What’s the smell of hair balm? Does rabbit need hair balm?

       Hello, first of all, I don’t recommend taking Huamao ointment. I don’t think you need to eat the stool you mentioned. There are several hairs in my stool, but the shape and size are normal. I think it’s OK to eat more grass. At most, I’ll feed papaya pills. If it’s not the kind of hair strung together, I’ll feed it

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       Three times a week to the cat to eat hair cream, this can achieve the effect of prevention. If you have vomit or defecation, it’s best to eat 1 or 2 times a week. Generally, it’s better to wait until eight months before you can learn how to vomit hair balls. In addition to give it to eat hair cream, but also often to comb its hair.

       The feeding method of Huamao cream is very simple. You only need to squeeze out 3 cm of hair cream to feed the cat. However, some cats are picky and may not like the taste of the cream. At this time, the owner of the cat can squeeze the cream onto the favorite snacks of the cat. If the cat still doesn’t want to eat it, you can comb the chest or claws of the short haired cat with a comb After combing off the fallen hair, you can squeeze the hair cream onto the chest or claws of a short haired cat. The cat likes to be clean. If it feels dirty, it will lick it with its tongue, so that it can eat the cream.

       But in fact, the hair cream is not much different from our cooking oil and other laxative agents. However, the thickener and flavor added to it make it smell delicious and let the cat take the initiative to eat it. The ultimate goal is to reduce the chance of hair accumulation, as food debris quickly enters the small intestine and large intestine, and is photographed together with feces.

       To vomit out, or through defecation way out, the owner wants to let the cat discharge hair ball, should pay attention to the following points

       1: You can plant cat grass for your cat

       In the past, the country cats would go out to find grass to eat, so as to induce vomiting. But now many owners keep cats as pets, so they can’t let them go. At this time, the pet owner needs to spend some time planting cat grass to feed the cat. The owner can buy some cat grass seeds to plant, regularly water the cat grass, take it to the sun, and the cat grass will sprout. When the cat grass grows high, the owner can give the cat to eat cat grass.

       2: Prepare hair cream to feed the cat

       Maybe some cats don’t like the smell of cat grass, so they may smell the cat grass that their owners have worked so hard to grow, and will not eat a mouthful. Or because of some reasons, some pet owners don’t have much energy to plant cat grass to feed the cat. At this time, the pet owner can only give the cat Huamao cream. The owner can prepare some cat fun balls to feed the cat, and it is convenient and convenient for the cat to eat Huamao cream.

       3: Always comb your cat

       The reason why cats have hair balls in their intestines is that they are accumulated in the process of licking their fur. The cat will have floating hair every day. If the pet owner doesn’t often comb the cat, the cat will have a lot of floating hair. The cat will eat a lot of cat fur in the process of licking. Therefore, the pet owner should often comb the cat’s hair and clean the floating hair on the cat, so that the cat will not eat so much hair in the process of licking.

       If the cat’s globus fur is very serious, the cat has not been able to defecate, and the appetite is not normal, it is suggested that the owner should take the cat to the pet hospital to see the veterinarian for help.

       For cat families, hair balm is a must-have item at home, because cats like to lick their hair, and the barbs on the tongue can easily bring hair into the intestines and stomach, so regularly feeding cat hair cream is the best way to prevent the formation of feline globus. But many cat friends are more concerned about how to feed Huamao cream.


       Generally speaking, a cat will not be able to spit fur balls after eight months. This is the time to buy hair cream for cats to eat more appropriate. August old kittens, whether long haired or short haired, eat them during the hair changing period, but long haired cats eat them once or twice a week during the hair changing period, once a week for short hair cats, once a month for long hair cats during non hair changing period.

       See a lot of people talk on the Internet, huamaogao can’t eat more Huamao cream is how one thing? It turns out to be a lot of popular cream on the market. In order to pursue one-sided effect, mineral oil is added into it. Long term intake will affect the health of the animal.

       If the natural hair cream can be feeding point. However, it is recommended that cat grass be planted to feed cats. Cat grass has emetic effect (so-called cat grass, barley grass) the cat will vomit the cat accumulated in the body, which is more in line with the natural law. Careful you may find that cats will have the habit of eating grass!!

       Cats are born to lick their fur, and the fur will be eaten into the stomach. When the hair ball is formed in the cat’s digestive tract, it often causes vomiting due to the blockage of the hair ball. In addition, it may also lead to loss of appetite, mental deterioration, constipation and cough. To understand the harm of globosis, we need to take measures to prevent the cat from being hurt.

       First of all, cats are not born with hairballs. Generally speaking, it takes three months for cats to learn how to spit. At this time, it is more suitable for cats to eat the full effect nutritive hair cream. August old kittens, both long haired and short haired, eat them during the grooming period, but long haired cats eat them once or twice a week, short haired cats once a month, long haired cats once a week or twice a week, short haired cats once a month. The period of cat hair changing is usually from March to May and September to November in spring and autumn.

       We should pay attention to the feeding of full effect nutritious hair cream to cats. In order to pursue one-sided effect, the popular hair removing cream in the market adds mineral oil. Long term intake will affect the health of cats. Therefore, we are more careful and careful in choosing the full effect of nourishment cream. With the continuous development of the pet market, the ointment products have been upgraded, and some green greening ointment have been sprung up. Although the size of the products is 30ML, their main components are super shrinking plants, Vaseline, plant cellulose, cat mint and wheatgrass extract, and most of the traditional hair paste. There are obvious differences in oil composition. This is good for the health of pets, especially cats. These plant ingredients not only make the cat healthy and smooth discharge of hair balls, but also have no side effects on gastrointestinal irritation.

       Traditionally, the amount of Huamao cream is prescribed according to the age of the pet. Cats aged 6 weeks or older take 5.6g a day, while cats aged 6 years or older take 5.6g-11.2g twice a day. Because the amount of traditional cream hair cream is fuzzy, and the amount of the paste is mostly more than 100 grams, because the hair cream is not a necessity for cats, when the cat is not in use, it often goes bad when it is put aside, or the cat only takes it once. Because the taste changes after a long time, the cat does not like to eat it, resulting in unnecessary waste.

       In general, in addition to giving the cat full nutrition hair cream, it is also necessary to comb the cat’s hair every day, and at the same time clean and reduce hair loss; cat food should be given to the cat to eat more cellulose cat food, not to eat meat cat food all the time, which is very helpful to improve cat’s hair vomiting. You can also let the cat use some safe green plants. The common grass on the market is the grass grown from barley seeds. It’s very natural, and that’s how the ancestors of cats helped themselves with many diseases.

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