What’s the matter with the cat suddenly losing weight – why is the kitten suddenly thin

       What did you eat? In this way, you can see if the cat food has expired. After the birth of a cat, the kitten is the same as that of a human being. It needs to be taken care of carefully. It is certain that the weight of the cat after birth has not much to do with the disease. It is sick. It is recommended to see a veterinarian.

       My family also has cats. After birth, they are thin, but now they are chubby after taking care of them. Ha ha

       I don’t know how old the owner’s cat is now

       I’m not a pet expert, but my family used to have a lot of cats and cats, so I can give some experience. I don’t know what the house owner’s cats usually eat. Is it a sudden change in her food? Cat’s food intake is actually very small, and life is very tough, generally no big problem, I suggest you give the cat to take some Lactobacillin tablets, this medicine first has no side effects, second, it can help cats to enhance gastric motility, but also can increase the lactic acid bacteria in the stomach, and this medicine is very cheap, sold in the pharmacy, you can try

       Finally, I wish the cat health

       Does the cat show that he wants to eat, but after smelling the cat food, he walks away,

       If you look at the surface of the cat’s eyeball, is it whiter than before?

       If so, it’s gastric trichome obstruction, because the 4-year-old cat has strong resistance. Your cat’s condition is not gastric bulb obstruction but chronic gastritis. (the manifestation of chronic gastritis is that the amount of drinking water is increased, and the stool is sometimes sparse and dark green.)

       The owner can buy a can of Huamao cream and feed it. If the situation is better, he can plant some cat grass to see if the cat will eat it (80% of the time he doesn’t eat it), and the cat food with Kali hair ball in the cat food.

       The cat at home has been in a bad mood for the last month or two

       And I like drinking water very much,,

       I haven’t eaten anything

       I always like to sit next to you when I eat

       The whole cat seems to be abnormal

       My character has changed

       I used to be very lively. Now I feel like an old man

       Is there a worm? Or what?

       Don’t tell me it’s menopause!!

       In a hurry

       Pet expert!

       Well, it’s right upstairs. It may be caused by parasites. You can consider deworming. What’s more, the cat is still small and growing body. All the things in the cat are bone first and then flesh. Generally, the cat will gain weight only when it is not grown up.

       In addition, if the cat can not be guaranteed to feed 3-4 times a day, it is not recommended to feed the cat regularly, especially the kitten. A man’s year is five years of an adult cat. A kitten’s first year is equivalent to a person’s 18 years old. Two meals a day are equivalent to two meals in five days. Cats eat very little at a time and eat many times. (describe a person to eat less, not all said to eat cat food, ha ha) two meals a day fixed fixed fixed quantity, easy to lead to cat overeating, will hurt the spleen and stomach.

       It is suggested to eat freely ~ kittens are growing up to lay a solid foundation for their whole life’s health. This is just like children’s growth and development period without enough nutrition intake, which will have an impact on the future system, such as small size, poor physical resistance, weak physique, etc. Not to be ignored~

       I wish you and your cat happiness~

       Bayer does not need to fast, water, can eat. Look at how many kilograms of weight to eat a piece, you can count how much to eat for the cat~

       The medicine is given in tablets. The left thumb and index finger go down from the top of the nose to the side corner of the mouth. When the thumb and index finger of the right hand reach deep enough to see the throat, release the hand and put the medicine on the base of the cat’s tongue and close the cat’s mouth He swallowed it himself. Move faster~

       It’s old. According to people’s age, a cat of 11 years old is equivalent to nearly 70 or 80 years old. All functions of the cat are declining. It’s OK. As long as it has no other symptoms and can eat and sleep, it’s OK. Don’t worry

       My rhubarb is 13 years old, and she is getting thinner and thinner. I can’t even get fat when I give it a variety of tricks, and I don’t like to be active. The life span of a cat is about 15 years. I dare not think how hard it will be if it leaves one day

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