What’s the cutest cat? – what’s the cutest?

       At present, there are four popular classifications for cats

       1. Western varieties and foreign varieties. Origin classification is a popular method in the West.

       2. Purebred cats and cats. It was classified according to the angle of cultivar cultivation.

       3. Domestic cats and wild cats. According to the living environment, however, there is no strict boundary between the two.

       4. Long haired and short haired. They are classified mainly according to the length of their hair, for example, Persian cat, Himalayan cat, Thai cat and Russian blue cat.

       [impure cat]

       The most common cat in the world, commonly known as domestic cat. There are all kinds of colors, but most of them are Shuang. In any case, all cats that can’t find any species are listed here. Non purebred cats are intelligent, love home, like to catch mice, and have many breeders.

       [Abyssinian cat]

       Also known as “rabbit cat” elegant body, facial expression is extremely rich, red and yellow hair, gorgeous extraordinary, attracted many cat lovers. Abicynian cats are active and active, like free activities, but smart and easy to tame, can teach a lot of play movements, suitable for breeding.

       [Egyptian cat]

       It is a little fat and round, short legs, and has striped spotted fur. It was regarded as a god cat in ancient Egypt. Egyptian cats are friendly to people, lively and naughty, but more sensitive, if not taken care of, easy to escape.

       [long haired cat]

       The back hair of long haired cats is longer, generally 5-10 cm long, which varies with seasons. Long haired cats are bigger, more docile, more dependent, and like to be close to people. However, it is easy to depilate and needs to be combed frequently, so it is difficult to raise.

       Canadian hairless cat

       The appearance is funny and strange. The whole body is almost hairless. The body is long and thin. The tail is long and thin like the tail of a mouse. The color is gray and white. Canadian hairless cats are affectionate, quiet and kind to people, but they don’t like cuddling. Because of their peculiar appearance, they are seldom loved.

       California shinning cat

       Origin: California, USA, hybrid cat. The whole body is covered with leopard stripes, with golden, silver and blue, brown and other kinds of hair, the appearance is very beautiful. California shinning cat is lively and lovely, intelligent and healthy, gregarious by nature, can get along well with other cats and even dogs, and be loyal to its owner.

       [curly cat]

       It is divided into two kinds: KONIS curly cat and Devon curly cat. The body is long, ears are big, and the whole body is short and curly with wavy hair. It looks strange. Curly cat is clever and naughty, warm to people, like to play, but afraid of the cold, difficult to raise.


       Native to Thailand, its coat color is silver blue, also known as Thai silver cat. It is rare and valuable due to its small production. Siamese cats are short and fat. Colette is quiet in character, but alert, and does not like strangers. Male cats are particularly aggressive.

       American short haired cat

       Native to the United States, it belongs to a large cat species. Compared with the British short haired cat, it has a slightly longer face and mouth and more stripes. American short haired cat is independent in character, but it is good at running and catching mice. It is suitable for families with courtyard.

       Bengal cat

       It is a cross between a small wild cat and a domestic cat. The spots on the body are different from those of other leopard spotted cats. They are distributed horizontally and look like rose shaped. Bengal cat is gentle and friendly, but it is easy to be excited because of its wild cat blood, and often makes uncontrollable calls.

       Bombay cat

       A hybrid of Burmese cat and American black short haired cat. It is called “Little Black Panther” because it is black and shiny. It is large and muscular. It is called “Little Black Panther”. It is quite gentle in character and likes to be accompanied by people. When being hugged, the throat will purr continuously.

       European short haired cat

       It is similar in appearance to the British short haired cat, but not of its bloodline. Its body and face are slightly longer than that of the British short haired cat. The fur is short and thick, and the texture is brittle and easy to break. European short haired cat is alert and sensitive, has strong hunting ability and is a good rat catcher.

       Scotch cat

       It is a very beautiful and lovely cat. Its body, head and limbs are round, its tail is thick and short, its ears are close to its head, and its eyes are big and round. Scotch cat is quiet, intelligent and tolerant. It can get along with children and is suitable for family rearing.

