What’s the healthiest way for a cat to eat?

       Ideal food for cats – beef, cooked pork, chicken breast, eggs

       No food – spicy food, such as pepper, mustard, spicy oil, over fat food

       Too cold and too hot food – cat’s tongue is afraid of heat, and the body will repel too cold and hot food

       Viscera – containing vitamin A, too much damage to the bony joints of cats, onions – can destroy red blood cells and cause anemia, which can lead to death.

       Aquatic products such as octopus and squid cause indigestion, vomiting and even death

       Biscuits, sweets – tooth decay

       Chicken bone, fish bone – not easy to digest, even spine injury gastrointestinal

       Eat not cooked fish, will let the cat lack vitamin B1, to the cat eat raw fish will also bring unnecessary parasitic trouble

       If cats are fed with carrots and carrots for a long time, the cat’s vitamin A will be seriously excessive and the cat will be prone to vitamin A poisoning.

       Also should pay attention to is: the cat must not eat too salty, one is not good for the kidney, the second is not good for the skin. Saltiness is probably suitable for people with light taste.

       Reminder: cats who use soft food (homemade food or canned food, etc.) for a long time are prone to dental calculus and gingivitis

       1. Chicken breast 3 Liang, 2 eggs, 13 flavor, chicken essence, salt trace, minced chicken into mud, add eggs, seasoning, pan steamer cooked.

       2. Chicken small chest 3 Liang, chicken liver 2 pieces, egg 1, condiment unchanged, the practice is the same as above

       3. Beef tenderloin 2 liang, lean pork 1 liang, egg 1, condiment unchanged, the practice is the same as above

       4. Fresh crucian carp, scale, gill, intestine. The condiments remain the same. Add a small amount of water into the pressure cooker, and then cool for 1 hour. The fish bones can be ground by hand. Generally, they can be cooked twice a week, and can be eaten for 2-3 days (put in the refrigerator) twice a day, and each time is limited to satiety. Always eat cat food.

       5. Ingredients: salty bread, sliced (or steamed bread), meat stuffing (pig, cattle, sheep, chicken, fish paste or chicken liver paste).

       6. Let’s talk about how to make fish paste first: it’s better to choose grass carp (silver carp can also be used) to head off, not (can be boiled soup people to drink)^_ ^From the back along the fins and bones, split the fillet into two pieces. Remove the fish bone if there is one. Skin down, meat up. Gently beat the fish with the back of the knife and scrape the mud off. Repeat until the skin and bone are left. It’s a little troublesome, but there won’t be any fish bones^_ ^£©¡£ It’s a mixture of meat stuffing. Add an egg, chicken essence, salt (must be less), sesame oil (or peanut oil), stir well, cut the bread into small pieces (preferably cube), wrap the meat stuffing outside, the size should not exceed 3cm in diameter. Put it on a plate and steam or microwave.

       7. Chicken breast (1 piece), chicken liver (2 pieces), meat filling (2 pieces). Pigs, cattle and sheep can be used. Chicken breast and liver are boiled in white water. Chop. Mix well with meat. Steam for 15 minutes. Just cool it. The rest is sealed in a bottle, refrigerated and eaten in two days. When it’s cold, I’ll add two small teaspoons of calcium powder, one teaspoon of cod liver oil, and a good storage (2 pieces ground into powder)

       8. Homemade canned cat: chicken breast (1 piece), fillet (2 liang), chicken liver (1 piece), chopped and stirred. In a bowl, steam in a high pressure cooker for 40 minutes (without any seasoning, including salt)

       9. Chicken bibimbap (recommended) can change chicken into fish or beef

       Ingredients: whole chicken breast, white rice, canned cat (any flavor, mainly depending on which flavor the cat likes)


       1) Chicken processing: the reason why chicken breast is chosen is that chicken breast has no bone, which is easier to handle than chicken leg and wing. If it is frozen chicken, it should be soaked in cold water to thaw in advance. After thawing, cut into long fingers.

       2) Put the chicken in cold water and bring to a boil. Change the heat. Prick some small eyes in the meat with a fork. Cook on low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove chicken when cooked.

       3) Cut the chicken into small dices of half a centimeter square and mix into the rice. The ratio of rice to chicken is two parts of rice and one part of chicken. If it’s luxurious, have more chicken! (be sure to mix well, so that each rice is covered with meat; otherwise, picky cats will eat all the meat and leave the rice in the middle).

