy. Hehe, in fact, Xiyue is not bad. It’s cheap and good. The way of kittens is also very fragrant. Some cats are born thin body, how well fed also become not fat, and do you regularly give him deworming??? There are insects in his stomach will also affect his absorption of nutrition, so that he can not get fat!!!

       Weijia’s cat food seems to have problems, and the female cat should be OK. My cat has grown up with joy, and now there is no problem. If there is no economic problem, eating “French royal” is of course the best. But I suggest that the landlord should not be so nervous. Even if you eat cat food, it is not a big deal. You can buy some bulk food for the cat to taste. She will choose it by herself, As long as the cat eat happy ah!!!

       Weijia does not eat, salty, easy to get stones; happy Kitten Food is good, adult cats contain too much pigment, long-term can not eat well, some cats with sensitive stomach will also have stomach trouble; Royal ones are better, because they are too oily, some cats are prone to folliculitis; Guanneng’s is dry, and the price is similar to that of the royal family; the best is natural food, such as Luhua, which my cat eats, The price is much higher than Royal and Guanneng, but natural food is much better than commercial grain

       Make your own choice!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha

       I should be able to help you. I have raised cats for more than ten years before. I know more about the brand of cat food. I can share it with you after reading the summary form of cat food brand.

       What kind of cat food is good

       Seeing the advantages and disadvantages of the brands in the list, it is suggested that the excrement removing officers should not choose the brands with such problems as desire, aikena, quick, wild feast, golden dress and high strength, which have such problems as bad stools, soft stools, constipation and excessive pulling. However, the meat content of hungry, aikena and Mali is relatively high, and cats with no gastrointestinal problems can try to choose from Baili. The meat content reaches 95%, but it needs to be supplemented with unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote metabolism, reduce blood sugar and blood lipid, and play an important role in the endocrine and health of cats. You can also choose the high protein brand of go and wellness core. Protein plays a very important role in maintaining the health of cats, promoting growth and development, and ensuring the restoration. It can not be replaced by any nutrients. However, go is meat powder, which is easy to affect the health of cats. However, the wellness core does not indicate the content of magnesium and zinc. If the content of magnesium and zinc exceeds the standard, it will be harmful to the health of cats. Then there are velos, tianhengbao, Mercer and cabifle, which contain a lot of carbohydrates. Eating more will cause cat diarrhea.

       However, most cat food is dry food with little water content. Taking dry food as the staple food for a long time will lead to chronic water shortage, which will reduce the amount of urine excretion and excessive concentration of urine, which may lead to urinary tract syndrome. Cereals in cat food secrete a lot of carbohydrates, usually as high as 35% – 40%. The cat’s body can’t digest so many carbohydrates. Long term consumption will increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

       The reason why I know more clearly is that my cat has suffered from urethral diseases. During the treatment period, I did not dare to feed it cat food. I was afraid that the disease would worsen. It was at this time that I learned about the existence of freeze-drying. After a while of exploration, I chose the brand lono. In the process of treatment, my cat also ate the lyophilized brand of lonno There are adverse reactions. The doctor also said that the cat was supplemented with nutrition. Later, he would often store some freeze-dried products for the cat. Because it is made of frozen food, there is no need to worry about the expiration date. Sometimes, the freeze-dried food is mixed in the cat’s food, which is very convenient and hygienic.

       As for the brand of cat food, it is suggested that the excrement removal officer should choose carefully, and do not appear the situation of my cat. I hope your cat can grow healthily. In addition, you can try freeze-drying.

       Both Royal and luhualing are good, but they are too expensive. I have the following analysis about the cat food on the market. The landlord can choose the most suitable cat food according to his own economic ability. However, I think that cat food is like instant noodles we eat. If you want a cat to grow well, you’d better make some cat rice for it from time to time. For example, I make some cheese chicken shreds for them every week , and fresh.

