What’s the cat’s breed? What’s the cat’s breed?

       Chinese country cat, very common breed.

       But it’s very rare for a pure black cat to have long hair. It’s very lucky to have such a beautiful cat. You know, I spent half a year looking for a black cat to get it, and it’s short haired.

       Ragged cat. I remember it was after the puppet cat came out that some cat lovers didn’t recognize the nickname of puppet cat. Should the puppet cat building know something? So it can’t be a ragged cat. The face shape of Bombay cat is not like this. Bombay cat does not have long hair, and other breeds of cat have no black color. Therefore, it is definitely pastoral.

       Speaking of it, the face shape of your cat is similar to that of my black ball. My family’s face is only male. It’s so similar that you’re supposed to be male, right? In a word, such a beautiful cat should be kept well.

       This cat is a popular online cat recently, called melon skin..

       It is a domestic cihuahua cat. It was a vagrant before, and was adopted by its owner,

       The picture is PS. It looks like a picture from a cat that tells the importance of eyeliner.

       My friend is very cute recently. It’s very cute.

       This one should be called “native cat” or “domestic cat”. There is no special place. It’s very common.

       Here are some cat breeds.

       Let’s first talk about European and American short hair

       What are the breeds of cats? The breed and picture of the native cat, chartreuse, is a very old breed. French monks first raised the cat. It has round head, thick body, short straight hair and only gray monochrome. It’s very similar to English short grey, and many cats will be grouped into one group.

       Bombay is produced by American short and Burmese cat. It is black in shape, with round head, yellow or light blue eyes, and its coat is bright. It is different from the ordinary black cat. Active, playful, friendly and approachable. The voice is small, like the attention of the host.

       Russian Blue – medium build, green eyes, grey body (nose, toe) grey (Cat Club term is “blue”), short thick hair, light and soft, brush like upright. Independent, calm, able to live alone for a long time, friendly with children and other pets.

       Scottish Fold – a new breed of scottish fold, which was introduced in Scotland in 1961. It has medium-sized body, small round head, drum body and various fur colors. The spleen is gentle and gentle. Folding ear is a strong gene, and the offspring will produce more folded ears.

       Rex ¨C it first appeared in Cornwall, UK in 1950, and then in Devon, UK, and in Germany, curls with different genetic characteristics also appeared. Medium build, body length, long limbs, large ears, small face, body without facial hair, only bottom hair curl. Hair color and eye color are not specified.

       Manx – native to Ireland, no tail or very short tail, thick back, long hind legs, walking like jumping, thick coat, various coat colors. Personality like dog, loyal to the owner, friendly to the dog. The tailless gene is a death gene. Under the influence of the gene, kittens often die.

       Let’s talk about European and American long hair

       Mainecoon ¨C thirty native products of Maine, the United States, look very much like the “Norwegian forest”, which is said to be a common ancestor. The hair is thick but silky, easy to comb, with a large tail and long hair. It has a strong body and a variety of hair colors. Very smart, playful, approachable and independent.

       Ragdoll – this is a new breed of American in 1960. Only some American cats will set the standard. It has a large body, medium hair length, blue eyes, golden white hair on the whole body, dark hair on the ears, face and tail tips, and dark or white hair on the ends of four feet. Personality like dog, loyal to the master, love to play.

       Asian cat breeds.

       Let’s start with short hair

       Siamese, native to Thailand, is of medium build, slender and long limbs. Its hind legs are longer than those of its forelegs, its tail is long, its neck is long, its head is triangular, its eyes are blue, its nose is long, its ears are big, its body hair is golden yellow, and its silk is short and straight. It feels light and elegant in general. It is characterized by dark ears, nose, mouth, toes and tail. There are four different colors. Very smart, curious, active, but talkative, noisy, jealous, aggressive, strong minded. Two cats are hard to get along with.

       H * * ana ¨C the fact is that dark chocolate is short in the East, and the name is because of the cat’s fur color, such as “Cuban Savannah cigar.”.

       Korat, a medium-sized cat native to Thailand, has only silver gray fur and golden green eyes. It is a domesticated household cat with few people. However, it needs companionship and can get along with dogs.

       Burmese, a bigger cat than Siamese, the American Cat Association admits only brown, while the British Cat Association admits 10 faces. “Burmese gene” is the unique inheritance of this cat. Each hair has a part of color, which makes the color distribution of his hair different from that of other cats. Personality is very independent and active, friendly to the people you like, noisy, love to run out.