       4) Mix some canned cats. Mix them well. Don’t use too much can of cat.

       Note: bibimbap must be heated before feeding. If the rice is taken out of the refrigerator, it is better to heat the rice in the microwave oven after mixing chicken and canned cat. On the one hand, it can ensure that the cat can eat warm food, and on the other hand, it can make the canned cat taste stronger:)

       10. Dry cat food + boiled chicken liver soaked in water and steamed for 5 minutes. Mix well after leaving the pot. The taste is very fragrant. Mimi loves it very much. But also very convenient, cat food is ready-made, chicken liver I generally buy 10 jin once cooked, put in the refrigerator frozen up, as you eat.

       11. Main ingredients: beef stuffing (available in supermarket) 200g, eggs 1pcs

       Accessories: sesame oil, thirteen spices, chicken essence, a small amount of salt.


       A: Add raw eggs and seasonings to beef stuffing, stir well, add a small amount of water at any time until it is thick and white.

       B: Steam for half an hour.

       C: Stir the broth with a small amount of egg juice while it is hot. Note: if you don’t add eggs, the beef is easy to tighten, and the cat will not chew enough when eating food, which will lead to food accumulation and indigestion

       12. You can smash the steamed bread by hand (keep it on the refrigerator or balcony for more than 10 hours to make it a little harder) by hand (the finer the better, You can use a blender), and then cook the fish (Korean fish, also known as Ming Tai fish, which is easy to boil, bone and meat are easy to separate, silver carp can also do), after cooking, remove the bones, smash the fish with chopsticks, put water, and then put the steamed bread crumbs into the boiling, and then put some vegetable oil, salt and sugar to cook before leaving the pot.

       13. Fish head bone and fish bone are very helpful for calcium supplement. The best way to feed cats is river fish. Fresh crucian carp, to scale, gills, intestines, not a bit careless. Put in a pressure cooker, add water slightly over the fish, add a little chicken essence, salt, thirteen spices. Smolder for at least an hour. When the time comes, you can twist the thorn on the fish belly with your fingers (it is not easy to rot on the fish), which should be easily broken. When it’s cool, put it in a sealed bottle and keep it in the refrigerator for a week. When you eat, you can use the microwave to heat it.

       Here are some feeding methods for kittens. Depending on the growth of the kittens and the availability of cat food, the breeders can make appropriate adjustments to let the kittens grow up healthily! You can also try to let it contact different foods from childhood, so as not to become a very picky and difficult cat to raise when growing up. If you decide to feed regularly, it is best to eat 4-6 meals a day before 12 weeks of age, 3 meals a day before 6 months of age, and after 6 months of age; because there are enough teeth to eat any feed, two meals a day is OK.

       (1) Cat milk the intestines and stomach of cats are different from those of human beings, so the milk that people drink is not suitable for cats. The special milk for cats can be purchased in professional veterinary hospitals, cat stores and large-scale pet shops. If the cat can’t drink from the cat’s bowl, it’s necessary to prepare a larger syringe. After soaking warm cat milk, the needle can be used (of course, there is no needle! £©At this time, the kitten will know that it is food and drink it slowly! Here we should pay special attention to: the temperature of soaking cat milk must not be too high, because the cat’s tongue is very afraid of scalding! (2) when the cat’s dry ingredients are soaked in water, about half an hour ago, the general dry ingredients should be added with water and softened. Only when the time is up can the meal be served on time. Pay attention to some of the words, you can also choose to use kitten dry materials. In addition, if you are worried about malnutrition, you can use cat milk instead of water to soften the dry materials.

       (3) Beef essence (mashed)

       (4) Canned kittens

       (5) Cat milk. Another way to feed a kitten is to borrow a cat nipple. Let’s see who has a female cat who is also a newborn kitten, and has more nipples and milk. That is to make children for others for the time being, and then bring them back after weaning.

       It’s the best to eat cat food, because cats need bovine flavin to grow up, but human food can’t be satisfied… And chicken liver and other animals can’t be given to cats for a long time. A substance in chicken liver can’t be digested by cats themselves, which will cause poisoning to cats


       When we feed kittens, in addition to providing cat food, we can also give the cat a little meat every week, which helps the cat grow stronger. But give the amount can not be too big, a nail big meat can be. In addition, the cat’s digestive system lacks an enzyme, so it is best for the owner to chew the meat before feeding it to the cat, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the cat.

