Which cats are the most docile

       What kinds of cats are there in general

       At present, most of the domestic cats are hybridized, and it is difficult to tell what species they are. However, according to their living environment, they can be divided into domestic cats and wild cats; according to their functions, they can be divided into mousetrap cats and companion cats; according to the length of their fur, they can be divided into long haired cats and short haired cats. Here are just a few cats that people often keep.

       (1) Persian cat. Alias China, Indian cat, etc. It is most famous for its hair quality, body shape and color. Its graceful body, gentle personality, clever and like quiet, loyal to the master, is the variety of love.

       (2) Himalayan cat. Himalayan cat is a new breed produced by the cross between Persian cat and Thai cat. Its emotion is rich, gentle and stable, and its voice is pleasant. It is not easy to fight with other animals or cats, and its method of catching mice is excellent. It is a popular breed at present.

       (3) Burmese cat. Originally from Myanmar, it is brave and humorous, interesting, and can jump and play for hours without feeling tired. It is a rare ornamental and entertainment cat. The cat is precocious and can give birth in 7 months, with an average of 5 cubs per litter. The service life is longer, generally 16

       They were aged from 18 to 18 years old.

       (4) Bali cat. Balinese cat has a slender body and graceful movements, and is known as a cat “dancer”. This kind of cat is very smart, can complete some highly skilled movements, likes to jump, good climbing, rich feelings, easy to establish feelings with the owner, like to play coquetry to the owner, the owner’s voice resolution is very strong.

       (5) Shandong lion cat. It is named because of its long neck hair and lion like shape. Shandong lion cat has strong body, strong disease resistance, cold tolerance, good at catching mice. The reproduction rate is low, with one litter per year and two to three offspring. It is mainly distributed in Shandong Province.

       (6) Abyssinian cat. The cat is an ideal companion for people. Its call is pleasant, pleasant, like to live alone, good at climbing trees. The cat is timid to strangers and does not like to be held and played.

       (7) American short haired cat. The cat is a clever and affectionate cat. It is fond of playing with children. It can adapt to the size of the owner’s family. It is healthy and strong. It can endure the cold and hot weather. It likes to jump and climb. It is skilled. Even if there is enough food, it still likes to catch mice.

       (8) Clart cat. This cat is native to Thailand and is one of the precious breeds. Thai people believe that keeping this kind of cat can bring happiness and auspiciousness, and it is also a symbol of respect. This kind of cat is lively and likes to fight, but it is emotional and intelligent. It doesn’t like noise and noisy family life. This kind of cat is ideal for people who like quiet.

       (9) Singapore cat. The adult female cat weighs less than 2 kg, with a well proportioned body, slightly arched back and medium long tail. Small by capillary, soft as silk, gentle and quiet, is a wonderful companion animal.

       Himalayan cat is strong, strong, smooth, mild temperament, rich feelings, steady, has a unique expression, love coquettish, fur color contrast is very obvious, is one of the popular long hair cats.

       Braddol cats are gentle and quiet. They are very friendly and patient. They are often mistaken for lack of pain. But in fact, puppet cats are just too patient and are not good at expressing pain to their owners. Therefore, the owner of puppet cat should be extra careful. Muppets are most suitable for families with children because they can tolerate children’s scratching

       Jinjila personality: gentle but personality, like close to people, love clean and eccentric, with the spirit of communication with people.

       Scotch jacketed cats are born with sweetness. They like to be involved in everything you do, but they are usually quiet and don’t make noises to disturb you. Although their sports talent is average, it doesn’t mean they don’t like playing, but they prefer to be accompanied by their owners. Scottish jacketed cats like to sleep on their backs, and when they’re idle, they sit there looking out the window like otters.

       “Ambassador for peace” in the cat

       Let’s take a look at the top ten list of docile cats~

       No. 10: beauty and short

       Yes, your beauty is on the list again!

       As the best breed of cats, in addition to having the same physical and healthy physique as the Chinese country cat, most of the beautiful and short characters are very gentle, patient to the excrement removal officer, gentle and lovely, and will not lose temper. In particular, they are smart and clingy, so there’s no doubt that the short and beautiful can be on the list.