       Low quality cat food: Viagra and joy. I don’t recommend these two kinds of food, because they contain inducers. Cats will not be interested in other foods if they eat them. In addition, these two kinds of cat food are also salty, which will increase the risk of kidney disease. If you can’t buy them locally, Weijia is the first choice. Adding too much pigment to Joy’s cat food is not safe at all.

       Cat food with high cost performance: Nestle’s miaotole and noble cat food, both of which are added with beneficial nutrients for cats and cats. The former is nutritionally balanced, and the latter is added with an oil from ostrich body. If eaten for a long time, it can brighten the fur. Many cat houses are also using this instead of Royal cat food.

       Midrange cat food: Maiton Aimiao

       It is a delicious, healthy and attractive cat food made for your angry cat. It is specially developed for the three common problems of cat food preservation, cat fur care and food health, so that the cat can enjoy your love.

       (highly recommended)

       High grade cat food: Royal cat food and lingcai. There are more than ten kinds of Royal cat food. His cat food is classified in detail. There are different kinds of cat food for different cat situations. It is professional in cat food, but it is also the most expensive one.

       Cat food purchased online, such as Yibai pet products wholesale, Maiton pet food experts, are much cheaper than supermarkets.

       My cat was left to me by the last tenant who didn’t go through the formalities for the cat when he went home. However, I always treat it as my own son. Yes, it’s very good. I want to give it all the good things in the world.

       But I don’t want my cat to eat cat food now.

       The joy of eating before, the feeling may be general, cats eat very moderate.

       Later, when I was away for a while, I came back to find that my boyfriend bought several big bags of Weijia for it, and complained to me that the dead cat ate cat food as a snack, so he could eat some..

       Now I find it’s really like this..

       So it’s fattening up again!! The stomach is so big and big. Before I poured a bowl of cat food, it could eat for a few days. Now, no matter how much it pours, it is just the amount it takes in a day.

       I’m so afraid of killing the cat.

       I’ve seen from other places that it’s better to mix cat food with it. I’m going to give it a try when the funds are sufficient.

       Because I found that cat eat Viagra, eye droppings with very strange red, like pigment..

       What did your cat eat before? I want to make cat food for the cat. Cat food will be a snack for it. I think it is better to eat cat food..

       First of all, it can be very clear that the food in the supermarket is very poor, joy and Weijia are very bad for the health of cats and cats. Now maybe we can’t see it, but when the animals are old, they will bring a lot of hidden dangers to their health







       Food (Luhua or lingcailuhua, some sellers write Evo directly)

       Compared with other dry cat food, it is closer to the nutrition of natural food. It’s delicious, except for cats who can’t eat high protein food because of illness (e.g. problems), this kind of cat food is recommended.

       Attachment: online search, the lowest price is: 7kg-530 yuan, an average of 37.85 yuan per catty





       Food (Luhua or lingcailuhua)

       Each of the five food groups (including fruit) is fresh and healthy, and even the most picky cat will like it.

       Attachment: the lowest price is 7.5kg, 400 yuan, and the average price is 26.67 yuan per kilogram








       (snow mountain super class)

       The protein content is 34%, including four kinds of meat: chicken and chicken powder, duck, mutton and fish. Suitable for all cats, including kittens and pregnant cats.

       Attachment: the lowest price is 7.5kg, 320 yuan, and the average price is 21.33 yuan per kilogram









       (California Natural)

       The company adheres to strict standards, and customers who like natural food will like this product.

       Attachment: the lowest price is 7.5kg, 400 yuan, and the average price is 26.67 yuan per kilogram







       It contains 34% protein and 20% fat. Chicken is the main source of protein. In addition, it also contains whole brown rice and brewers

       Rice), chicken fat, etc. Contains cereal gluten, which can cause allergic reactions in cat food.

       Attachment: search in * *, Eagle

       The lowest price of pack Yingge gold bag natural organic flower grass cat food is: 7.5kg, 408 yuan, average 27.2 yuan per Jin