What’s good for kittens to eat? What do kittens eat fast?

       My family has a kitten grow thin small, as if the total length is not strong. Later, I found that the ordinary adult cat food was not enough to supplement the nutrition. I listened to my friend’s recommendation and fed it some Wowo baby cat food. Because it contains 80% meat and whey protein imported from the United States, high protein can be easily absorbed to meet the growth needs of the kitten. There are also plant extract fiber and probiotics + prebiotics that can help the kitten digest and absorb nutrients and maintain the intestine The way peristalsis, so that the kitten’s intestines and stomach are protected. The effect is still good, it is now slowly developing, seems to be more healthy and stronger than before.

       Sleeve tiger PET: kittens should not eat homemade food. Cats generally mature 2 months earlier than their body. Kittens refer to cats before 8 to 12 months. They need a lot of nutrition. Lack of nutrition has a serious impact on health. Cat food is composed of many ingredients, and nutrition is added according to the needs of cats.

       Two to five months old kittens are in growth. More calories are necessary for fast growing kittens. Cats weighing 1 kg at 3-4 months after birth need 130-250 calories per day, 100 calories after six months, and 80 calories for adult cats. In terms of nutrients, cats are basically carnivores, so they need more animal protein. In addition, if calcium intake is insufficient, it will lead to incomplete growth of bones, teeth and claws; if taurine is insufficient, it will cause blindness or heart muscle disease; when vitamin A is insufficient, it will also cause visual impairment or deterioration of skin condition. Therefore, we should consider giving more of these nutrients. The calcium requirement of young cats is 40% higher than that of adult cats.

       As long as you feed her kitten food (Royal cat food) on time, and pay attention to keeping enough exercise, you can grow quickly. In fact, I think cats are the most lovely when they are young.

       If you want a kitten to grow well, you must first feed it well. Kitten’s food must contain adequate protein, fat, vitamins and other minerals, and these nutrients should be matched in a certain proportion. In growing up, kittens have some special requirements for food, and the energy required per kilogram of body weight is four times that of adult cats. They also need to eat more protein than adult cats, and they must contain a variety of amino acids. They also need the right amount of vitamins and minerals to ensure the healthy growth of teeth and bones. Because kittens require much more nutrition and energy than adult cats, and their stomach capacity is smaller, they should eat less and more meals. In order to ensure that kittens get enough nutrition, their ideal food should be easy to digest, delicious and highly nutritious food. Your own big meal may not meet all these needs at the same time, so the way to be lazy is to feed cat food. The nutritious diet designed by professionals is more scientific than that made by yourself.

       If you find that the original diet of a kitten is not reasonable enough, first of all, you should learn about its eating habits in the original owner’s house. Then, when it adapts to your home environment, it will take 3 to 4 days to gradually complete the work of changing the kitten’s diet. Feeding cats can’t be too casual, should be as much as possible to achieve timing and ration. The newly weaned kittens should be fed 4 to 5 times a day. When they grow to 6 months and their weight reaches 34% of adult cats, the feeding times can be gradually reduced to two times a day. Cats generally don’t overeat, so they feed them as much as they need per meal. The feeding time should be controlled within 20 to 30 minutes. The remaining food should not be left in the cat’s food plate. It should be removed in time. Male cats eat more and grow faster than female cats, and they also weigh more in adulthood than female cats.

       When kittens grow to eight to nine months old, they can gradually feed adult cats, and the transition process is best for a week. You can gradually increase the proportion of adult cat food in the kitten’s food, and eventually make the cat fully adapt to the adult cat’s food. When the kitten grows up, she will occasionally go hunting. If she is not sick, but her food intake at home is reduced, she will get something outside. This shows that your cat has grown into a “human”.