       No. 9: German curly cat

       German curly cat is also known as the German King cat. The shape of ET is designed according to it. Devon curly cat is very smart and lively, like a naughty elf, and shows a lively curiosity about the outside world.

       This image is from @ animal image creator & photographer kecha

       Their character is also very docile, like to stick to the master, the master out of it will look forward to the master back early, once heard the door there is a movement, it will immediately run to meet, very clever.

       No. 8: Sphinx

       The sphinx cat is a Canadian hairless cat. This cat is a pet cat produced by natural gene mutation. Except for some thin and soft fetal hair in the ear, mouth, nose, tail front end and feet, other parts of the body are hairless, and the skin is wrinkled and elastic.

       Sphinx cats are gentle and honest, have great endurance, have a good temper, and in some ways they are more like dogs, easy to get close to people and loyal to their owners.

       No. 7: Maine cat

       The Maine cat, named after its native state of Maine, is the first naturally occurring long haired cat breed in North America. It formed a relatively stable breed in the middle of the 18th century.

       Maine cats are gentle, close to people, intelligent, independent and considerate, just because they are big and look too powerful, giving people a bad feeling. But in fact, they are known as “gentle giant”, and meow is just a baby in a “Lion” coat.

       Sixth: Siamese cat

       Siamese cat, as the “Prince of cats”, is relatively gentle in character, but only if you don’t make it angry. The officials who have raised Siamese cats say that Siamese cats are so jealous and angry that they can retaliate so much that you doubt your life.

       We also mentioned before that Siamese cat’s ability to dismantle a house is comparable to that of erha. Although it is said that its character is gentle and sticky, its skin is also very troublesome.

       Fifth: puppet cat

       The reason why puppet cats are expensive is not only because of their beautiful appearance, but also because of their excellent personality. They are representatives of cats who are good at both beauty and heart.

       This image is from @ animal image creator & photographer kecha

       The Muppet cat is gentle and clingy. It likes to follow its owner and play games with its owner. It is very friendly to small animals and children. The whole cat is as soft as holding it.

       Fourth: Russian Blue Cat

       Russian Blue Cat, once known as acheanji blue cat. They are long and thin, covered with short silver blue glossy fur, with a slender body and light gait, showing the noble demeanor of a school of cats.

       Russian blue cat is quiet, does not like noise and noise, independent personality, strong self-awareness. Their calls are soft and sweet. They are shy and shy. They are gentle and can sense and please their owners.

       Third: Persian cat

       Persian cat has a lovely face, long and gorgeous back hair, elegant behavior, so it is known as “Prince of the cat” and “Princess”.

       This drawing is from @ amyworks

       Persian cat is gentle and lovable. Its every move reveals extraordinary elegance. Smart and sticky Persian cats like to watch you quietly, whether you have time to play with it, as long as the Persian cat can watch you quietly.

       Number two: Abyssinian

       Abyssinia cat, also known as Ethiopian cat, is also known as ballet cat because of its beautiful gait. This kind of cat is dignified, dignified, solemn, born with a king’s appearance, and its red and yellow, varying in depth, unpredictable, gorgeous and moving fur, many cat lovers fall in love with it.

       Abicynian is gentle and lively. This cat likes to live alone, good at climbing trees, light body, gentle temperament, very human.

       Number one: exotic short haired cat

       In fact, exotic short haired cats are often referred to as Garfield cats. They usually like to stay in a quiet place, sleep or be in a daze, rarely hear their calls, even when they are moving quietly.

       Exotic short hair cat’s character is gentle, does not like noise, plus it does not like sports, so most cats are easy to be raised round fat, looks very cute. That’s the top ten list of docile cats. Is your cat on the list? Is it gentle?

       People who like small animals are kind-hearted

       People who like cats have a little princess in their hearts

       When we talk about cats, people always think of it as “cold”, but in our life, we see “other people’s” cats are always so docile in our circle of friends

       I’d like to catch it and suck it. If the baby cat can’t hold it

       So if we want to keep a cat, what kind of cat should we choose?

