Which big dog is the smartest – which of the big dogs is the smartest?

       Bern hill, Alaska and other large dogs are recommended. Jinmao is too common and the sense of the householder is weak.

       Husky doesn’t have to. He is tired and disobedient. He doesn’t distinguish between the enemy and the enemy.

       Recommend Alaska, whether you are a beautiful woman or a handsome man or a strong man, Alaska is powerful enough and has a high turnover rate. They are powerful, intelligent, obedient, cooperative, and will not crowd out other dogs because they are working dogs.

       What kind of big dog is better to raise?

       Alaskan sled dog is one of the oldest sled dogs. It is strong and strong, belonging to the canine breed of sharp mouth. It is stronger than Siberian sled dog. It can not only carry heavy loads, but also carry heavy loads for a long distance. Hair color is black and white, intelligent and obedient, excellent appearance, is one in a hundred, healthy, gentle, elegant and proud.

       First of all, I suggest that you don’t keep mastiff and fighting dogs, such as Tibetan mastiff, French red mastiff, bit, Dadan, Caucasus. It’s easy to have disputes with others.

       Rowena is a very good guard dog. He is a first-class guard dog. But one of his problems is that his saliva is terrible.

       Householder and guard dog, you can try Doberman, a very malleable breed. But it’s a bit of a hassle to have a broken tail.

       Black back is really smart, but it must be pure and high-grade. You should know how to keep a large-scale dog clock. If the grade is low, it will lose the chain. And body odor.

       I recommend you mount Bourne, Alaska,

       Jinmao is too common and the householder’s meaning is weak. Husky doesn’t have to be tired and disobedient. There is no distinction between us and the enemy.

       I personally recommend Alaska. Whether you are a beautiful woman or a handsome man or a strong man, Alaska is powerful enough and has a high rate of return. They are powerful, intelligent, obedient, cooperative, and will not crowd out other dogs because they are working dogs.

       There are rankings. The top 10 of the international canine association are:

       1. Border collie

       2. Poodle

       3. German Shepherd Dog

       4. Golden retriever

       5. Doberman

       6. Sheraton (Shepherd)

       7. Labrador Retriever

       8. Butterfly dog

       9. Lowena

       10. Australian Cattle Dog

       In addition to the second and eighth places, all of them are large and medium-sized dogs, and the second VIP is also a separate body, and the giant VIP is very large.

       There is no best but better

       First of all, we should know the common sense of science popularization! Dogs don’t understand human language! It’s not the same language system! People and people! You don’t understand foreign languages. You can’t understand other people’s foreign languages! The dog understands the human is the dog olfactory perception human emotion change causes the endocrine system change!

       Training a dog is just a conditioned reflex of training a dog over and over again

       There are many training contents (guards fight, hunt, Frisbee, agility, tour, etc.)

       All training content can be searched for relevant information as reference training!

       Simple basic training can search information for training (the key is that many things on the data can not be directly applied! Need to combine with their own dog to summarize the use of the situation! Finally become your own thing…) if you feel troublesome, you can find a professional dog trainer

       Purebred dog breeding is an important direction of cultivation is the direction of character cultivation! Suggest you search under — dog language person’s popular science material video!

       From the beginning of breed selection, the development of puppies is the performance of future adulthood (dog breed character + dog’s natural character + dog’s artificial breeding and Directional Cultivation equal to the dog’s character) 1.5-2 years old is relatively mature, and 3 years old is the peak period of the whole dog’s state

       Don’t expect the dog to change because of age, don’t expect the dog’s character to change after sterilization… These can only be used as an opportunity to change, not as a result!

       This training my family, Jinmao, can also watch the house. Lala is very smart and Mao is easy to take care of. It’s a good thing to keep at home. I don’t know why your Chenery died. If you died of infectious diseases such as canine distemper, we suggest that you feed new dogs after 3 months or half a year to prevent virus infection

       Doberman Pinscher


       The dog is a strong and powerful breed, mainly for security work. After training, it can become search dog, hunting dog and shepherd dog. Bold, sensitive, resolute and easy to bite. Dobermans are born guard dogs. They are intelligent, powerful and can attack. With strict management, the breeder can be a faithful and affectionate companion. A Doberman with a smooth, streamlined body has an amazing weight and strength. In order to restrain its potential aggression, the breeder should train carefully to make it fully exercise and keep a good look. It is suitable for city life. It is heat-resistant and cold resistant. It has short coat. It does not need to be combed regularly. It is easy to practice, but not easy to get along with other dogs. They are prone to flatulence, dysplasia of the buttocks, heart problems, and a blood disorder known as Willebrand’s.

       Body features: strong, hard and smooth coat, very harmonious, small feet, arched, like cat’s feet, suitable for fast running

       [body shape]

       Height: 65 ~ 69cm

       Weight: 30 ~ 40kg


       The head is long, the tip is not sharp from the side, the head is V-shaped, the line of the top of the head is flat, and parallel to the line of the bridge of the nose, and the lips are tightly closed on the jaw.

       The ear is small, the ear base is tall, fold down or erect.

       Black eye dog with bronze eyes, apricot eyes, sharp expression, witty.

       Nose color varies with coat color.


       The body shape is square, shiny, broad, deep chest, chest muscles developed and firm, abdomen concave upward, back short and straight. The neck is thin but muscular, which makes the dog’s head look beautiful. The boundary between the head and neck is obvious, and the skin tightly encloses the skull.


       The forelimb is straight, the hind limb is strong, and the hind limb is separated and parallel. The foot is round and thick, like the foot, firm, suitable for fast running.


