When the tiger spotted Siamese cat grows up – how does tiger spot Siam match

       Tiger spot Siam is not a match. It is a breed of Siamese cat.

       Siam (Xi ¨¡ n) is a world famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. The race originated from Siam (now Thailand), so it is named Siamese cat.

       Tabby cat is a cat with stripes, punctate or whirlwind patterns. Their common feature is the “M” mark on the forehead and the eyeliner around the eyes. The tabby cat can sometimes be mistaken for a single cat species. In fact, this pattern can be found in many different breeds of cats, and it can also produce dilution, tortoise shell, key color and fur tip color changes.

       Extended data

       Siamese cats, known as dogs of cats, like to interact with their owners. And they like to go out, which is different from many cats. Lolo is full of curiosity about the outside world and is good at socializing. Siam is a cat that can walk. It is also very smart. After training, it can be taken out like a dog.

       Siamese cat’s character is frank and straightforward. It is also known as “Prince of cats”. Not only has a distinguished and distinguished identity, its appearance is also very noble and elegant. However, Siamese cats never consider the bondage of noble status. They will release their free and easy and true temperament completely, never hide or affectation.

       Tiger Siam is not a match out of the original species

       Siamese eyes are blue and tiger spots are green

       Siamese brown blue hair tiger spot is silver gray black and brown

       Siam thin and long, tiger spot short and fat

       Each other is not worthy of tiger spot Siam! Said tiger Siam is a hybrid, do not harm cats Siam with tiger spots is a string of other harm to cats

       Tiger spotted Siamese cat refers to the Siamese cat with tiger spot color

       Siamese cats are characterized by their ears, sharp tails, limbs, and key colors in front of their faces. On the whole, they are white and big ears. Modern Siamese cats have long cheeks, but they also have apple faces. They seem to be called ancient Siam or something.

       The different short tiger class cat refers to the foreign short hair cat with tiger stripes, which is characterized by big eyes, small ears, round face and short nose. I think that the color of different short fur should be stripes and the difference between the background color is not big

       Siamese cat with tiger spot

       Key color distribution

       Red tiger spot exotic cat

       Maybe you are a female cat… Female cats are lighter ~ ~ ~ how much weight do you have? What do you usually give her to eat? My cat is now nearly 1.5 years old and more than 8 kg (female cat, heavy female cat, ha ha) if adult cats eat well, they can grow to more than ten jin ~ ~ thin is more healthy ~ ~ it’s better not to keep cats too fat, cats are too fat, and they will easily get diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney diseases when they are older. I hope it will help you:)

       The answer is possible

       The key color of early seals is striped, but it is rare in later period, so it is not disqualified.

       It is not the result of two kinds of matching, but the seal Siam itself may have tiger stripes~

       Maybe ~ because Siam color is not stable ~ sometimes it depends on luck

       It’s normal, because cats are lonely animals and don’t make friends. Moreover, he has a strong territory. This is his territory. A foreign invasion vehicle has come to his territory. Of course, he has to put on the cloth and be provocative. What’s more, the smaller one is absolutely overwhelming. The cats that come out together are all like this. After a week, they will gradually get better. She may learn to accept him and have a good and friendly play. However, due to the large age difference, we must protect the weak groups from being bullied. It takes time, run in, wait slowly! This kind of cat is very cute. Perhaps the tiger spot grew up, more fierce than the Siamese cat. Good at running. Maybe it’s not necessarily who will win or lose in the future.