When a cat is 6 months old, is it fixed

       My family also raised a cat before, also like to go out to run, ha ha. Kitty God goes into holes or crevices. My family used to get mad and hide in the cracks behind the sofa. When I was waiting for someone to go, I suddenly rushed out and hugged your leg and bit it (not really). Then I ran away!! ha-ha

       It’s too skinny. It’s good for a cat to be lively. Of course, he will be scratched when playing. But I’m afraid of the man in the house. He used to stay at my uncle’s house, afraid of my uncle. When his uncle hugged him or teased him, he was very good and did not dare to make trouble. If it was me, he would turn the sky ~ ~ ha ha, snobbish cat, bullying the soft and afraid of the hard.

       Kittens like to scratch and bite. When they are older, they criticize and educate them. They will understand. Trust me, cats will also observe their words and expressions. Cats know their own nest, find a basin filled with cat litter, he will go to the toilet by themselves, sanitation is more relaxed. If you are too young to develop a fixed place to go to the toilet, you have to teach him, teach him more times.

       Your family is still small, so you have a good nature. Ha ha ~ it will be better if you get bigger. Even if you go out and run, you will come back, but you will get dirty quickly. My family only washed it again and then ran out, came back a black, originally pure white, my father was angry to beat it ~ ~ ha ha

       For a few days. A cat is like a child. As long as he is good to him, he will know it and grow up.

       Maybe I’ll be lazy when I grow up. I’m always basking in the sun or sleeping. That’s the cat’s favorite~~

       After the age of 1, there is no longer a stereotype, only the change of weight.

       Mammals don’t grow a head in adulthood, only the weight changes. Cats grow up about one year old.

       The growth of cats

       1. Kittens open their eyes for 7-10 days.

       After 2-3 weeks, the ears open and stand up.

       3. About 4 weeks can be weaned (can eat soft cat food), a month later long Jin, grow to 2 months after the eye color fixed.

       4. About 6-8 months after the first estrus (which can be sterilized later).

       5. Cats grow after one year of age, just a change in weight.

       Extended data:

       A cat can also tell its age from its teeth

       Adult cats have 30 teeth. The young cat has 26 teeth.

       The teeth of a cat from both sides to the middle are:

       Upper row – molars, molars, premolars, canine teeth, 6 incisors

       Lower row – premolar premolar canine 6 incisors

       About 14 days later, teeth began to grow

       The deciduous incisors of 2-3 weeks old were of uniform length. Nearly two months old, the deciduous teeth are all long, white, thin and sharp

       The first primary incisors were replaced at the age of 3-4 months

       The second and third primary incisors and deciduous canine teeth were replaced at the age of 5-6 months

       After 6 months old, all the teeth were changed into permanent teeth

       The permanent teeth of 8 months old are uniform, white and bright, and the upper part of incisors is pointed and convex

       One year old mandibular second incisor has a large spike, which is worn to be even with the small one

       2-year-old mandibular second incisor cusp abrasion

       3-year-old maxillary first incisor cusp attrition

       4-year-old maxillary second incisor cusp attrition

       In 5-year-old mandible, the peak of the third incisor was slightly worn, and the wear surface of the first and second incisors was rectangular

       At 5.5 years old, the third tooth tip of mandible was worn out and the canine teeth were blunt and round

       The first incisor of 6.5-year-old mandible was worn to the root of tooth, and the wear surface was longitudinal oval

       The first incisor teeth of 7.5-year-old mandible tilted forward

       The worn surfaces of the second and the first incisors of the mandible were oval in shape at 8.5 years old

       The incisor teeth of 9-16 years old were exfoliated and the canine teeth were uneven

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       My family is also a cat with broken ears. Six months is just beginning to grow, about one year old will be stereotyped. The female cat is not as big as the male cat, but her head is round and round. It depends on the feeding method.

       If you eat a small amount of food, you can try to feed some probiotics. This appetizer is specially for pets. It will also enhance digestion and strengthen the body. There is also the German Junbao nutrition cream, my cat special love to eat, supplement nutrition, will also help her absorb nutrition.

       If the flavor of miaoshengbao is something she doesn’t love, you can buy and buy Japanese cans: aixiya and so on.

       I usually feed the canned food with cat food. It is cold in winter. When the can is microwave heated, pay attention to the temperature. The cat is afraid of scalding and can’t eat hot food. The fragrance comes out. You can’t eat it well.

       I’d like to share with you the photos of my cat in August

       A cat with a broken ear is a cat with a genetic defect

       Do you pay attention to her parents when you buy a cat? Because folded ears must be set up with folded ears in order to have healthy cats

       As mentioned above, purebred cats are generally not as healthy as native cats. You should take good care of them. Go to online forums to have a look,

       Like cats

       The cat is pure meat, bread for him is not nutritious.

       It’s OK to be fat after being shaped. If you feed boiled fish without any seasoning, you can get fat quickly


       This cat has grown up very fast in the first six months. The back is slowly growing fat. The basic size has not changed significantly. Cats don’t like to eat. I suggest that you put away the automatic feeder. Give it regularly and quantitatively every day. Like a child eating. If there is any surplus after eating it, put it away. Next time he meows at you, give it to her. So it knows that food is not always available. It tastes delicious. I won’t eat a little later..

       Ha ha, bonus points.

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