What’s the matter with kittens being thin for 3 months – why are cats getting thinner and thinner

       Cats who have been used to eating dry cat food for more than three months can make their own vegetables and fruits, such as apple puree, to supplement vitamins in addition to cat food. In the choice of cat food, we should also choose the cat food with more vitamins and cellulose. Of course, we can also match some canned cats, doctor of cats and fresh bags. Also remember that the food should choose the taste that the cat likes, otherwise the cat does not like to eat, that is not thin. £¨2£© It is necessary to take nutrition cream. In addition to paying attention to food, the cat is already too thin. It needs to supplement nutrition quickly and efficiently. It is very necessary to give the cat nutrition cream, but not all the nutrition cream is suitable for the cat. As the old saying goes, we should choose the special nutrition cream for the cat, for example, meow want nutrition cream (3) if the cat has been seriously malnourished, and appears to be unable to stand, or even paralyzed, it should be sent to the pet hospital in time for nutrient infusion, and the later stage will be supplemented with nutrition.

       American Curl

       The parents of cats have just raised a cat. They don’t know how to raise a cat properly. They give them cheap cat food or eat people’s food. They don’t know that such a casual diet will lead to improper diet, which will not only make the cat unwilling to eat, but also affect the cat’s health.

       Cats, carnivores, get their nutrients from fat and protein, and they can’t get calories from carbohydrates, or grains. The cheap low-end cat food is made of cereal. The reason why cats love to eat is because there are a lot of additives in it. Cats can hardly get nutrition from low-end cat food; The meat soup with steamed bread, fish with rice and other food is mainly grain, with a small amount of meat added. Cats always eat a lot of such food, but it is difficult to really eat enough. Some parents told me that their cats eat a large pot of rice at a time, and pull a lot of stool every day, but they are not fat. When I ask what to eat, most of them eat soup bibimbap, but cats can’t mix from soup In the meal absorption nutrition, eats how many pulls, the cat certainly does not eat fat.

       If the parents want to make the cat chubby, they must meet the nutritional needs of the cat. The cat’s food should be mainly high-quality cat food or meat. When the cat’s nutrition comes up, it will not only become chubby, but also be healthier.

       Cats are generally in the awkward period, that is, 2-8 months when the body produces hormones, gradually hair gills long meat. For some new cat owners, you can use the following methods to help the cat’s gills, raise a steamed bun face.

       1. Knowing when a cat’s gills are on

       After 8 months of estrus, the cat gradually goes through the paroxysmal phase. Pet owners should pay attention to observe whether the cat has reached the period of hair and cheek.

       2. See if the cat breed is prone to mumps

       Not all cats can have gills. Hairless cats are born with sharp noses, while British short, American short and Garfield are easy to have gills. Silver gradients are more prone to mumps.

       In addition to the variety of cats, male cats are more likely to have gills than female cats, but this does not mean that female cats can not. In addition, after sterilization, cats are more prone to mumps.

       3. Nutrition supplement

       If you want a cat to develop a steamed stuffed bun face, you also need the pet owner to supplement the corresponding nutrition for the cat during the period of its hairy cheek. Pet owners need to pay attention to, cats long-term eat a single cat food, because there is not enough protein, fat intake of these, it is difficult to develop steamed bun face. It is suggested that pet owners mix in some round meow when feeding the cat to help the cat to have better gills.

       4. Pay attention not to go into the mistake of cat’s hair and cheek

       Some people will suggest that pet owners feed some raw meat to the cat when the cat has gills. However, the cat’s intestines and stomach are relatively fragile. If you eat the undercooked meat, it is easy to cause the cat to have a stomachache and even be infected with parasites.

       First of all, you need to make sure that it is normal or abnormal.

       Compared with many artificially selected pet cats, an ordinary domestic cat has a thinner trunk and slender limbs.

       Second, there is a basic principle to judge whether a dog or a cat is thin or fat, that is, they can’t see the ribs but touch them. If the naked eye looks like the ribs are bulging, it is thin. If the thugs can’t touch them, they are too fat.

       Most of the three cats that have been sterilized, especially male cats, may gradually gain weight.

       Cats with chronic consumptive diseases or severe parasitic infections will lose weight. People who are chronically malnourished will also lose weight.

       It is suggested that you combine the actual situation of your cat to judge whether it is thin or not and why, and then take corresponding measures. Such as deworming, strengthening nutrition

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