What’s the difference between a jack and a jack?

       The standing ear and folded ear of the Scottish Fold eared cat are as follows:

       1. The ears of a cat with folded ears are crooked. If the ears are folded well, they look like they have no ears;

       2. The standing ear cat belongs to the cat with folded ears. However, it has not inherited the gene showing the broken ears (i.e. the ears are bent, and the well folded ones look like they have no ears);

       3. There is a fold ear gene in the cat’s gene, so it can produce a cat with broken ears, but the probability is smaller than that of a cat with a broken ear.

       Some of the broken ears will stand up, but he is still folded. Folding ear cats are born with hereditary bone diseases, which can not be cured or avoided. As long as they are not sick, they are the same as ordinary cats. There is no difference between folding ear and standing ear. My family also has a folding ear cat, which is very sensible. It is no different from a normal cat~

       Scotch fold eared cat (the only recognized cat species among the purebred cats recognized by CFA and CAA)

       The Scotch fold eared cat, a purebred cat with a defect in the fold ear gene, received and

       The 2-point-1 is standing ear, but it can only be named after the Scottish Fold ear cat

       It can’t be named after American short haired cat or British short hair standing cat!

       Scotch fold eared cats allow the appearance of long and short hair

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