What’s the biggest cat? Introduction of large cats

       A lot of people want to have a super big cat. It’s heavy to hold. Also super coquettish, like a dog, so the feeling of the cat must be very good. What’s the biggest cat? Introduction of large cat breeds, people who like big cats can learn about it.

       1. Maine cat

       The Maine cat is a long haired cat. Strong build, very thick coat. One of the largest cats in the world. Their average weight is 11 kg.

       2. Savannah cat

       Savannah is a tall, thin hybrid cat. They can weigh up to 8-15 kg each. They are also called Savannah cats.

       3. Lion cat

       The lion cat comes from Linqing, Shandong Province, so it is also called Linqing lion cat. Their eyes are very special. Basically, their eyes are yellow or blue. Some lions and cats have one eye blue and the other yellow. We call these eyes mandarin duck eyes. The average weight of a lion cat is 9 kg.

       4. Puppet cat

       Puppet cat, as its name implies, is very beautiful in appearance and very gentle in character. My cat is a very friendly and quiet cat. Although the puppet cat is big and heavy, it is very soft inside. Their average weight was 9 kg.

       5. Siberian forest cat

       Siberian cat, body has very thick fur, neck also has a circle of thick fur, like a neck. Only in this way can they resist the cold of Siberia. Their average weight is more than 9kg per animal.

       6. Short haired cat

       British short haired cat, a very old cat species. It looks very simple and naive. The short haired cat is gentle and quiet and friendly to people. Their average weight is 8 kg.

       7. Norwegian Forest Cat

       Norwegian Forest cat. It looks like a Maine cat. They have very strong vitality. In the cold zone, they live a strong life, reproduce, and create their strong physique and fast running ability. The average weight of Norwegian Forest cat is 7kg.

       8. Ragged cat

       A ragged cat is not ragged at all. They have a long life span and have not been found to have any genetic diseases or genetic defects. They are also one of the world’s largest cats, with an average weight of 7.7 kg per cat. Basically, male cats are heavier than female cats.

       9. American short tailed cat

       It’s named because of its short tail. In fact, they do have shorter tails. American short tailed cats have a long life span. It is understood that the longest life span of short tailed cats is 16 years. Have very strong adaptability. Their average weight is 6kg.

       10. Turkish Van Cat

       The coat of Turkish Van Cat is very beautiful. Their hair is not only snow-white, but also shiny. The texture of the coat is like silk satin, very smooth. Except for the head, ears and tail, they don’t have a single hair. There is also a very friendly heart under the bright appearance, family breeding is the most suitable. Turkish Van Cat is also one of the largest cats in the world, with an average weight of 5kg.