What’s the difference between an ordinary cat and a breed of cat

       However, we will find that when installing optical broadband, we need to buy a light cat, and the ordinary cat used before will be invalid.

       The difference between naked cat and ordinary cat

       Use technical terms to explain the light cat:

       The so-called optical cat refers to the transceiver device that converts the optical Ethernet signal into other protocol signals. Optical cat is the common name of optical modem, which has the function of modulation and demodulation.

       You may not understand the above professional explanation. In fact, the function of the optical cat is the same as that of the ordinary cat that we used to install broadband. Both of them are conversion hubs for new number conversion. Only when they are installed can we use optical fiber or telephone line to access the Internet.

       But there are some differences between the naked cat and the ordinary cat

       The first is the difference in appearance.

       Before introducing the difference between the light cat and the ordinary cat, Xiaobian has provided a contrast map of the light cat and the ordinary cat. Through this contrast map, you can see the difference between the two.

       Second, there are differences in principle.

       The optical cat converts the optical Ethernet signal of optical fiber into the electronic signal that can be recognized by the computer; the ordinary cat converts the digital signal in the telephone line into the electronic signal.

       When installing optical fiber broadband, the operator will ask you to buy a dedicated optical cat, but the price of this kind of cat is relatively expensive, and generally will not give away. Therefore, many people will ask whether we can use the ordinary cat as a naked cat? We can clearly tell you that you can’t. Because the ordinary cat is unable to accept the ether signal, also can not convert the signal. The cost is also an important reason for the rapid popularization of optical broadband.

       Comments: as the optical fiber is not popular, so many friends have not heard of the optical cat. Here we introduce the difference between the optical cat and the ordinary cat to help you understand the optical fiber broadband in advance.

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       Breed cats — stable personality, relatives, not afraid of life, good temper,

       It usually doesn’t hurt the owner easily,

       Don’t bite the master.

       However, most of the cats were born by human intervention,

       Weak constitution,

       They are prone to genetic diseases,

       The life span is also relatively short,

       Feeding requires care.

       Native cat (China) – also known as ordinary domestic cat,

       Strong resistance,

       Strong physique,

       It’s not easy to get sick,

       Healthy, skinny,

       Long life.

       But most of the domestic cats are in their nests,


       Moreover, the temperament of native cats is not as stable as that of breed cats,

       Many native cats scratch and bite their owners.

       1. There are different kinds of cats

       The native cat is our native Chinese cat, also known as the Chinese country cat. There are many kinds of native cats, including cihuamao, Jianzhou lion cat, Sanhua cat, Xuanmao and so on. The number of breeds of cats is small, mainly including Muppets, Siamese, British, American and so on.

       2. The price is different

       Native cats only need more than ten yuan, some of them can be found on the roadside. But the price of breed cat is expensive, often tens of thousands, the price is expensive.

       3. Different personalities

       There are great differences in the personality of native cats, some are very aggressive, some are cute and cute, and their personality is not stable. Although the appearance is not as good as the breed of cats, but not very picky food, not easy to get sick, fecundity is very strong. However, the breed of cats is stable in character, cute in appearance, stable in gene, and seldom in destructive behavior.

       4. Different looks

       The native cat is not necessarily, some of the appearance is relatively high, some are more distinctive. But pure breed cat, the appearance is very stable, the eye can see which breed of cat.

       Purebred cats refer to pure pet cats. They have been raised and loved by human beings for generations. Therefore, they have a better temper than a group of domestic cats. The most obvious two points are that their claws will not stretch freely and their calls will not be so loud. Gentle and sticky, quiet, lazy and naughty, it is an ideal home pet.

       Purebred cats are purebred by blood. There are strict restrictions on mating and should abide by the established principles.

       Purebred cats learn to eat cat food and litter since childhood. They have good health habits. Relatively, they have poor environmental adaptability and low immunity, so they are not usually taken out of their homes.

       Purebred cats generally have some internationally recognized breeds, such as British short hair cat, American short hair cat, Garfield cat, Muppet cat, Siam cat and so on. And each breed has several recognized coat colors, such as gradient, copper, blue, double, cream, tiger spot, and so on.

       Different species of purebred cats have different characteristics on their fur, and the same species often has the same color and shape characteristics in the same position.


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