       When feeding kittens, as for canned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you have to feed them, you can mix a little bit of Canned Rice and give it to them. Because canned cats are high energy, high protein food, just like people eat in the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion. Carbohydrates like rice are good for the growth of cats.

       What you need to pay attention to when feeding kittens is that it is easy to cause indigestion when the kittens are less than three months old. Because his digestive organs are very delicate, lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, so indigestion will be lax, you can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (it is better to keep lactase raw).

       Kittens or with warm water to soak the cat food soft, easier to digest. Eat less and eat more, don’t eat too greasy food.

       Cats are carnivorous animals, eating other indigestible. But if the meat has been processed, it can not be raw meat directly, there will be bacteria and parasites, and also can not eat meat alone, prone to nutritional imbalance. At present, the most suitable food for cats should be homemade raw bone and meat. There are many great gods in Baidu cat bar. They can search by themselves, which is troublesome and can be done when they have time. Or you can buy a better can. It’s also good.

       Chocolates. Chocolate eaten by humans is toxic to cats, and excessive consumption can be fatal.

       In terms of food content, cats eat more than a small amount. Cats like to prey on rats, and sometimes eat chickens, fish, rabbits, frogs, snakes and so on. The cat’s sensitive olfactory organs are very sensitive to certain foods, so the cat can resist inappropriate food.

       Cats need good animal protein which is easy to digest and absorb. Fat and a small amount of essential vitamins and minerals are also indispensable.

       Extended data

       Since cats were domesticated, they have been kept by human beings for thousands of years. Especially now, many studies have proved that the close relationship between cats and humans has also made cats more popular. The breeding rate has exceeded that of dogs. Even some cat owners call themselves “cat slaves” or “excrement shoveling officers” because of the attitude of cats towards people Law).

       Many people have preconceived ideas about cats because of traditional concepts and TV media. For example, cats like milk or cream and are insidious. Abandoned cats also bring some problems, especially the abandoned cats without ligation, which not only breed in large numbers, but also fight with other cats for territory and cry for mates. Moreover, cats are very efficient predators. They prey on wild animals and are a great threat to rodents and birds.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat


       In fact, cats are also very vulnerable creatures, and their owners can’t provide food at will, because in the cat’s diet, there are many taboos. Some cats will be poisoned if they eat some food, and some will get sick if they eat it for a long time.

       1¡¢ Absolutely fast food

       Onions are absolutely forbidden food for cats, which can lead to anemia and even death of cats; the * * in chocolate can cause poisoning of cats, which can lead to death, so don’t let children at home throw chocolate to cats; stimulating foods such as pepper, pepper and mustard are not tolerated by cats’ intestines and stomach, so cats should avoid eating them by mistake; too salty food will cause poisoning to cats It brings a burden to the cat. Therefore, some salted fish and bacon should be careful not to let the cat eat it by mistake. Ham sausage is a favorite food for cats. The owner also thinks that ham sausage is very convenient for cats. However, ham sausage often contains high salt content and preservatives, so it is not recommended for cats.

       2¡¢ Carefully selected food

       The reason is that the cat can eat it, but we should eat it in a moderate and methodical way. We should not provide excessive biscuits to the cat, such as biscuits. There is no problem with biscuits. However, excessive diet will cause tooth decay and obesity. Therefore, it should be provided in a proper amount.

       Animals have always been controversial. It is true that excessive consumption of animals will cause the burden of cats, such as obesity, calcium deficiency, etc., but also the existence of high nutritional content, and its special fishy smell is also the taste that cats like. Therefore, it is suggested that owners should be appropriate when feeding animals.

       The same is true of fish and shrimp. In our impression, cats should like to eat fish. However, when the owner provides the cat with fish, he should pay attention to the problem of fish bones. Fish bones can easily hurt the cat’s mouth. Moreover, excessive fishy and fresh fish and shrimp may lead to cat diarrhea. Therefore, we should pay attention to the quantity and mode of supply. For example, we should provide the cat with the surimi Avoid parasites.

