What’s the best way to keep a pet squirrel?


       Squirrels like to be vegetarian and occasionally eat meat. Its vegetarian diet mainly consists of dried fruits and seeds of Korean pine, spruce, fir, larch, Scotch pine, hazelnut and acorn; its meat food mainly includes insects, larvae, ant eggs and other small animals. In the case of food shortage, squirrels have another choice. In spring, we eat tree sprouts, mushrooms, trays and blueberries in summer. In autumn, we have plenty of food to eat and drink. We can eat whatever we want, but the best thing is Korean pine nuts. When it comes to picking pine seeds, this is the squirrel’s specialty. No matter how tall the trees are or where the cones grow, squirrels can eat from their mouths. The specific process is: it first bites the mature cone to the ground, and then comes down from the tree. Like primates, it peels off the scales of the cone with its forefeet, bites the seed coat, takes out the seeds, and feeds on pine nuts. What’s interesting is that when the squirrel is frightened, it doesn’t put down the food easily, but runs away with the cone in its mouth.

       Squirrels are very lively, especially like to climb trees, activity space is more three-dimensional, should try to choose a wide and high cage. As squirrels are used to building nests on trees, the nest box should be installed at the height of the cage. The nest box can be replaced by the nest box which is used by birds and the entrance is at a high place. Squirrel action is very fast, when opening and closing the door, pay attention to avoid taking advantage of the gap to escape. In case of escaping, if you suddenly grab it, avoid being bitten by a squirrel.

       Generally speaking, the house where squirrels are kept should be southeast, warm in winter and cool in summer, with certain light, which is beneficial to animal health. The houses and cages of animals should conform to their living habits. The house where squirrels are kept can be nailed with iron wires or boards, and the area should be appropriately larger. When raising in single cage, the size of outer movable cage can be 60x25x45cm, or double-layer cage with the size of 55x45x45cm, which can be used as a place for feeding, drinking, sports and breeding. The surrounding and top of the cage can be woven with iron wire, with mesh size of 4-3.5cm, and the cage bottom can be woven with thicker iron wire; glass or iron can also be used on both sides and back The skin is replaced by a small door, which is convenient for animals to enter and exit or clean, or to put food and water. In addition to the outer cage, there should be a nest box for its habitat, rest and birth. The nest box can be made of 1.5-2.0 cm thick wood nailed, and its length, width and height are 30x25x25cm or 45x35x45cm. The outer cage can be installed together with the nest box, or it can be placed separately to let squirrels in and out freely.

       Rats can also be raised on a large scale. In this case, there is a need for larger pet houses, which are divided into two parts: sports ground and houses for animals to rest and sleep. In the sports ground, there should be trees or perches for squirrels to climb and jump. Male and female adult squirrels should be kept separately during non breeding period. If it is reserved for breeding, the squirrel should be given special care and can be raised separately. The size of pet can be 90x30x45cm, and the bottom of cage should be provided with fecal board for cleaning and disinfection.

       Each pet should be placed in a pot rack and drinking basin, and they should be fixed to avoid being overturned, dirty or wet the environment; enamel basin or plastic basin can be used for food basin.

       Squirrels live in cold and temperate zone. However, due to its superb nest building technology, the temperature inside the nest is much higher than that outside the nest. Therefore, in order to ensure its safe overwintering under artificial breeding conditions, the temperature should be kept at 5-23 degrees Celsius, which can not be too low, otherwise it will affect its growth and reproduction.

       2. Feeding management

       Squirrels seem to feed on the seeds of Fagaceae plants, but they also eat quite a lot of insects in nature, so it is better to feed some animal food as well. Nuts such as walnuts and chestnuts are the favorite of squirrels. Biting open the hard shell is not only a game for squirrels, but also can help wear teeth. It’s best to feed this kind of food regularly. If artificial feed is the staple food, apple and other food should be supplemented.

       It is also an important condition to improve the growth and management of squirrels. Special attention should be paid to the content and quality of protein in feed mix proportion. The feed of squirrel includes mixed feed, roughage and green and juicy feed. The mixed feed is generally composed of barley, wheat, corn, soybean and skin. The content of the mixed feed is 25% barley or wheat, 20% corn, 15% soybean cake, 10% soybean, 20% drum skin, 6% fish meal, 3% bone meal and 1% salt. The nutritional components of this mixed feed are: more than 20% protein, 6% fat and 42% carbohydrate. The roughage mainly includes flowers, sunflowers and walnuts; the green and juicy feed includes cabbage, carrot, rape, mulberry leaves and holly leaves; in summer and autumn, it can also feed some fruits and other foods, such as cucumber, tomato and watermelon. The daily feeding amount of each squirrel is about 30 grams of mixed feed, 200-250 grams of roughage, and 150-200 grams of green and juicy feed. It is necessary to feed three times a day in the morning, in the middle and in the evening. For young squirrels, it is necessary to increase the feeding times to ensure that they can feed at any time and meet the energy and nutritional needs of their growth and development.