       The coat is thick, short and smooth, hard, lying flat, with black, blue, Tan, light mustard, and yellow brown spots on the eyes, nose, throat, chest, limbs and tail.

       If you have a good pedigree, you can talk in Wanzi. I personally think Doberman is very handsome, with smooth curves, smart temperament and great dogs. But some people call them “one man dog”. As the name suggests, they are very loyal to their owners, and they are not very cold to others

       Hey, hey, do you want a male or a female? About 1000 yuan for the public and 2000 yuan for the mother. If you buy a pair, you can bargain

       1. Border Collie 2. Poodle 3. German Shepherd 4. Golden retriever 5. Doberman 6. Sheraton (Shetland Collie) 7. Labrador 8. Butterfly 9. Lovina 10. Australian cattle Terrier

       Prices vary from place to place, so it’s hard to say

       Baume, Teddy, husky, pug, butterfly, etc.

       Baume: a compact, ridden, active pet dog, it is a German fox dog, native to Germany. Is a very playful dog, and at the same time it is very sincere. Born as a shepherd dog, Bomei is smart and ranks fifth in the intelligence ranking of small dogs, so it is easy to teach and train for breeders.

       Teddy: (also known as poodle) it is very similar to teddy bear doll. Teddy is loved by some young girls. Teddy’s guests are really popular. They are active, cheerful, very alert, intelligent, like to go out. They are good-natured and adaptable. It has no body smell and no hair loss. It is an excellent pet dog.

       Husky: they are energetic, adventurous and sporty, which makes them popular in their families or for display. They have deep feelings for human beings and like to get along with people. They are not conscientious watchdogs, but they are very friendly to young children.

       Pug: commonly known as pug, it is small but very strong and compact, according to statistics, its average life expectancy is about 13-15 years old. They like to contact with their families and play with children. They don’t need too much outdoor activities and are very loyal to their owners. And the pug is also a kind of pet dog with strong self-esteem. When they think they are right, they will argue with their owners and express their dissatisfaction in their own way. In particular, pugs want to be cared for and cared for by their owners, and they also need the care and care of their owners. So it is especially suitable for indoor breeding.

       Butterfly dog: very easy to get close to, is the most weak, intelligent dog species. Happy, alert, friendly. Physical strength is stronger than appearance, like outdoor sports. The dog is very exclusive to its owner and jealous of the third party. The butterfly dog is lively and active. Bold and flexible, warm and docile to the host and indifferent to strangers. Dogs have a high IQ (equivalent to a seven or eight year old child) and are among the top members of the pet dog category

       Except for the dog owner, it will never be sad to meet the owner. In fact, the lion will not be able to bark at the dog unless he is a dog Consider raising a songlion. Purebred ones have blue purple tongues

       Dog IQ ranking 1. Border Collie 2. Poodle 3. German Shepherd 4. Golden retriever 5. Doberman 6. Sheraton (Shetland Collie) 7. Labrador 8. Butterfly dog 9. Lovina 10. Australian Bulldog 11. Welskogee 12. Mini Schnauzer 13. British Spaniel 14. Billie stefferen 15. Schleperger / Billy sheepdog 16. Scotch Collie 17. German short haired indicator 18. British Cocker / Standard Schnauzer 19. Brittany Terrier 20. American Cocker 21. Weimar hound 22. Bernese mountain Terrier 23. Squirrel 24. Irish Water hound 25. Vizla dog 26. Cardican welskogee 27. Chesapeake Bay Retriever / Polly / Yorkshire Terrier 28. Giant Schnauzer 29. Universal Ridge 30. Berry dog 31. Welles Spaniel 32 Manchester ridge 33. samoyer dog 34 Newfoundland dog / Australian ridge / Stafford County Ridge / Gordon squatting hound / long bearded sheepdog 35. Kaine ridge / Kelly Blue Ridge and LAN ridge 36. Norway minced hound 37. monkey face ridge / silk ridge / mini breed dog / Pharaoh hound / klenberg long hair drop eared hound 38. Rowe ridge 39. spotted dog 40. Layton ridge 41. Irish Wolfhound 42. kuwaz dog 43. Saji Hound 44. Knight King Charlie / German bristle indicator dog 45. Siberian sledge / Beagle 46 Tibetan mastiff / Lingti / British Foxhound / American Foxhound / Griffin 47. West Highland White ridge 48 boxer / Great Dane 49. Dachshund 50. Alaskan sledge 51. Shapi 52. Rhodesia Ridgeback 53. Irish ridge 54. Boston ridge / Qiutian dog 55. Skey ridge 56. Silihan ridge 57. Pug 58. French Bulldog 59. Maltese 60. Italian Lingti 61. Chinese Crested Dog 62. Danditin mongrel / Xi Tibetan ridge 63. English old shepherd dog 64. Pyrenees mountain dog 65. Scotch ridge / St. Bernard 66. Bulldog 67. Chihuahua 68. Lhasa dog 69. Bulldog 70. Xishi dog 71. Bajidu hound 72. Mastiff / bigo 73. Pekingese 74. Xuedi 75. Russian Shepherd 76. Songlion 77 tiger dog 78. See Sheng Ji dog 79. Afghan hound

       Labrador: it’s very similar to golden hair. It’s short. It’s like pine needles scattered when it’s down. It’s the devil when I’m young. Ha ha ~ I like playing with people very much. I’m lively and active. I can drive lazy people. I’m very good. I can bark at the beginning of childhood. I can correct it. I’m a very smart little guy. I’m next to golden fur, but the first is Border Collie

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