What’s the difference between native cat and breed cat? Difference between native cat and breed cat

       Native cat is our native Chinese cat, also known as the Chinese country cat (details). There are many kinds of native cats, including cihuamao, Jianzhou lion cat, Sanhua cat, Xuanmao and so on. The number of breed cats is small, and the price is much more expensive than that of Chinese garden cats, mainly including puppet cat, Siamese cat, British short hair cat, American short hair cat and so on. So what’s the difference between a native cat and a breed cat? The difference between native cat and breed cat.

       The difference between the native cat and the breed cat: the price and breed of cat are very expensive, and they can be picked up by the roadside for only ten yuan. Because of the high price, there will be a gap in the cost of feeding. Most kinds of cats eat and use much better than the rural cats, but there are also good owners who give the best and most expensive food to the rural cats.

       The difference between native cat and breed cat: the character and breed of cat are stable, the appearance is clever and lovely, the gene is stable, and there is little destructive behavior. And the personality of the country cat is very different. Some are very aggressive, some are cute and cute, and their personality is not stable. General native cat personality is more lively, independent, like sticky people, curiosity, like chasing prey. Although it is not as good-looking as the breed of cats, it is not very picky about food and is not easy to get sick. It has strong fecundity. The most powerful point is that the country cat has strong adaptability and can look at people’s eyes very much.

       Difference between native cat and breed cat: due to the problems left over from long-term breeding, most breeds of cats will have some genetic defects. For example, broken ear cats are born with rickets, Garfield cats are prone to respiratory diseases, and so on, which will lead to poor physical fitness of some breeds of cats and are not easy to raise. The native cat is born with a stronger constitution than the general breed. They are strong and strong, because they are hybrid cats. They have a large gene pool, and generally have no genetic diseases or genetic defects. Compared with the line cats, they have a certain ability to survive in the wild, which can be said to be the cat with the strongest adaptability and physique.

       Difference between native cat and breed cat: the appearance value and pure breed cat are very stable. You can see which breed of cat it is at a glance. But the country cat is not necessarily, some of the country cat appearance is very high, but some are very characteristic.

       Do you understand the difference between native cat and breed cat? But in fact, all cats are very cute. There is no distinction between high and low species. It’s best to find a cat that fits your eyes.

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