       Let’s share some cats with good personalities

       No1: puppet cat

       Puppet cat’s appearance is one of the best in the cat world. Its eyes are big and round, and sometimes it gives out blurred small eyes. Its limbs are long and fleshy, and its body is very soft.

       most important of all!! Puppet cat is very gentle and quiet, basically will not be angry, very friendly to people, very sticky (Super Sticky kind).

       Most suitable for girls to raise, it is not too much to be called “fairy cat”

       Stickiness degree:



       Degree of hair loss:

       Love calling degree:

       NO2: exotic short haired cat

       Foreign short haired cat commonly known as Garfield, Garfield is known as loyal and sticky, as long as the opportunity, will jump on the owner’s lap.

       As a result of nature does not love sports, so it is particularly suitable for home-based girls to raise, and Garfield is particularly gentle and quiet

       If you’re not careful, you become Garfield’s pet

       Lazy is also Garfield’s nature, but if you can become her good friend, you will be the happiest person in the world!

       Stickiness degree:

       level of appearance:



       Love calling degree:

       No3: Scotch cat

       A look at you can melt your heart

       Scottish folding ear cat has a natural good character, particularly sticky, like sleeping with people, particularly lazy, not scratching people, not biting people.

       The most important thing is, you can bully her, she will not hate you, always so good to you (but so cute, you can’t bear to bully her)

       Scotch fold eared cat can get along well with other animals, and you don’t have to worry if you have other animals at home

       Stickiness degree:

       level of appearance:


       Degree of hair loss:

       Love calling degree:

       No4: American short haired cat

       Short is now more common in China, the character is really super docile.

       Although he doesn’t look like he has several varieties above, he is actually a gentle big brother who often rubs his head against you and wants you to play with him.

       Take care of other small animals handy, really your right little assistant.

       Don’t look at him when he was small, grow up fat terrible!!

       Stickiness degree:

       level of appearance:


       Degree of hair loss:

       Love calling degree:

       No5: big cat

       Those who can afford a big cat are the owners of cats!!!

       Scotch cat handle. Scotch fold eared cat is very hard-working, inheriting the characteristics of the ancestors to see the warehouse cat. Its appearance and its gentle character are very consistent, the call is very light. It is willing to be with people and express it in its own peaceful way. The Scotch fold eared cat is very peaceful and friendly to other cats and dogs. Gentle, affectionate, loving, playful and cherish family life. The “ambassador of peace” of the cats, the Scottish jacketed cat. Yes, Scottish Fold ear is the “ambassador of peace” in the cat, which is brought about by its undisputed character

       In fact, the cat’s character is the same as most people, there is no born bad tempered cat, there is no natural good temper cat! And if a cat is docile or not, it mostly depends on how you treat it. If you starve it every day, don’t give it food, beat it, or keep it in the cage, everyone will have a temper! It can’t be said that it was born manic or something!

       Many stray cats have been bullied, so a large part of stray cats are not too friendly to people. After all, if someone bullied you, would you treat him gently? The truth is the same. Everything is mutual. How you treat it depends on how it treats you. It is impossible for you to treat it badly. However, it still needs to be gentle and treat you as before!

       Gentle cat everyone likes, and sticky cat words more attractive! And I have several cats, which are picked up from the garbage can. It can be said that I brought them up by peeing and pooping. At that time, they were only a few days old when they were born. I went to buy milk bottles, goat milk powder, and imitated female cats to help them defecate and urinate with wet paper towels! Up to now they are almost two years old, one by one fat. Before I went out, I was afraid that they would run around and mess up the house. They were all locked up.

       Later, they were released. They had not been disordered. They came to me every day when they opened the door. And they are no longer a pet cat, or a Chinese country cat! Later, because of various reasons, I added a British short blue cat. They have no fight, and they are very harmonious tomorrow. They are very gentle and clingy! When I go to bed at night, I wake up in the morning and find that I sleep in bed again!