What’s the way to catch a cat – what’s the way to catch a cat

       Hold on… It depends on fate

       After all, wild cats don’t usually go with people

       And it’s a cat. Even a domestic cat often runs out and returns to the wild cat

       You have to be patient

       When feeding it, put it down and squat down in place

       Look quietly, don’t move, don’t make a sound

       It’s going to take a long time, maybe

       When it’s not wary of you, try something like a woven bag

       It’s cruel to catch them home. I always think it’s too much to force animals to do things they don’t like

       Be careful of its claws

       There are also the catch home to take to the epidemic prevention station for injection and physical examination

       Good luck~

       Stop grabbing. Wild cats are dangerous and inhumane. You’ll catch people for as long as you keep them. If you want to keep it, you should have one with others.

       Hehe, said that I have not touched animals, OK, you have the ability to reach out to catch a wild cat. If you don’t catch you, it’s.

       My family has raised a number of cats, one of which is the kitten born outside, grew up and brought back. After raising them for so long, they still arrest people.

       People should have quality, or even animals are inferior. Please respect yourself.

       It is generally not recommended to keep too many pets at home. The general residents have sanitary requirements at home, such as space, air, furniture, household appliances, daily necessities of people. These will be disturbed by pet hair and excreta. People and pets can live in peace, provided that the number of pets is small and the cleanliness and hygiene standards should be up to standard. Pets can not affect people’s normal life, study and work If you want to catch a cat, you can catch it with a long pestle net. Generally, pet stores sell it. If you don’t, you can make one yourself.

       Cat is a kind of flexible animal. It can be said that it is easy or not easy to catch it. You can use a basket to add a supporting pillar, and then put a very fragrant cat feed under it. Tie a rope on the post to make it longer. When you see it in, you can pull the rope. But you can’t let the cat see you nearby

       Front with food temptation, while not paying attention to a grasp of the neck to lift up