When will the ear fold out? How to see whether the dog will stand or fold its ear when it grows up? Is there a trick!

       Not all cats with broken ears will get sick. The hereditary skeletal disease of the cat with broken ears can only be alleviated with drugs to alleviate the pain. Once it worsens, it will spread to the spine.

       Because the gene of the broken ear has carried the gene of genetic disease, the probability of genetic disease in the offspring of two ears is as high as 80%. The age of onset generally ranges from two months to six months. Most of the cases show stiff tail in childhood and begin to show obvious symptoms in adulthood.

       At the early stage of the disease, he did not like to move because of pain, sometimes his hind limbs limped; he would lift his claws from time to time, because the load would hurt, he would bow his back and walk like walking on stilts; his tail would not swing freely and flexibly, but could only be stiff; he liked to sit on the ground, which was caused by pain caused by the stiffness or curling of the hind limbs; he liked to lie down in a big font, lazy and weak, because of the spine Pain.

       It can not reproduce with the folded ear. As long as there is a folded ear in childhood, even cats with erect ears in adulthood can no longer breed with folded ears. If we propagate by folding ears with English, American or erect ears, the offspring will not be 100% free of genetic diseases, but it will reduce the risk of genetic diseases.

       This mainly depends on whether the dog’s parents have vertical or vertical ears, depending on the breed. ***It is said in the knowledge column that some dogs have false ears during their growing period. For example, the drooping eared dogs appear to have ears erect when they are 4-6 months old, and they will lie back later. Standing ear dog, false ear, generally in 6 months after the ear erect, will not lie down. There is also a genetic relationship between ear and dog, such as the dog ear position is relatively high, prone to vertical ear. Some drooping eared dogs are prone to flying ears when their ears are high. The formation of the phenomenon that the ears can not stick to the head – flying ears.

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