       [exotic short haired cat]

       Domestic also known as “short hair Persian cat”, in addition to short hair, other body shape, limbs, head, face and eyes are the same as Persian cat. Gentle and gentle personality, like to be close to people, but more naughty and clever than Persian cat.

       Siamese cat

       It is produced in Thailand and has long hair varieties in the same family. No matter what color the coat is, the hair color of the face, tail and limbs is relatively deep, with five long stature, long mouth and big ears. Siamese cats are very emotional, affectionate and loyal to their owners, but their emotions are unstable. They like to make a lot of noise and make annoying calls.

       Singapore cat

       Small and delicate, muscular, it belongs to the dwarf category among cats. The heaviest male cat is rare. There are more than 5 catties of Singapore cats. They are active and playful, curious, like to drill randomly, and even get into the sewer. They are not loved by people.

       British short haired cat

       British Bobcat has a long history, but it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it became popular. The cat is round and plump, with thick, short and developed limbs, short and dense fur, big head, round face, and large and round eyes with various colors according to different fur. The cat is gentle, calm, friendly and easy to raise.

       In addition to pet dogs, cats are the most popular pets. The cat is aloof and arrogant, quiet and mysterious, giving people a unique feeling of being close to each other. There are many kinds of cats, many of which are very lovely and beautiful. People who love cats have summed up some of the cutest cats in the world. Let’s take a look at which cats are on the list. Persian cat, Siamese cat, folding ear cat, Russian Blue Cat, etc. These are very noble and beautiful cats, with lovely and unique appearance. For example, the most special feature of folding ear cat is that it has a pair of folded ears. In addition to these cats, some cats are also very cute and charming. For example: Himalayan cat, British short hair cat, American short hair cat, exotic short hair cat, Norwegian Forest cat Maine cat, German curly cat, man Island tailless cat, * bobtail cat, Singapore cat, Muppet, Somali cat, perm roll cat, Kolat cat, Bombay cat, siberian cat, Turkey Angola, Havana brown cat, American shorttail cat, scoo cat, jinjila cat, American stiff cat, Egyptian cat, Berman cat, dongchini cat, Turkish Van Cat, KONIS curly cat Cat, Oriental short hair cat, key color short hair cat, Burmese cat, ragged cat, Shandong lion cat, charter cat, Abyssinia cat, Canadian hairless cat, Bali cat, OSI cat, American Curly eared cat, etc. Some of the above are some of the most lovely cats, but also a relatively large range of breeding cat species. You know, there are many kinds of cats, and different kinds of cats have different characteristics. If you have to choose which cat is the cutest, it is really a headache. If you want to say what kind of cat is the most lovely, I’m afraid only the one in the owner’s mind is the most lovely one.

       I feel that cats and cats are fluffy and cute… But I can recommend some of my favorite breeds to the landlord. Ha ha, the British short haired cat has a fat face and a cute, blue gray short hair. Jinji cat, from its young age, is very furry, very adorable, and has a very God’s eye, known as a cat with eye liner. Himalayan cat, the combination of fat Persia and thin Siam, hairy super cute, is my very cute cat. Scottish Fold ear cat, round head, small ears, fat also super cute. In fact, when it comes to the most lovely, everyone’s feelings are different

       Cat is a lot of varieties of Oh, in Baidu search: cat varieties Daquan, you can.

       Solid color: such as white (easy to dirty), black (not easy to dirty, but I don’t feel like white cute), yellow, etc

       ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­ The face is flat and lovely. To be very docile, very good, very lazy kind, Persian cat is the most suitable

       Too much, I go to Baidu search, can search a lot of Oh!

       The price of Regal is very expensive, which is more expensive than that of ordinary domestic cats. It is a kind of kind cat that will not get angry. It is suitable for families with children. It is gentle and quiet, and has great tolerance for pain. Therefore, the injury may be ignored. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with people very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them up and down. So if you are a busy office worker and can’t spend too much time with them, it’s better not to raise this breed, or you will make them very unhappy.