       What you need before you have a cat:

       If it’s a kitten, a bag of 1kg cat food a month is enough. It costs about 25 ocean

       If you are not willing to buy, it is recommended to feed the cat with rice mixed with some meat

       Drink fresh water, change it every day, and keep fresh water at all times

       Pull the cat litter. It’s not ordinary sand. Unless you want to be smoked to death, it’s the cat’s toilet. It’s about one month

       Big bag, cost 20 ocean, if rich, recommend to use crystal cat litter, is the best choice for cat owners, a month

       About 40 oceans

       Cleaning products – pet shampoo (with insecticidal effect), about 20 ocean

       Daily pest control – flea collar, recommended to use Haiwei company’s flea collar, the side effect is small, price: 4.9 ocean

       matters needing attention:

       Take a bath for a new cat – don’t take a bath within a week of adoption, especially if you buy a kitten. First of all, the cat is weak, so take a bath

       It is easy to catch a cold. Secondly, the cat is not familiar with you and is easy to be scratched. In addition, it has not adapted to the environment

       It is easy to have fear

       When taking a bath, the water temperature should not be hot. After washing, wipe it with a large bath towel. The kitten is best to use a small hair dryer

       Blow dry

       New cats cut their nails – since you’re not familiar with them, use scissors or nail clippers while they’re sleeping, minus the transparent tips of their claws

       Don’t cut it too deep. It will hurt your nerves

       luxury goods:

       Cat scratch board (25 ocean) for cats to grind their claws

       Pet comb (18 ocean), to clean the hair, reduce hair loss

       Toys, mice and so on (very expensive) suggested to use wool ball instead, the cat will prefer

       Another: cats need to be vaccinated when they are stable

       Just bought a kitten, you should ask it milk powder and other things, not cat food, because it is still a young cat, feed it twice a day, in the morning and evening, each time a small dish, generally give it a bath twice a week, when you give it a bath, you should pay attention to the water temperature, and the weather changes, after washing, you can use the hair dryer to dry it, do not let it cold.

       There are two periods in the growth process of kittens, the first is a very fast growing period, followed by sexual maturity. In these two periods, proper nutrition is needed to make the young cats grow into healthy and strong adult cats.

       Fast growing period: 2 months to 6 years old

       After weaning, the kittens enter the rapid growth period, which lasts until the kittens reach the age of 6 months. During this period, kittens need high-quality food with balanced nutrition, high protein and calories, and various nutrients and energy needed for rapid growth. In terms of the energy required per unit weight, fast-growing kittens need twice as much energy as adult cats; however, they have small mouths, small teeth and small stomachs, so they can’t eat and digest enough food in one meal. Therefore, from weaning to six months old, kittens must eat at least three meals a day. Because kittens need a lot of nutrition and heat energy, they must eat high-quality Kitten Food with special formula. This kind of high-quality Kitten Food is characterized by meat as the main raw material, and it is very easy to digest and contains a lot of nutrients, which can meet the special nutritional needs of young cats.

       Rapid maturity: 6 months to 12 months

       When the young cats reach the size similar to adult cats after rapid growth period, their nutritional requirements are different. After the age of six months, the growth rate of cats begins to slow down, and the amount of activity will be slightly reduced. At this time, they eat more food per meal, so they can reduce the number of meals per day. Although the cat’s body shape is very similar to that of an adult cat, it will still grow up. Many cat owners will give their cats different foods when they reach sexual maturity. In fact, cats like to eat high-quality dry cat food. At this time, we can add a little nutritious canned cat food to dry cat food to meet their different nutritional requirements due to their slow growth.

       When the cat reaches one year old, it needs to eat adult cat food specially formulated for adult cat; adult cat no longer needs a lot of heat and nutrients provided by Kitten Food. Remember to follow the same rule when changing pet food: gradually change it within 5-7 days. During the period of changing diet, we should pay special attention to monitor the weight of the cat and adjust the feeding amount according to the weight of the cat at any time. Most cats eat a certain amount of food according to the amount of heat they need, so they can be fed by any method. However, if the cat only moves indoors, because the amount of activity is not large, the random feeding method may cause overweight problem; therefore, the method of twice daily ration feeding can be adopted to prevent the cat from being too fat.

       Feeding human food to young cats can cause unnecessary disturbing behaviors, such as the bad habit of begging for food or stealing food. Feeding home cooked food, feeding young cats with adult cat food (especially weight-loss cat food), or adding vitamins and other nutritional supplements to a fully balanced cat food may result in malnutrition.

       Generally speaking, it’s the best choice to feed the cat food bought in the market. It’s good to feed cooked fish and shrimp if conditions permit. But you should also eat cat food properly, otherwise the kitten will have indigestion~

       When a cat has indigestion or vomit much, it should be given digestive medicine. The general Jiangzhong Xiaoshi tablet can be a quarter of a tablet, ground, put in the cat’s food, or feed it directly~

       I hope your cat can grow up quickly*^^*

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