       As for milk and yogurt, some people say their cats can’t eat it, while others say it’s no problem at all. Why? In fact, there is no problem with milk itself, but some cats are intolerant of lactose. In fact, the same thing will happen to people. Some people will have diarrhea as soon as they drink milk. Therefore, do not provide milk for such cats.

       As for whether cats can absorb the nutrients in milk, there has always been a big controversy. My idea is this: in short, newborn animals drink milk partly because of nutrition, and the other is to obtain antibodies in milk. For cats, antibodies in milk are meaningless, but nutrients in milk will be absorbed by cats Milk is not completely useless, just as cats get fat when eating meat.

       In fact, to sum up, the owner should not give the cat too much food, simple and healthy.

       1. Salt and salty food salt is one of the taboos in cat food.

       2. Ham sausage ham sausage contains salt, and its meat quality is not guaranteed.

       3. Chicken liver is rich in fat and protein, which is easy to cause cat obesity and constipation. In addition, chicken liver has strong palatability. Cats who use chicken liver for a long time will not accept other food. The same is true for other kinds of food.

       4. Raw meat and fish a considerable number of cat owners believe that cats should maintain a certain degree of wildness, and cats are originally raised to catch mice, so cats should eat raw meat. In fact, it is not impossible for cats to eat raw meat.

       5. Aquatic products many people think that cats like to eat fish, so they must like aquatic products (such as shrimp, crab, shellfish, etc.). There are two misunderstandings in this view: first of all, domestic cats are evolved from grassland cats and desert cats. It is difficult to find water in the environment of their ancestors (which is why cats drink less water). Due to the continuation of genes, cats are also generally afraid of water, so it is impossible for them to come into contact with fish living in water. However, domestic cats eat fish because of the presence of fish The cat’s body needs a lot of protein and taurine. Secondly, in the cat’s view, fishy food is fresh, so the cat will have a strong interest in aquatic products, and the purine content in aquatic products is high and difficult to digest. In light, it will cause vomiting and diarrhea, and even lead to cat death in severe cases.

       6. Strong alkaline food cats are carnivores, which shows that cats are acidic. Strong alkaline food, such as grapes, egg protein, etc., has a great impact on the cat’s body, especially grapes. The cat may even die by eating grapes and raisins by mistake.

       7. Irritant food irritant food, such as pepper, mustard, etc., will damage the cat’s taste system and cause the cat’s taste loss.

       8. Onion and onion can destroy the red blood cells in the cat’s blood, which can cause anemia and even death.

       9. Sweet food cats are born without sweet buds, but it is strange that many cats prefer to eat sweet food, such as corn, papaya, watermelon, biscuits, cream and so on. Corn, papaya and watermelon are not harmful to the cat’s health. They can be eaten by the cat. However, biscuits, cream and other foods can damage the cat’s teeth and cause tooth decay or dental calculus. Of course, if you can brush or wash your cat’s teeth regularly, you can give it sweet food. Otherwise, it’s better not to feed it.

       10. Chicken bones, fish bones, many families will feed the rest of the bones to the cat, in fact, this is not good. If you pay attention to the cat’s eating, you will find that the cat seldom chews but devours, while the chicken bone and fish bone are very sharp. If the cat eats by mistake, it will easily scratch the cat’s mouth and intestines, and even lead to the death of the cat.

       A cat can be fed two or three meals a day.

       It’s mainly related to your free time. It can be divided into two or three times, as long as you can ensure the feeding regularity.

       The most important thing is to feed regularly. Remember to feed regularly and quantitatively. Only in this way can the health of the cat’s intestines and stomach be good.

       Of course, if the cat is still young, try to feed it several times a day to avoid indigestion.

       Cats less than two months old need to be fed at least four times a day. Cats generally don’t eat when they are full. However, the amount of cat food they eat at one time is limited, so they need to eat another meal soon. For cats after two months, feed them at least three times a day to avoid the burden on the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       Because cats usually have the habit of licking their hair, it is easy to form hair balls in their stomach. Therefore, cats are prone to gastrointestinal diseases. Once the hairballs are too much, they will block the intestinal tract, resulting in abnormal excretion and eating. Serious cases can be fatal

       Sometimes the hair ball in the cat will vomit naturally, but this is not a long-term method

       There are several ways for a cat to remove the hair ball inside the body. It is more natural to eat some cat grass, or to spit hair paste. Cat grass is cheaper and green. Buy some seeds to grow by yourself, which not only ensures the health of the cat, but also beautifies the house

