When a kitten is born, its ears are folded or erect?

       It is difficult to tell whether a cat with folded ears is folded or not within 3 months. Some of them pull their ears down and some of them stand up. However, after three months, the ears may gradually stand up, while the erect ears will gradually fall down. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for three months to see whether they are folded ears

       A cat with folded ears has a natural “gene trap”, which can only be associated with a standing ear cat. The kittens bred by the two have genetic diseases. Once the cat has lifelong pain, it will cause inconvenience in movement. Therefore, special attention should be paid to her daily care

       As long as one of the ears is broken, the kitten belongs to the fold ear. Even if the ear is standing, it is also called standing ear folding ear. Because the gene of folding ear is strong, even the children with ear folding may give birth to the offspring with folded ear!

       So please don’t let these children with ear fold gene give birth to offspring with children with broken ear gene. Such kittens have bone genetic disease and will be very painful all their life!

       A cat’s mother does not ovulate until she finishes. Therefore, it is not certain who is the father of the kitten. Therefore, some cats have genes of the previous generation in their bloodlines!

       So even if the parents of this generation of cats look very pure, they may have different children!

       In addition, the color of the baby cat’s lanugo is relatively dark, and it will not appear until 6 months later!

       My cat was Silver Tiger spot when I was a child. When I was eight months old, my cat appeared brown. Now it is more than one year old. The color is much lighter than when I was a child, and it returns to silver. But the brown part is still there, which is not so obvious! And my cat’s parents are pure silver tiger spot, so I don’t know which grandfather’s inheritance is it!

       The cat with a standing ear is called Scotch fold ear.

       The “ear fold” gene is a dominant gene. Therefore, all cats carrying the “ear fold” gene will show a broken ear. However, there is no “ear fold” gene in the gene of the standing ear cat, so it shows the standing ear. Moreover, if the spouse is not with the ear fold, it will not give birth to the kitten with broken ear.

       The inheritance of coat color in purebred cats is a very complex genetic rule. If there are stripes in the genes of mother cat or father cat or both of them, their offspring may have some performance. Cats with dark stripes in their infancy may also show the same color in adulthood.

       In the British short and Scotch fold eared cat breed standard, it is allowed to have dark lines if the coat color is blue. It is only said that the product with uniform blue color is better than that with dark stripe.

       1) The target of Scotch fold eared cat can only be: British short hair cat, Scotch fold ear vertical ear cat and American short hair cat

       A kitten born with one fold and one stand has erect ears. It should be called Scotch fold ear and stand ear. If there is a pedigree certificate, it will be indicated that it is folded ears and erect ears. The criteria for judging the folded ears and standing ears are different from the standard British shorthair cats

       2) The dark and less obvious pattern will fade away when it grows up

       But it’s also possible that there is a recessive gene in both parents’ genes. In this way, kittens may also have stripes

       1. A kitten born with a drooping ear is called a folded ear, and if the ear is standing, it is called a folded ear.

       2. There are many kinds of cat colors. Although both the cat mother and the cat father are the same color, he is willing to inherit the gene of dark pattern from their parents, and it is very likely to give birth to kittens with dark patterns. So before buying a cat, especially a breed cat, it’s better to know the breed color of its parents and grandparents

       It depends on whether the so-called standing ear cat with folded ear gene is true or false.

       From birth to adulthood, the ear is erect,

       Ear fold in infancy, erect ear in adulthood, or ear folding at a certain stage in childhood,

       All of them were false folding. In this way, future generations will have the concept of folding ears.

       If it is confirmed that both male and female cats are Zhenli, then the offspring will be OK.

       If not sure, sterilize.

       Are the parents of the two kittens breed cats? Are they inbreeding? Many breeds of cats have genetic defects. After breeding, the kittens will inherit the genetic defects of their parents, which is easy to get sick or die. The author can first look at the situation of the two old cats at home. If it is inbreeding, sterilization is recommended. For the cat’s body