       Tonkinese, a hybrid of Siamese and Burmese cats, is characteristic of coexisting parents. Often in a mixed breed of kittens, there are Siamese cats, Burmese cats and Tokyo cats.

       Singapore ¨C the ancestors are native cats and stray cats from Singapore. The body is the smallest among cats. The shape is similar to that of the East, short, big eyes and big ears. The coat is light brown with light stripes, and its back, legs and tail are deep. Adaptable, curious and friendly. Cat international is not recognized as an independent breed.

       Let’s talk about long hair

       Persian ¨C the most populous long haired cat. The head is round, the face is round, the neck is thick and short, the eyes are big and round, the ears are round, the nose is short, flat and wide, and the mouth is powerful. The body is medium to large, with 4 short, straight and stout limbs, huge and powerful soles, thick short and thick hair on the tail. The body hair is thick, soft, with long hair on the face and neck. The hair is the same length as the whole body. It feels thick and beautiful, but the hair is easy to knot. There are 36 approved coat colors. Calm, approachable, loyal and introverted.

       Himalayan is a breed produced by Siam and Persian cats. It is basically a Persian cat with “Himalaya gene” characteristics [dark ears, nose, mouth, toes and tail tips], but the breed is not stable and far away from the Persian standard.

       Birman, a mixture of Siamese and Persian cats, is said to have been born in France in 1919. The coat color is like Himalaya, but its head and face are longer than Persian cat. It’s not Siam in general, nor Persian cat. The wool is heavy and not easy to knot. The special style is four hoof treading on the snow, with dark face, ears, legs and tail, light body hair and blue eyes. Calm, approachable, more active than Persian cats and friendly with other pets.

       Turkish Angora, Turkey ¨C hairy East. Medium body, triangular head, long body, long legs, long tail. A variety of hair colors, two colors (white with other colors) for more, the bottom hair is not thick, not easy to knot. Character is like Oriental breed: smart, good, active, noisy and talkative.

       Turkish Van ¨C a native cat in the Van Lake area of Turkey, which is not recognized by the American Cat Association. This is a large and early maturing variety. It can eat meat in five or six weeks and weighs about 4kg in October. The coat color is mostly white and yellow, with yellow tail. In winter, the bottom hair is very thick, not afraid of water, and likes swimming. Independent, not at the mercy of others, hunting nature, need more activity, not adapt to high temperature weather.

       Balinese ¨C in 1950, a pure Siamese cat in the United States was mutated to produce a hairy Siamese cat. After genetic stability, it became a new breed. Its body shape, coat color and blue eyes are similar to Siamese cat. Its long hair is light as silk and has no thick undercoat.

       Finally, Africa. There are not many kinds of cats

       Egyptian Mau is a kind of Oriental short hair with unique spots. It is said that it was brought to Europe from Egypt, and it is also said that it is a spotted cat developed from Oriental short hair domestic cat. Its main fur colors are black and yellow. The character and body shape are like the Oriental short hair cat.

       Abyssinian ¨C originally from Abyssinia (present-day ithopia), it was brought to Europe in the 19th century to breed. It is a rare variety that can not be found in the original place. Medium build, moderate length of limbs and tail, muscular. The cat’s hair is medium long, and each hair has two or three rings of color. The cat has a special body, like the fur color of a lion. Very intelligent, active, good at hunting and gregarious. Love your master.

       Somali ¨C essentially a long haired Abyssinian cat with a distinctive multi ring color composition. They are mainly red and brown, green or amber, clear eyes, intelligent, active, good at hunting, gregarious and curious.


       The last thing to say is: no matter pure breed, mixed breed or native cat, cat is cat. They are all animals with personality. What we raise is cat, not famous brand or inferior brand. We don’t need to pursue blindly. You have to pay as much love as you have a cat. It has nothing to do with the breed of cat.

       The origin of cihuamao cat is China. It belongs to the natural cat. It is a breed that has been eliminated by many species in the past thousands of years. People are most familiar with the story of “civet cat for crown prince” (Song Dynasty), which is also the earliest record of cihuamao. Therefore, cihuamao has such an English name dragon Li, which is awarded by CFA Cat Association. It is very popular with the people, because it has beautiful, thick fur, healthy body. It’s easy to feed and very good at catching mice.