       The latter is more expensive, but it works faster

       There are a lot of things that cats are not allowed to eat. For example, if you eat too much onion, it will lead to death. Of course, if you directly eat it, it will not eat, but some dishes with onions, it will be very dangerous to eat. It is recommended that you buy some cat food, a bag of more than 20 yuan, can eat for more than a month

       Keeping a small animal is not that easy

       You can give the cat some yeast tablets ~ this is to help digestion, it is good for the body, every time can be a small snack to eat for the cat ~ yeast slice has a light fragrance, the general cat like to eat ~ eat 1,2 days will be effective, very appetizing~

       If it still doesn’t get better, it’s suggested to go to the hospital to have a look. It may also be a serious illness. If it’s not a big deal, go to the hospital and have 2 injections to promote appetite~

       The usual diet conditions or eat kitten cat food, you can use milk powder bubble a bubble, and then give the kitten to eat. When you are half year old, it is recommended to replace the cat food with wool ball, which is good for the cat’s health~

       When making a cat’s rice, you can mix it with cooking oil first, which can promote the cat to digest the hair in the stomach. Because the cat often combs its hair, it will lick in a lot of hair. After a long time, the hair ball (hair ball) will be formed in the stomach, which also affects the appetite~

       3. Can I have milk?

       Answer: don’t give the kitten milk. The 8-week-old kitten can live independently, and he can eat cat food by himself.

       It’s better not to give the kitten milk! The composition of cat’s milk and milk is not the same, some cats have no digestive enzymes that can digest milk, eating milk will cause diarrhea. It is suggested that he only be given cat food for kittens.

       4. Can you feed meat or can?

       In addition to cat food, it is recommended to give the kitten a little meat every week, but the amount should not be too large. A few small pieces of nail plate are OK. It’s even better if you can chew and feed the kitten, because the cat’s digestive system lacks an enzyme that can be provided by human saliva. This is conducive to digestion and absorption of kittens.

       As for tinned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you have to feed them, you can mix a little bit of Canned Rice and give it to them. Because canned cats are high energy, high protein food, just like people eat in the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion. Carbohydrates like rice are good for the growth of cats.

       It should be noted that eating canned or pure meat in a kitten less than three months is likely to cause indigestion. Because his digestive organs are very delicate, lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, so indigestion will be lax, you can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (it is better to keep lactase raw).

       Kittens still use warm water to soak the cat food soft, which is easier to digest. Eat less and more meals, and don’t eat too greasy food.

       5. What else should I pay attention to in Mimi’s diet?

       You should form a good habit of snack cat food, you can try their favorite food mixed in cat food, gradually reduce the amount of that food, until completely using cat food.

       When changing food or adding new food to a cat, please gradually add it to his original food until his digestive system can fully accept the new food and avoid indigestion.

       Kittens have been able to control the amount of food they eat. If you leave cat food in the bowl, they will eat it themselves when they are hungry. In addition, feeding should pay attention to: timing, quantitative, fixed point.

       High quality Kitten Food.

       This kind of high-quality cat food is characterized by meat as the main raw material, which is easy to digest and contains a lot of nutrients. We can add a little nutritious canned cat food to the dry cat food to meet their different nutritional needs due to their slow growth rate.

       Eating human food to young cats can cause unnecessary disturbing behaviors, such as the bad habit of begging for food or stealing food. Feeding home cooked food, feeding young cats with adult cat food, or adding vitamins and other nutritional supplements to a fully balanced cat food may result in malnutrition.

       When the cat reaches one year old, it is necessary to change the adult cat food. When changing pet food, the same rule should be followed: gradually mix and change within 5-7 days. During this period of changing diet, the weight of the cat should be monitored and the feeding amount should be adjusted according to the cat’s weight at any time. Most cats eat a certain amount of food according to the amount of heat they need, so they can be fed by any method. However, if the cat only moves indoors, because the amount of activity is not large, the random feeding method may cause overweight problem; therefore, the method of twice daily ration feeding can be adopted to prevent the cat from being too fat.

       Cats are absolutely carnivorous animals and must obtain the nutrients only meat contains. Also note that kittens and adult cats must have plenty of fresh and clean water at all times.

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