       It has an equilateral triangle on the head and a flat between the ears,

       The ears are medium-sized, slightly open, wide at the bottom, wide apart from each other; the ear tips are rounded and inclined forward

       The eyes are large, bright, blue and oval. The distance between the eyes is wide and slightly upward

       A nose of medium length

       The chin should be well developed, strong and in line with the upper lip and nose

       The hind limbs are longer than the forelimbs and the hair of the forelimbs is shorter than that of the hind limbs

       The foot palms are larger and round in proportion, with spikes in clusters

       The tail is long and feathery and covered with fluffy hair

       A long, natural, non knotting, medium-sized coat that forms a soft, double-layer coat. The facial hair is shorter and the neck hair is longer

       The fur colored puppet cat has been bred into three colors:

       1. Two color puppet cat: the trunk is light color, the face, ears and tail are dark, and the chest, abdomen and limbs are white.

       2. Light color on the body.

       3. Open fingered glove puppet cat: like the key color puppet cat, its chest, chest circumference, jaw and front paw are white. The key colors of hair are seal, chocolate, blue and light purple.

       There are many kinds of cats, such as Scottish Fold ear, Bo, Siamese cat, American short, British short, Garfield, puppet, sphinx cat, civet cat, orange cat and so on

       If you want to raise a cute cat, you can choose puppet, Scottish Fold ear, Persian and Garfield. They are all lovely. The British short silver and gold gradients are also good, and the short ones are also lovely. See what you like


       Ear fold



       Beautiful and short

       British short silver gradients

       English short gold gradients

       (I found some pictures for you on the Internet. I hope they will be useful to you. New meow people)

       Pamela: also known as bomeila. It’s a descendant of chingira and Burmese cats. Personality is more lively and lovely, also more easygoing, relatively speaking, not so cold. Cat is a very cute animal. Many people will be unable to extricate themselves after seeing them. However, with the rapid development of society, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. More and more people have started to raise pets. However, human beings, who originally stood at the top of the food chain, also began to give in, instead of becoming stronger Big species, but human beings are willing to become “slaves” of pets! For example, many friends who have cats and dogs have a common name – “shovel Shiguan”! It has to be said that the emergence of pets has indeed brought us a lot of joy. It is more interesting to share a lot of joy. Cats are gentle and clingy, and they don’t need to go out every day like dogs. They are one of the preferred pets for many people. In fact, before this, the only cats Xiaobian knew were puppet cat, Persian cat, British short cat, cihuahua cat and blue cat. However, this blue cat is the one in “blue cat mischievous 3000 questions”. I believe there are many and many small friends who are the same as Xiaobian. Are there only these kinds of cats? In fact, according to the American CFA standard, there are 42 cat categories. Do you know what kind of cat do you like best? Next, everyone with small make up to know these lovely cats, after watching, don’t say you don’t know them~

       It was only in the 20th century that British short haired cats attracted people’s attention. They were round in shape, uniform in color, short and dense in fur, big in head and round in face. They were gentle and calm, friendly to people and easy to raise. Although British short has a strong appearance, but it has a gentle and kind heart. They are a kind of cats with a sense of responsibility. They still love home when they are independent. There are only 100 elves in the world. These elvish looking cats are a cross between the Sphinx and the American Curly cat. Their ears are shrunk like American Curly cats and hairless like Sphinx. Some people think they look like Yoda, others think they’re more like some kind of cave creature from the hobbit. They are extremely rare, so kittens are all priced at around $2000.

       The world’s most cute cat, with two black eyes, is fat and fat. It is natural and lovely to eat. It is also a first-class tree climber. Besides, it enjoys a five-star villa close to the forest, which is China’s national treasure panda. There’s nothing more cute than it. I also know that the laziest cat is the coffee cat, and the cat with the most sense of justice is the black cat sheriff. Hope to adopt.