What’s the saying about raising stray cats – why can’t we adopt stray cats

       1. First of all, be careful not to be scratched and bitten by stray cats. Stray cats carry a lot of viruses. It is impossible to rule out the possibility of rabies virus. Once scratched and bitten, the wound must be washed with running water for at least 20 minutes, disinfected with iodine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc., and go to the hospital for vaccination within 24 hours.

       2. Prepare all the daily necessities of the cat, including: food utensils (one grain bowl and one water bowl), litter basin (or cat toilet), cat litter, cat food (refuse supermarket food), cat nest, etc. medicine can be bought temporarily

       3. Take your cat to a pet hospital with a good reputation. The reason is the same as the first one. Stray cats carry a lot of viruses and may also suffer from it

       4. If your cat is over 3 months old, you can expel and immunize after the inspection: the recommended anthelmintic is Bayer. Take the first dose of cat triad (imported vaccine must be imported) to a well-known pet hospital every week, and then the second dose of cat triple and rabies every other month. After that, the cat triple and rabies will be injected once a year (every 2 or 3 years if you don’t go out)

       5. Sterilization can prolong the life span of cats by at least 2-3 years, eliminate many diseases and reduce the number of stray cats

       matters needing attention:

       1. Cats can’t break down the toxins in salt, so it’s better not to eat salt.

       2. Most cats are lactose intolerant, so do not give the cat high sugar food, milk to choose skim milk, pet milk, goat’s milk. I don’t know why I can’t eat onions. I only know that eating more onions is fatal.

       3. Cat skin will automatically secrete protective cortical substances, so do not often give the cat a bath, at most once 2 months, really dirty wipe with a wet cloth.

       4. Prepare cat grass. Cat grass can not only help the cat vomit the cat hair which cannot be digested in the body, but also protect the cat’s fragile intestines and stomach.

       I think of these for a moment. I’ll fight with my hands

       When we picked up my cat, we were the poorest. In China’s first tier financial cities, the average income of people is more than 6000. My husband and I are still decent white-collar workers. The income is only 1000 a month. Can you imagine how to live? We have to pay rent and live. We only have 20 yuan in our pocket every day. After more than a year, I found a kitten one day. It looks very thin, very small and weak. Although I have always liked small animals, I never want to raise them and feel troublesome. But I didn’t know why that day. I just carried it home. raise

       After a few months, our family’s work has changed, getting better and better. Now it’s over 30000 a month. My colleagues said that what I carried home was a fortune cat. This has led to the rise of cat raising. But the cat they picked up was not fed. Colleagues with good capital conditions went to buy several cats, but they didn’t see their luck getting better.

       However, you have come to ask this question, which proves that you believe in metaphysics. Since we believe in metaphysics, we should know that everything has a cause and effect. If we all meet each other, we don’t have to refuse. It’s useless to refuse. It’s better to treat it well to get good results.

       How could anyone say that? On the contrary, it shows that you have a love, because you have done a good thing, you will sleep well at night, and then those who love stray cats and dogs can’t sleep well at night, right? I hope your kindness will be rewarded. If you like cats, keep a stray cat, and you will lose a poor stray cat. Good luck to you,,,,

       It depends on the cat. First of all, pay attention to the hygiene of stray cats. Don’t be too close to cats. Cats who have been away for a long time must have parasites on them. Therefore, if you want to take them home, you must do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.

       Second, pay attention to the cat’s movements, distinguish the cat’s current state, and don’t mistake vigilance as cute. If you reach out to touch it at this time, you may attack people because of fear. If conditions permit, you can adopt your cat home, but you should take your cat for a physical examination to see if there are any health problems. You must vaccinate to prevent diseases.

       Extended data:

       For the sake of humanity, the treatment of stray cats mainly includes:

       1. Arrest

       For the stray cat close to people, you can give it some food, lure it to come, and then catch them in the cage gradually. If it is a very vigilant stray cat, must not be forced to capture, in order to avoid accidents. You can contact animal rescue * * and use a special trap cage to capture it.

       2. Sterilization

       Stray cats often have abnormal behavior or sound during estrus, which disturbs people. Sterilization is internationally recognized as an effective method to control the number of stray animals. Some large and medium-sized cities already have pet hospitals that can sterilize stray cats for free. If there are stray cats that need sterilization, you can contact animal assistance to apply for free sterilization quota.

       3. Release

       After sterilizing the cats, return them to a familiar environment in the community and feed and water them at designated points. Generally, male cats can be released on the same day after surgery, while female cats need several days’ care. You can also contact animal aid to find adoptive families for young or family friendly cats.

       Bad luck adopting stray cats?

       The reason for this rumor is that there is a saying among the people that “cats are poor, dogs are rich”. The reason for this statement is that the housing conditions of the poor were not good in ancient times, and the grain stored at home was easy to attract mice, and the mice attracted cats. The rich have good housing conditions, so there are fewer mice. Moreover, because of their wealth, their families often have big fish and meat. So it’s easy to attract dogs. Over time, there is a saying that your cat is poor and your dog is rich.

       Cats make rich, dogs poor. It is true. But it’s not that cats get rich and dogs get poor. However, if the owner is rich or poor, even if the owner is poor and poor, the dog will follow the master and share weal and woe with him. But the cat is not the same, it is a more selfish animal, give it superior living conditions, it will follow you, once the master is down, the cat will leave by itself, never wait for hunger.

       Another way of saying: there has been a saying among the people that “cats come to poverty, dogs to get rich” and so on, which means that stray cats automatically come to a family is a bad omen. The family will become poor, and if stray dogs come, the family will become rich. Therefore, most people are willing to adopt stray dogs, but they are not willing to take in stray cats. In ancient times, this statement also had a certain truth, not superstition. In ancient times, the rich people lived in brick houses and paved the floor, while the poor people lived in earth houses without floors, and there were mouse holes all over the house. When there were more mice, cats would come to visit, while rich families often ate food, and dog noses were very smart. Therefore, dogs ran to rich families to wait for bones, so there was a saying that “cats come poor, dogs come rich”.

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