       In different periods, the nutritional requirements of squirrel vary. For female squirrels, the feed should be diversified during pregnancy and lactation, and the feed should be fresh as far as possible with complete nutritional components, so as to meet the nutritional needs of the growth and development of the fetus or young, especially to improve the protein content in the diet. The composition of food nutrition structure should also be paid attention to in different growth stages.

       In the breeding and recovery period, male squirrels should also strengthen nutrition and increase the supply of fish meal and milk. However, it should be noted that if the carbohydrate supply exceeds the feeding standard, the physical fitness of the squirrel will be reduced, and the growth and development speed of the young will be affected.

       Squirrels must pay attention to clean drinking water, often change water in summer, and avoid drinking frozen water in winter, so as to reduce the possibility of poor animal health and infection.

       Well, that person said too much

       It doesn’t need to be that complicated.

       Go to the pet store and the people in the store will introduce you.

       You can tell him that you raised it for the first time and ask him what he should pay attention to.

       I used to, but I didn’t buy it in a pet store. It was on the side of the road. It seems to be different from the pet shop

       The pine trees in pet shops have long mouths, long tails, long claws and long tongues

       Roadside is a small kind, more lovely

       It’s summer now, but clean out the watermelon seeds, put them in the sun and feed them to him

       You can also give him some fruit, apple, watermelon, banana, pear and so on ~ ~ ~ but these things should not be fed too much, and should be cleaned up every day

       Feed him something hard, such as walnuts, melon seeds, almonds and so on, so that he can properly grind his teeth and prevent them from growing!

       In fact, squirrels are very good to keep. The most common pet squirrels are demon king squirrels, Huangshan squirrels, snow squirrels, Jinhua squirrels. The most important thing for keeping squirrels is patience. I think the most beautiful one is snow, but the snow is expensive. I have two demon king squirrels in my family. They have never been ill since childhood. They can keep them patiently for a while Rebellious period you will be more difficult, once through the little guy will give you a lot of surprise

       1. Ensure that the squirrels are not plague hosts. 2. Ensure that your squirrels are not rabies virus carriers. 3. Squirrels may carry lethal Rickettsia przewalskii. It is recommended not to raise squirrels. The main problem is that the squirrels do not have a normal breeding, marketing channels and immune treatment. It’s probably a wild squirrel in your hand. Squirrels are rodents, I think the risk factor of living rodents, I think you have the bottom of your mind! In fact, squirrels are good pets, but the safety factor is too low! No more than dogs and cats, there is a set of regular injection, diagnosis, safe feeding procedures. Including hamsters and other rodent pets. It is relatively safe as long as it is not wild and does not carry lethal virus. If you want to raise them, you’d better not mix with hamsters.

       1. There are about 30 golden squirrels on the market, but there are few young ones. They are generally interactive and manic in winter,

       2. Devil’s squirrels are 200 to 300 on the market. There are young rats in April and July every year, but it’s difficult to feed them by themselves. It’s very interactive to raise them from young rats, but we should have enough time to play with them.

       3. The market price of Huangshan squirrels is about 300, and there are young rats in April or July every year, but it is difficult to feed them by themselves. It is very interactive to raise them from young rats, but we should have enough time to play with them.

       4. Snow, market prices range from 1500 to 3000, with pups from April to July every year. However, it’s difficult to feed your own milk. It’s very interactive to raise from young rats, but you should have enough time to play with it.

       Demon king, Huangshan, snow, these three kinds of squirrels are 20 to 30 cm in size. If you want your family members to raise young mice, and have enough time to play with them. It is difficult to raise young rats and die easily. The price of Jinhua is cheap, but it’s not a close relative. It’s very manic in winter. It should be noted that none of these four species of squirrels have reached the domestication level of cats and dogs, and their relative level is not as good as that of cats and dogs. You should be prepared to be bitten. Generally, young rats don’t bite people, but when they grow up, they should be careful. If they are provoked, they will bite people, and if they are serious, they will bleed. If they are simply put in the cage to watch, it doesn’t matter,

       Snow has the highest ornamental value and the most lovely appearance, followed by demon king and Huangshan. Their food is mainly melon seeds, pine nuts, walnuts and other nuts, fruit as snacks.

       Your 1 plague host is not guaranteed

       Make sure your squirrels are not rabies carriers

       3. Squirrels may carry the lethal Rickettsia przewalskii

       It is recommended not to raise squirrels. The main problem is that none of them are normal

       Breeding, marketing channels and immune treatment. It’s probably a wild squirrel in your hand.

       Squirrels are rodents. I think the risk factor of wild rodents is in your mind

       Have a bottom! In fact, squirrels are good pets, but the safety factor is too low! No

       Dogs and cats, there is a set of regular injection, diagnosis, safe feeding procedures.

       Including hamsters and other rodent pets. As long as it’s not wild, it doesn’t carry a lethal virus,

       Relatively safe. If you want to raise them, you’d better not mix with hamsters.

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