When does a female cat have milk after giving birth to her kittens? When does a kitten come out to look for food?

       When a cat gives birth to a kitten, it will lick off the placenta on the kitten. After birth, the cat will also eat the placenta, so just after giving birth to 2, It’s normal not to eat for 3 days, but it’s better to cook some black fish soup and crucian carp soup for cats to drink. If you want to eat fish for big cats, you’d better pick the bone, break the fish into pieces and give it to the cat. You can milk more.

       The newborn kitten breast milk ~ the mother cat will feed all the kittens after giving birth. Make sure that the kittens hold the baby firmly and eat the colostrum, because the colostrum contains rich nutrition and protective antibodies~

       Can eat more protein high food, crucian carp soup is good, drink more can promote the secretion of milk, white water boiled chicken is also very good, can give the cat mother to eat more~

       Postpartum checklist

       As soon as delivery is over, replace the bedding.

       Provide a high protein, even diet.

       200 mg of calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, or sterilized bone meal were given daily.

       Add a variety of vitamins to your food every day.

       Keep the female cat indoors within 3-4 days, and the kittens can be put outdoors after weaning

       You can buy or make some cooked meat that is not very heavy and chew it with steamed bread. In addition, cats can not eat too cold or too hot things, pay attention to the temperature. It’s better to eat breast milk and take it with mother cat~

       If there is no female cat, you can feed sheep milk powder, which is generally available in pet stores~

       ***Don’t feed milk powder. It should be said that people don’t feed anything they eat~

       If there is no condition to buy goat milk powder, you can cook the pure milk and add a lot of water to dilute it and then feed it (more water and less milk), you must put more water, and there is no way to do this, because the lactose in the milk can’t be accepted by kittens, and they will have diarrhea~

       If possible, find a female cat to take ~ because the kitten is hungry very quickly, it needs to be fed once every 2 ~ 3 hours, and can’t catch cold~~

       Feed your cat often. The cat will be very close to you.

       Don’t force fish, milk and sausages. It’s not good for kittens.

       Forced feeding of cat milk will cause diarrhea

       After weaning, the goat milk powder can be fed as the adaptive food for the intestines and stomach

       Under normal circumstances, the kitten weaned in 2 months, this time can not enjoy the mother’s milk. However, if the cat food is fed directly, the intestines and stomach of the cat are not fully developed. It is difficult for the cat food to digest completely, and it is easy to have gastrointestinal problems.

       It is also suggested that we should feed the milk powder of Maoxiang sheep as the staple food, which is not only a nutritional supplement, but also can promote the gastrointestinal adaptation to foods other than breast milk, which is suitable for 2-month weaned kittens. After continuous feeding for half a month, you can add some other food to promote body development.

       Two and a half months later, the ecological cat food was added appropriately

       After feeding sheep milk powder alone for half a month, some cat food can be properly added into the mixed sheep milk powder to make the cat adapt to the cat food and supplement the nutrition needed by the body. It is not easy to produce various gastrointestinal problems and cause discomfort. It is suggested to choose low sensitive ecological food for the first time. For example, home fun ecological cat food is very good.

       After feeding sheep milk powder and cat food for 1 year, that is, when you are ready to grow up to 4 months, you can eat cat food independently. At this time, you can only feed ecological cat food alone, which is good for growth, development and hair changing. When you are young, your stomach and intestines are well maintained, and when you grow up, you will naturally have a good body.

       Tips for taking care of kitten’s diet

       In the first time to feed the kitten goat milk powder, you can first dilute some sheep milk powder, slowly let the kitten adapt to, and then gradually dilute a little, until it is completely consistent with the requirements of the instructions. In addition, when feeding cat food for the first time, it is recommended to add a little cat food every day according to the 7-day adaptation method, so that the digestion and absorption of the intestine and stomach are better. As long as you take good care of your kitten, you will grow up healthily.

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